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Cool Things to Draw - Online Drawing Classes That UNLOCK Your Creativity and Expand Your Mind! I don’t think a lot of young artists realize that drawing cool things happens from making lots and lots of mistakes. This thought popped into my head as I was creating a page from my soon-to-be released book, The Underwear Wolf.
On the next page of the book, The Underwear Wolf, this hippo is supposed to put on the underwear he is holding in the drawing above. I think that is the difference between someone who is good at drawing and someone who thinks the can’t draw. In the drawing above, I am finally getting to something that has the feel of what I am going for. I am writing this post because I love when students increase their test scores and realize that they can learn. My students are happier, they have more fun in class and most importantly they no longer forget the meaning of super important vocabulary words. When I show students cool things to draw, I like to start out with the three drawing ideas in this post.
I’ve compiled a great starter pack of some the best , easy, step-by-step drawing lessons that have help my students gain confidence in their creativity. I love the looks on MY student faces after they discover “I CAN DRAW!” ┬áIt opens up a new world of creative adventures to my students that I want to share with the world! You don’t need a fancy drawing school, just cool drawing challenges and the willingness to try and try again.

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