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During the past five years, BDP International has experienced tremendous growth, including a 40% increase in new career opportunities. BDP International offers an attractive benefits package including opportunities for professional development.
Finding a Job OverseasDepending on your line of work, it might be easier to find a job before you go overseas to alleviate some of the stress. Setting up an International Bank AccountDepending on where you live you can set up an international bank account before you even leave your home country. Finding Somewhere to liveSome people prefer to have organize already set up before they go overseas and this can be made easier if they are going through a recruiting company or are being transferred by their own company. Making new FriendsLanding in a new city where no one knows you is extremely liberating – you have the option to recreate yourself entirely, but it can also be kind of lonely. What’s Location Independence?Location independence is earning an income irrespective of where you are in the world. When you’re looking for a job abroad, one of the best ways to find them is to use a job site that focuses on international listings. If you would like to be part of our growth and are ready for a challenging, rewarding environment that values teamwork, please take a moment to browse our current open positions. Some international companies will offer you the opportunity to transfer to one of the overseas branches so you can gain international experience while progressing in your career.

This means you can easily transfer money across so that you are ready to get started as soon as you arrive.
If you teach a language overseas in a number of countries, like South Korea, you will find that accommodation is usually provided for you. Unless you’re lucky enough to move somewhere where you already know people, you’re going to have to spend some serious time creating your new social group. While New Zealand (my home country) is gorgeous, it's expensive, the weather isn't that great and it's a little too small for me. Once visas are all sorted out, there are a handful of things you need to get set up so you can be really comfortable. Many people who choose to move overseas will be starting afresh, meaning that they have to start from the beginning. Moving countries can be extremely stressful, so taking some time to get set up before you go can reduce a lot of the pressure.
If you have to find accommodation yourself, it can be a lot easier to do this once you have arrived in the city because that means you will have an opportunity to view the houses and your potential roommates. Many people suffer homesickness in their first few weeks of living in a new city, but once they start meeting like minded people this tends to fade away. You may be able to view jobs in a choice of languages, and you’ll be able to apply directly online to companies and for positions of interest.The international job search engine sites allow users to search the major job sites, company sites, associations, and other online job sites by keyword for a variety of countries.

If you’re considering moving to a country for a short period of time, teaching your native language can be a great way to make money. This means that you will already have some money in your new currency when you arrive, so that you can start paying for things without getting large penalties.
It’s also a good idea to wait until you have confirmed work before settling into a house contract as you might wind up really far away from your work. There are heaps of great ways of meeting new people, such as taking up a new hobby, learning a language or using online sites such as Couchsurfing to find local meets.
You can get in touch with locals through websites such as Couchsurfing to ask what the local job hunting sites are, so you can get started finding work as soon as possible. Once you’ve made a few friends their social group will open up to you and everything will snowball.

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