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I recently had the good fortune and pleasure of signing, and returning, a new book contract. I want to tell you why that lower advance is OK, and why my negotiations with the press over the terms of this contract were very brief.
Although university presses are always ambitious for the crossover book, it is a rare achievement, and yours probably isn’t one.
You can occasionally leverage a few thousand dollars more from your university press if you have two of them competing for your book.
But here is the part where I tell you that the real money isn’t really in the contract, or the sales, because book sales are not where you are going to make your money (unless you write a wildly successful textbook.)  So where is the real money? Publishing books in my field has also meant I am tenurable, which means I have been eligible for a wide range of high-paying, and really quite interesting, administrative jobs that are far more lucrative than your average full professorship; and I got a second job, at a significantly higher salary, than I would have now had I stayed where I was. In any case, full time work has been the path that has resulted in the greatest retirement savings for me. I then developed a financial strategy that is really quite simple and painless, given that money other than salary comes in at unexpected intervals, and in amounts that can vary wildly. Comments Policy: There will be no purely personal attacks, no using the comments section to tease someone else relentlessly, and no derailing the comments thread into personal hobbyhorses. Contributors to this collection, edited by Claire Potter and Renee Romano, consider the wide range of challenges the practice of contemporary history poses.
The Chronicle Blog Network, a digital salon sponsored by The Chronicle of Higher Education, features leading bloggers from all corners of academe.
It’s easy to forget that banks, just like the rest of us, exist in today’s economy by making money. In the Ancient World, merchants loaned grain to the farmers and traders to carry in exchange for other goods.
With the development of a more manageable currency, a whole new class of merchant emerged to help manage it – the “money-lenders”. Though there is an ancient history of banking that involves exchange of currency for goods, our modern banking system came about in 1913 on Jekyll Island, Georgia.
Financial Services Company focusing on Infinite Banking and providing solutions to problems many American are currently facing. Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel. PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality. Let’s face it, most people who see our travel lifestyle desire getting paid to travel.
I was shocked when Ia€™d hear behind the scenes tales of just how un-glamorous and exhausting it could be. It turns out travel blogging is exhausting, and really not very lucrative, especially in the early years of your business, just like most businesses.
So, firstly leta€™s answer some commonly asked questions about how to make money travel blogging we consistently get in our inbox from people wantingA the travel lifestyle a travel blog can bring.
The best way to earn an income travel blogging is by doing something you love and are good at.
My premium training will teach you how to build a solid foundation for your travel blog business. There’s a learning curve and it takes an investment of time and commitment like any business. Wea€™ve made huge mistakes, but over the past year haveA figured out how to do it the best way for us, and there will be a best way for everyone and a different business model for you depending on your skills, time commitment, goals, location, travel experience, and demographic.
I want to be upfront with you a€“ travel blogging takes a lot of time and energy and other blogging niches appear to provide a better income.
If you treat it like a business from the get-go, and that means investing in education, tools and resources, then youa€™ll get paid as a business, not as a hobby.
You cana€™t come into travel blogging and expect to be partnering with brands on paid campaigns or getting comped trips after two months of blogging.
Put in the hard yards to establish your credibility, build your value andA build a community.
It took us two years of intense work before money started flowing into our travel blogging business. The best way to make money travel blogging depends on what skills and value you can bring to the table – A play to your strengths. Some travel bloggers make a few hundred dollars a month, some a thousand and some even more.
The majority of travel bloggers can earn enough money for them to live well in developing countries.
If you can reach that state of happy financial independence by living in a country where your expenses are much lower, then that could be a raging success. But for me, especially with our kids, I didna€™t want to have to live in a developing country to hit financial independence. You can achieve a full-time income from your travel blog when you focus on longevity, establishing your authority and credibility first, and building a loyal following that you give a lot of value to. Youa€™ve got to help your peeps believe in their own dreams and help give them what they need to do it too.
