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When we kicked off our Women’s Wealth Building series last week, we talked about the financial literacy gender gap.
My investment strategy is fairly hands-off and I prefer low-risk because I prefer to keep the money we’ve invested and saved! The views expressed on this blog are those of the author, and not necessarily of H&R Block.
We can take control of our finances now — and we can start by putting our money to work for us.

Since we’re in the stock market for the long haul, I can safely take bigger risks with that money. H&R Block is not responsible for any information, opinions, assertions or statements expressed in their materials, or the identity or credentials of the individuals communicating through the site. There’s no match for a broker that offers good research and tools to help you find simple, easy-to-understand investments. This blog is for informational purposes onlyand does not provide legal, financial, accounting or tax advice.

This helps me from getting too overwhelmed with info or obsessing over small stock market changes. It helps that my dad is a CPA and has a wealth of knowledge I can draw on when I have questions or concerns! I always recommend readers find professional help because they can help you see the long-term and make recommendations you may not be aware of.

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