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At HSBC UAE we're extremely proud of our Online Banking system, and the benefits it affords our customers. Quick, easy and secure, Online Banking gives you instant access to your HSBC UAE accounts from anywhere in the world. You can manage your money whenever you want, and use our online banking services to stay in control of your finances and plan for the future. If you have HSBC accounts in other countries, you may be able to take advantage of our innovative Global View service to access all your eligible personal HSBC accounts you hold around the world from a single interface. Enter your memorable answer and Security Token and then click on 'Next step - terms and conditions' link to proceed further. Review the Terms and Conditions and then check the 'I have read and accept the Global View terms and condition' checkbox. To Transfer money from your one account to another click on 'Global Transfer' link in left menu. Most of us exchange currency at some point, so we've incorporated our Rates Enquiry service into Online Banking.
This makes it easier for you to manage financial commitments across multiple accounts in multiple currencies, all in one interface.
Then enter the 6-digit security code that appears on your Secure Key, in the field labelled 'Re-authentication code'. One of our green initiatives is to save paper, and the energy used to produce, transport and dispose of it. If you switch to eStatements, you won't have to wait for your paper statements to arrive in the post.

So, with global access to all your personal HSBC accounts, a single global interface, a revolutionary security system and a sustainable philosophy, we hope you enjoy using HSBC UAE Online Banking. Introducing Card-to-Card Transfer facility - a funds transfer service that enables you to transfer money in an easy, fast, convenient and safe manner using the VISA MONEY TRANSFER service from VISA. HSBC offers this facility at an introductory offer of "Zero charge" for Card-to-Card Transfers.
Step 3: Select VISA from the list of billers and register the recipient cardmember - Give the name and 16 digit VISA card number.
Your account will be debited online and the money will be sent to the beneficiary bank within 2-3 working days using the VISA system.
Neither HSBC or NatWest said they planned to charge personal current account customers negative rates.
NatWest, part of the taxpayer-saved Royal Bank of Scotland, added the option to its terms and conditions in the wake of the UKa€™s vote to leave the EU. The UK's biggest banks has changed its rules to give chiefs the option of forcing firms to effectively pay for having funds in their accounts. The Bank of England is expected to respond by halving its base rate to 0.25% at its next meeting on August 4 to try to boost the economy.
The bank, which made £520 profit a second in the first three months of this year, made the change to its terms and conditions in February this year.
HSBCa€™s move emerged a day after 1.3million NatWest business customers were also warned they could be hit with negative interest rates.
Any such move would hit lendersa€™ profits which, experts warn, they could claw back through charging customers negative interest rates.

It statesa€? If the credit interest rate for a currency goes below zero, we may charge you a negative interest rate.a€? The charge would apply if an overseas central bank cut rates before zero on any funds customers have in that countrya€™s currency, for example euros or dollars. A: For savers and current account customers ita€™s where theya€™d theoretically pay a rate of interest for having money in their account.
Ita€™s the complete opposite of what happens now, although some accounts dona€™t pay any interest. A: Because NatWest and HSBC have inserted the option of it in their terms and conditions for business customers. One reason is to claw back higher costs, although ita€™s a gamble as those customers could vote with their feet too. A: NatWest and HSBC have both blamed the possibility that central banks could cut their base rates to below zero. If its base rate went to below zero then they would have to start paying for the privilege. A: The theory is that lenders would rather dish the money out to households and businesses, at even lower borrowing costs, than having it sitting in central banks costing them money.

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