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In these "uncertain times," is it a good thing to trust your health to a system which is money-driven, and focused on dis-ease, rather than focused on wellness and health? Special offer: This CD will be included FREE with purchase of 2 or more CDs from this store! Sound is THE most powerful and effective tool we have at our disposal TODAY to effect a shift in consciousness! I say "at long last" because although I've only been working on this CD for between two and three months, it's been requested and in the process for years, so please bear with my enthusiasm while I tell you just a wee bit about it. The mind is a great tool for analyzing data, examining patterns and making deductions but a dilemma that many of us face is whether we control the mind or it controls us.
But much like in Buddhism and Taoist belief living your Human Design requires the mind to relinquish it’s command. Peter has a gift to share with people in a manner which is both understandable and sensitive to his clients. The Art and Design Mind Map will help you to understand the use of imagination as a resource in developing creative thought. Great mind map: can I use it in a response to a lecture to show how illustrations can map how to be creative?
And I can read it , as we are studying Creative Thinking as part of a Masters of Cross Disciplinary Art and Design, at COFA, Uni of NSW, Australia. I want to show this example as complex readable information in a Graphics and Contemporary Society subject.

Unfortunately we are unable to get into contact with Ian Gowdie – the creator of this Mind Map. I suspect that if you give him credit for creating the Mind Map that it should be okay to use for your purposes.
Would You Like Access To A Free Visual Poster That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals?Now Downloaded Over 50,000 Times!"Your mind maps gave me the big picture about many topics. Printed on high-quality, all weather vinyl, this bumper sticker will (probably) last longer than your car!
It is important to recognize which type of thinking you do and how it can take control of you and usurp your authority. We can utilize the mind and it’s great power to provide us with information and processes but must let go of the control the mind tries to enforce and seek authority from within.
I am forever grateful to Peter for explaining so many different aspects for me to really understand the human design I am.
The Mind Map breaks down the influences of knowledge, education and experience, the use of the senses and the relationship and effect of health, culture and social issues in art and design.
However, if you give the Ian Gowdie credit for the design and maybe direct them to the source of the original Mind Map, than that should be fine.
I was able to understand how things were connected… things that you learned in 20 years in like one day. With The Essence of Movement, this vibration of the drum, energy, and other sounds, the vibration of Mother Earth is transformed into harmonized and positive energy.

Now for the first time, sounds created by Kevin Doheny have been derived from Intuitive Soul Paintings by Brenda McCoy Lappin. There are several different inner authorities depending on your design but none are located in the mind. But in Human Design the mind has no authority to make decisions as the authority is not the mind. The Ajna is the processor, the cerebral cortex and it organizes and puts process around how you do things and how you think. The duality here is that it can be beneficial or it can be a trap, getting us caught in a pattern or committed to a notion that isn’t really ours.
Following your inner authority will allow the soul to have it’s voice and lead you on your souls journey. The hour spent with Peter was one of the best personal development investments I made this year.

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