Blogging can open up many doors for you, but they wona€™t open until youa€™re established as an authority figure and have a strong readership base.
CAVAET: Take it from someone who travelled for 12 years before starting a travel blog (and then getting free trips) Free press trips are the WORST way to travel.
If you want to make money as a travel blogger, you need a long-term business plan, not a free ride.
Creating your own products or services is a stable way to earn an income off your travel blog. Ia€™ve just finished my exciting 30 day Money Cleanse – helping you develop a better relationship with the stuff that will help you travel more! So when you write that business plan of yours for your travel blog, start investigating the different products you can create and the value you can provide through them. I know what we do looks like a lot of fun and it is, but we also do a lot of work behind the scenes promoting destinations. We work with destinations to promote their experiences via our travel blog and social channels.
Wea€™ll share products or services we understand, believe in, would use ourselves and we think is valuable to share.
I was a teacher for 15 years so have no problem getting up on stage to share my thoughts and experiences.
Lately Ia€?ve been presenting at conferences organized by tourist boards, but have spoken at several blogging and social media conferences such as Problogger and SoMeT. We offer coaching calls where we share our tips and insights, and we have an active Facebook group where we answer questions from the Dreamer Fools and help guide and support them. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your travel blog because you only set it up once, and the income keeps coming in forever more. Now there is work required and you do need to have traffic and an audience who trusts you, and you want to be honest with your affiliate marketing to maintain that trust, but it’s the best form of leverage when making money blogging. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products and services and receive a commission. If you want to learn how to make money with your travel blog through affiliate marketing our friend Michelle’s course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, is the best out there.
And if there is one income earning strategy I recommend you implement straight away, it’s affiliate marketing. Craig currently writes two articles a month for HomeAway and wea€™re about to start writing two posts a month for the Destination NSW blog.
Wea€™ve created videos for tourist boards and often do some ad hoc freelance writing gigs here and there, including some print.
Therea€™s a huge market here for us to be able to help DMOa€™s and tourism companies with their social media and blogging strategy. While this may be true in theory, the fact is most blogs fall by the wayside when the trip is over, therefore never really reaching any decent sort of monetization. But, I’d definitely recommend newbies niche, but leave room for their brand to evolve as they do. Thank you so much for your generosity, mindfullness and gifts you give us in every article you write. I am used to write articles for many years in my blogs and I know that only heart written articles have success. Thanks for the tips and I hope you continue to have success with these ventures, especially your new book!

I agree that the niche is so important- it’s what helped my blog grow faster than I thought it would. I started to earn a full income exactly after 1 year of blogging, another 6 months later I told my partner to quit his job and we moved to Asia. I’m really proud of you guys, making a 6 figure income from travel blogging is absolutely amazing! It’s posts like these that bring me back to life and re-light that spark inside me that wants to keep fighting the good fight.
One thing, however, was very clear to me from the beginning: I had to build a brand, credibility, an audience and a network. I only half agree with you that launching a blog only to get free trips is not a good idea.
It’s so important to know how you best serve and who the people you are talking to are and what they need. The art of entrepreneurship and the science of Customer Development is not just getting out of the building and listening to prospective customers.
Potato Patch PondWe took the trail behind the house down the hill, through the forest, and emerged into the bright sun in the lower valley. As we walked up the valley Satish kept up a running dialog catching me up on six years of family, classmates and how he started his consumer web company.
We Did Everything Customers Asked For“We did every thing you said, we got out of the building and talked to potential customers. We stopped at the overlook a top of the waterfall, after the recent rain I had to shout over the noise of the rushing water. My guess was that he was going to end up firing a bunch of his customers – and that was OK.
It is only the third one I have ever been offered, and I am happy to say that over time, these documents seem to be getting shorter, less complicated, and easier to understand. To do that, I will tell you another story, one that is about how academics that have money made it.
