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Thus to admit that your Brain needs training at all, is to admit to some deficiency or weakness in . The curious goal of having your own brain try to train itself, is a paradox I call: Einstein's Mind Bind. This subtle insight flies over the heads (and over the brains) of most people, especially those who are deeply committed to Positive Thinking.
According to the PMA Paradigm, as you reinforce a thought long enough, by repeating it over and over in your Head, that positive thought becomes a belief. But trying to convince yourself that You are amazingly successful and that You can accomplish anything, still does not change this fact: Certain mortal realities are beyond your control, and all the PMA in the world will not prevent them from happening. Job of the Old Testament found himself in a tragic circumstance where his family was killed, his home and his cattle were destroyed, and the health his body was momentarily taken away. This means, You will be using your old mind, the one that has led you into your current condition, and you will be using that old mind to train the same old mind to have positive thoughts?
Let's assume that the person who will be training his own brain, while using that same lame brain to do the training, is presently lacking in maturity and experience — he's gullible. Compared to Positive Self-Talk and chanting Affirmations, sincere prayer can change your path in life much more profoundly. Consider how mortal beings can die, and without a physical brain, the immortal spirit continues to think and perceive and live.
But how does a person acquire a Mind-Set, a Way of Thinking, that is oriented towards seeing the good in everything?
What it means to be human is to see life from particular perspectives that are not just positive or negative. It is YOU who is trying to program your own Brain (or Mind) with positive affirmations; yet, YOU cannot escape YOU. For this reason, a person who dwells in darkness cannot become a different person, a Being of Light and Love, simply by chanting certain words over and over. Admitting one's mistakes and humbly repairing them is an essential part of living in the Light. In contrast, the literature of popular psychology says that optimism and motivation is primarily a matter of attitude, a matter of self-programmed positive mind-set — that you can simply psych yourself into a motivated state of optimism, is an assumption that is simply wrong.
The person who dwells in darkness by doing dark deeds, or by failing to do good deeds, cannot SEE the Light and cannot SEE the Love and the Goodness of Life. When you cannot control your thoughts or your behaviors, and habitually fall into obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors — this means you're addicted in some form or fashion. A serious accident while doing routine house maintainance creates some challenges for an active farmer. Join hundreds of passionate people in your community for a day full of entertainment, fun and, of course, our signature walk! Easter Seals’ Nebraska family of services for seniors is ever expanding to meet the needs and help promote wellness, independence and connectivity among the growing number of older Americans.
Easter Seals Nebraska provides exceptional services to help ensure all people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to live, learn, work and play.

Easter Seals Nebraska will offer Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income disability beneficiaries of Nebraska free access to information about work incentives, benefits planning, job placement and career development.
October 1, 2015 By Demi Newell Leave a Comment Video games have long been a source of controversy; some organizations have called for a ban on violent video games, claiming playing them leads to increased aggressive thoughts and behavior.
Many scientists argue that video games can be used to train your brain, improving cognition and brain function. The question remains, though, whether other video games might be as effective at improving brain function.
Researchers are conflicted about whether or not video game training will have long-term effects or actually improve cognitive function over time. Now if your Brain were smart enough to train itself, why would such a competent, smart Brain need to be trained in the first place?
You see, Einstein's observation actually undercuts the premise of Positive Mental Attitude.
Enduring his dire conditions was never a matter of chanting positive self-affirmations and programming his brain; instead, the way through his devastating adversity was to express faith in God, and pray for the Lord's healing and redemption. Here's another positive suggestion that I found floating in cyber-space: Train Your Mind To See The Positive In Every Situation. So your old mind, the one that was somewhat blind to seeing the positive in every situation, this mangled mind will be training the same messed-up mind to .
Thus it is the immortal spirit that enables conscious awareness and thought, and the brain connects this consciousness to the physical senses and to body movements. Instead, the more fundamental question is whether you will see Life with eyes of Light, or with eyes of Darkness.
Truth is, the Talking-To-Youself approach to Self-Improvement is also called Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It, and faking-it, pretending to be someone you are not, is fundamentally dishonest.
And this life of integrity is the most fruitful source of your personal happiness, your joyful optimism, and your inner motivation. This Darkened Perspective tends to perpetuate itself; which explains why people get trapped in addictive thinking and behavior.
And how does a person become free from this Prison of Addiction, free from this Jail of Obsessive Compulsive Thinking? So the KEY to fixing the old mind that was blind to seeing the beauties of Life, is to receive a New Heart, which will in turn naturally create a New Mind capable of joyful optimism. A Change that You do not control, nor can you create with your positive thinking or determined will power; instead, the Change of Heart only happens by humbly yielding to the redeeming power of Heaven. The argument is that the constant influx of violent images leads to desensitization and cognitive changes. In fact, there are a range of video games that have been specifically designed as brain trainers. There are numerous types of brain training games available today, on video game consoles, personal computers, and as apps for tablets and phones.
However, they agree that all studies show that, at the very least, users showed improvement in the specific tasks they trained on.

An alumna of both New York University's Film and Television program and Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), Demi is a writer, producer, filmmaker, artist, publicist, and social media expert. Although some people think that we are all born with an IQ, and it will never change, she disagrees with that.
Because prayer to the Father in the name of Christ is the very Source from which you and I are inspired to positive thoughts that have lasting impact. Minding is Conscious Awareness of your world; it is an awareness that continue uninterrupted after the mortal body dies.
So the crucial question, and choice, is about Light or Darkness, Good or Evil, and the degree to which you choose to embrace one, or the other. This means, people who embrace the Light will tend to choose more Light; in contrast, people who dwell in darkness, will tend to choose more darkness. We are not free to choose options of which we are unaware; thus, we cannot choose a Truth that we do not yet know.
In one study, researchers at the Gazzaley Lab at University of California, San Francisco, designed NeuroRacer, a virtual car racing game, to test a group of elderly participants. This appears to be good news for people with weak memory or attention skills, although researchers also agree that the benefit is limited when considering most of the ‘fun’ games that are used on tablets and consoles. When she’s not cooking up a storm, analyzing dreams, or surgically attached to at least five communications devices simultaneously, she can probably be found writing punku poetry or producing stop motion animation television with random detritus from your childhood. Click here to acces her arcticle on Scientific American blog, where she explains why she thinks that way, and how you can train your brain.
Jim Morris, the inspiration behind Disney's blockbuster movie, 'The Rookie', will speak about the importance of integrity and chasing dreams. Or, if violent games lead to violent attitudes and behavior, can non-violent games actually improve behavior? Most of them focus on memory and attention; they might show a list of words that the user has to memorize and then repeat. If a person needs higher-level brain training, for example someone with dementia or a learning disability, then it is better to contact a professional organization that has had software developed specifically to increase cognitive functions. Researchers then compared the test subjects’ cognitive function in other tasks to pre-game levels. They found that as gamers improved their skills, their other cognitive functions also improved. Most games also have a function that remembers how users did on prior days, to compare and show a progression over time. Since these are two of the areas that are known to decrease with age, this was a significant finding.

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