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Many Filipino bloggers are talking about using Union Bank EON card or credit cards to withdraw money from your Paypal account.
Hence, I'm going to walk you through an alternative method of withdrawing your money from Paypal using SmartMoney. We will just use the SmartMoney Card to verify your Paypal account and use that same SmartMoney card to withdraw your money from Paypal in different ATM terminals nationwide. Now that you know how to withdraw money from Paypal using SmartMoney, please consider a link gift for Pinoy Techno Guide.
Here I withdraw money to HK Bank, then USD will be auto-changed to HKD and you can see the exchange ratio.
For me, I think the best way is to buy something using USD or EUR in Paypal, so that you don’t need take time to withdraw.

We can accept the money send via Paypal, if you buy our metal dome (snap dome) or metal dome array (snap dome array) with our company (Best Technology), small amount (less than $500), you can send via Paypal. This entry was posted in Beside Work, Business, Others and tagged payment, Paypal; transfering. But I know that many provinces do not have Union Bank branches and many people fear using credit cards. Banks will deduct a transaction fee for every international transaction that you will make. Money will arrive at your bank account around 3~5 or 5~7 days, depending upon country you are.
Yeah, we are always doing our best to provide best service, convenience, quality to our customers.

The RBI rules require that PayPal users do not maintain any balance in their online account and that all money received into PayPal must be transferred to an Indian bank within 7 days. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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