One of the things I see a lot on Facebook is people reading their first contracts and stressing over how to leverage a better deal from the press in terms of advances and royalties. They are a whole different species from commercial bestsellers, and they generally do not cross over to a popular audience. Academic presses were not created to make money, even the small profit margins of 2-4% that commercial presses made before they were swallowed by international media conglomerates.They are  essentially an arm of a non-profit corporation, the university. As  book series editor, we are frequently one of two presses in the game, and sometimes we win — sometimes we lose.
So even if you have decided not to look for a tenured faculty job, or are discouraged in your search for a full time teaching position, if you have decided on an administrative path, it is still wise to remain active as a scholar and write at least one book, if not more. However, a book that kicks out a check once a year that is large enough to buy a nice computer shell or a dinner at a three star restaurant can pay you many times over in honoraria.
By the good graces of editors and publishers who got my books onto people’s radars and into their hands, and are getting this blog onto your screen, people became interested in me and issued invitations.
What you need to know about your publisher is whether they can, and will, help you do the bigger job. These essays address sources like television and video games, the ethics of writing about living subjects, questions of privacy and copyright law, and the possibilities that new technologies offer for writing history. The history of banking didn’t begin on the Monopoly board, nor did it begin with the $1, $5 or $10 bills.
In time, with greatly increased transactions, there was a need for lighter, more easily conducted payments. These original “loan sharks” were wealthy, small-time merchants who charged interest to the small-time borrowed and became even wealthier. It was there, on the Golden Isle, that wealthy businessmen and bankers of the day created the Federal Reserve Act which established the introduction of the Central Bank – The Federal Reserve.
Borrowing from a bank with high interest rate, or giving your money to a bank to grow a nest egg for yourself comes with hidden fees  and, more hidden fees.
Just like I wanted it every time I watched another TV episode in Australia of Getaway or the Great Outdoors. Ia€™ve never worked longer hours and I’ve been ejected so far out of my comfort zone that I no longer recognize the planet Ia€™m on, nor the body Ia€™m in. The library features over 60 ebooks and courses, bonus resources, and has a value of over $3000 and you get it for $97. But it could be easier if youA learn how to create a business and make money travel blogging from the start.
Ita€™s a huge mental cross over and if youa€™re not ready for it, it could take you out of the game.
If you dona€™t, youa€™re building a business on peanuts and they wona€™t get you too far out of the jungle. I think the higher your goals the more youa€™ll grow and the more youa€™ll eventually earn. That involves being able to survive, as a family, in a place as expensive as our current one a€“ Australia. This is not normal, it’s the top tier level a€“ BUT, and this is one of my lifea€™s mantras a€“ if we can do it, so can you. Now all you have to do is learn and carve out your own path AND why not try and do even better? If you just want to travel the world for free, and you have no higher purpose for starting a travel blog, then dona€™t start one!
B-School really helped me to get clear on the product launching process, and because of it, we now have two eBooks published, How to create the travel life you loveA and Step into Sacredness: 12 principles for creating the life your soul yearns for. We work with them to choose activities, experiences and destinations that we know wea€™ll enjoy, that are of high quality and we know our readers will be interested in.
We just dona€™t think that it best fits with our travel story and we just like to do our own thing. Ita€™s definitely something I want to do more of and am really digging into to sharpen my abilities in this arena.
And it has to be a pretty awesome package for me to leave our road trip and family if they want me to speak without any compensation. This technically falls under the affiliate stream of income, but I put it here as we actually offer a mentoring bonus instead of just taking the affiliate commission and sending them on their way to fend for themselves. We don’t want to be shoving 13 different accommodation booking sites in your face just so we can make money.
Kidspot is the largest parenting website in Australia and I wrote a column on family travel, which has just ended. Here are some other streams wea€™ve considered tapping into, or known of othersa€™ who are makingA money from their travel blog in these ways.
Travel blogger Chris from Backpacker Banter has just launched Epic Gap Year which acts like an online travel agency forA epic experiencesA around the world. Love to have my own film crew following me around so I could just enjoy the adventure and relax!!
You mentioned that it took 2 years before seeing any real returns and this is why only a handfull of blogs are on your level. If I was to ask anyone what your blog specializes in, it would be easy to see that you focus heavily on travel with kids.
I came home from a bloggers clinic for Dutch and Belgian travel writers last night and they kept on mentioning it, too.
It is a self-propagating circle at times but requires that base expertise in every single case. Think of it like this – You’re working full-time on your income, and part-time on your fortune! It’s always interesting to see how other travel bloggers are earning money and inspiring to try some new techniques.
We decided to live part time in developing countries and it allows us to save money and to enjoy the better life quality for a small price.
I think it’s really important that people recognize there are so many ways you can bring more money in so you can have those things you really desire.
I would love to see a list of seminars, and meetings for bloggers who want to take classes, hear others speak and exchange ideas.
You are completely right – travel blogging is not easy and yes, free trips (especially the big blogger campaigns) are the worst way to travel or see a new place.
And that’s good because it means that people working hard and professionally will be able to get properly paid. And how was he going to use Pricing, (the tactics of what he charged in each customer segment) to achieve that Revenue Model.

This one is about half the length of my first contract, signed about two decades ago; it also designates an advance that is about $500 lower than that first advance. One of the things you need to know is that basically there is rarely a better deal from the press that is solely financial, and leveraging a couple thousand extra dollars may not be worth the time, trouble and anxiety. In fact, until quite recently, universities thought it was more or less fine for their presses to lose money, since their real purpose is to disseminate, in limited runs,  scholarship, art books and poetry that commercial presses would not touch with a ten foot pole.
Bullets one and two will have a great deal to do with how pleasant the process of finishing the book is, and perhaps even result in a lifelong friendship you establish with your editor.
This is really the bottom line, and publishing books is going to be critical to your career trajectory in most fields. If you don’t believe me, ask Michael Roth, Biddy Martin, Donna Shalala, Peter Salovey, or your own college president or provost. Put it in a Vanguard account. About fifteen years ago, shortly after publishing that first book, a parent who was visiting his daughter at Zenith University asked if he could come to class. Doing Recent History offers guidance and insight to any researcher considering tackling the not-so-distant past. But the need for creating a process for lending and borrowing, for negotiating and transferring payments is how the earliest banking began – sort of. Utilizing a whole life policy as your bank and lending option is a way to eliminate those hidden fees, as well as shelter your money from inflation. Ita€™s incredible the doors that can open once you build an audience around something, and it’s amazing the amount of people Ia€™ve met who make money off their passions.
As long as you are happy and living a good life, then it doesn’t matter where you live or how high your income can grow.
That was the whole point to us starting a travel blog in the first place – to have time freedom, to be location independent. I see far too many travel bloggers getting into this game just to get free trips so they can travel. This is when a brand wants us to promote their product or experience for any particular reason.
There might be the odd few that we havena€™t had personal experience with, but we know the source as a highly trusted and reputable one.
There are plenty of these groups popping up now that manage these types of relationships for travel bloggers.
As a seasoned traveller he is more than experienced in showing people how to have similar experiences to what he does. I see so many people take a gap year or some other extended trip, start a blog and then think they can make a career out of it.
Just look at the other blogs you have mentioned – Wandering Earl, Planet D and Gary Ardnt have all built their brand over a number of years. That is not to say you can’t grow out of your niche, but you need to start somewhere as the influencer in that space.
It was so hard to niche us down as we’ve had such extensive travel experience and our story has evolved with us. I think its essential you love what you do, and when you find that you’ll happily work for less.
I was only able to do it for an hour as it was part of an organised tour with Contiki, but I can imagine it would be a really great place to stop for a week or so to really get to grips with surfing! I actually heard about your blog for the first time when I attended a Travel Massive networking evening in Sydney, and was told to aim to have a blog like yours.
It’s all about quality of life and it’s so great that a travel blog can help people get that from anywhere in the world! I have to breathe really deep and remind myself to just enjoy the journey and let it all unravel rather than pushing to get it here now. That;s something I always like to remind myself of when I get stuck and feel like things, such as time, are against me.
Like you, I’d love to eventually be able to curate content for tourist boards and DMOs as well as delve into consulting down the line. I always learn so much from this conference and I love how blogs from a variety of niches are represented! There’s a tendency to just jump on board because they hear its valuable and want to check off the boxes, instead of taking some time to research and plan it first. We sat on the bench staring across the water, with the only noise coming from ducks tracing patterns on the flat water.
And giving your product away, as he was discovering, is often a going out of business strategy. In the contemporary landscape, it is more likely that if you publish with a commercial press now, you began by doing a good job for a university press that worked hard to get your book out there.
In some fields, this means producing 1,000 books, a third of which will by purchased by libraries.
For this, and this reason alone, I would say: forget your fantasies about putting presses in a bidding war for a temporary bounce of a few thousand dollars. But bullets  three, four and five are going to have a lot to do with how many people actually have the chance to buy your book, how long it will stay on the radar of its intended audience, and whether your work will still be available in a media environment that will change dramatically over the course of your lifetime. Although this can take a while to gather steam, my annual income from speaking is now, about two-thirds of the way through my career, in the low five figures, and adjustable for schools with fewer resources or who ask me to do less. My thinking was that although $150 was a small sum of money today, with compound interest and deferred taxation, it would be worth several times its original amount when I retired, and thus I would have been paid more. And whatever they pay, if you put it away, they pay exponentially more by the time you are 70, when the government says you must begin to take it out.
Take a hit on your royalties, and even go Open Access if you can in exchange for production costs.
Finally, when you properly structure your whole life policy you receive many tax advantages, if not get money completely tax – free. Getting paid to travel was more attractive than teaching – you want to know exhausting!
When we started blogging we wrote about anything and quickly realised that wouldn’t work as there are already plenty of those blogs around. But, still have the intention to earn more as I think it’s essential every person earn a valuable income for doing what they love and giving value in exchange for that. I only started my blog in April so I still have a ways to go in order to start making any money off it.
I’m not planning on becoming a fulltime blogger (I love my tourism job too much for that) but a bit of extra money makes me able to travel more and share those experiences with my readers. I started my blog two years ago but it is only a hobby and unfortunately I can’t put the time that I want in it. What is more important about such a book, as you will see below, is the role it played in the author’s career, that it is still in print, and that people still teach the essays from it. Because my first press, Rutgers, has been adaptive (they moved to on demand publishing about ten years ago, and have now issued that book in Kindle), sales of my first book have chugged along since it was published in 1998, to the tune of a couple hundred dollars in royalties each year. Because I wrote a book, I did get tenure (probably worth $4-5 million dollars in salary and benefits over a career) and this meant the opportunity to live debt-free after a while, and more importantly, to save money.
When I looked at this account the other day (having ignored it for years, except for making deposits, ever since they went to electronic access statements) it turned out that I had saved another six figure sum, about a fifth of everything I had saved through TIAA-CREF. Had I had a child to send to college, and put this money in a 529 plan, I would have enough cash for between two and four years of college tuition. I wish we had it when we first started as we’d be making a LOT more passive affiliate income now. Even though our niche is small and not for everyone we appreciate returning visitors that actually have a feel for what we do.
I already realized it is really hard work and I will do the best I can given my current time limitations.
About a month later, I was invited to fly out to give a talk for a sum of money equivalent to about a month’s salary. As an office jockey with a 9-5, it’s a bit difficult for me to put in as much work as I would like into my blog, but my evenings are spent plotting, planning and writing.
And many tourism boards and tourism operators apparently are still happy to host bloggers providing very little value added. I dragged him away and we followed the trail through the woods, around the pond, through the shadows of the trees.

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