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We know that during these crucial times people are looking to save money, make money, and get all that they can for themselves and their families. The key is knowing how and where to find the best deals, freebies and taking advantage of the right opportunities.
This is an unnecessary expense and this money could be put into a savings account.  And while dining out and eating at restaurants can be fun as our tongue pallets could always use stimulation and different tastes. Try cooking more at home, get creative by trying out new recipes, or grilling for the family. Turn off incandescent lights whenever possible –  You will save money by using less electricity when they are not in use. Pay all of your bills on time or early –  This includes your new accounts and the payments for any assets you have.
January 21, 2014 by Michelle Nahom 103 Comments Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you sign up or enter through my link, I will receive a small referral fee.
Great tips Michelle, I have never used Ebates before, but I know Sandy over at Mother of Imperfection mentioned this one some time ago and have been meaning to check them out. Yes, but a lot of times once you have signed up, when you are shopping on a site that has Ebates, a pop up will show up that you can click as well with the % you save, and once you click, you are automatically directed through Ebates! Great tips I am still waiting for a better system than cutting out coupons like can’ I get a coupon from online for this week and just show it to the cashier at any grocery store or have them scan it from my phone. In Canada I use my Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card which is the equivalent of the CVS progam I imagine.
Meal planning is our weak point – we could be so much better but we give up easily because dinner is often four different meals for four different people. You should have used Walgreens as the example ?? Anyway, seriously, I save a lot of money by putting all my purchases on my credit card and paying it off at the end of the cycle. I constantly use my shoppers cards everywhere and shop sales with coupons- my kids know that if it’s not on sale we don’t buy it!
I am the queen of shopping online (not that I shop that much, but I even buy pet food online)!
I was at a meet-up the other day for entrepreneurs, and upon plopping down my laptop and plugging my mouse into it, I immediately felt a pat on my back and hearty chuckle.
Ia€™ll admit it was all pretty funny (and dona€™t you dare tell me you dona€™t know what Ia€™m talking about with those ball mouses a€“ you youngins!), but it had never crossed my mind just how strange this is in a world where everythinga€™s so brand spanking new all the time. But while everyone assumed I was just way too cheap (or broke) to go out and get a new mouse, the truth is Ia€™m just way too busy to be bothered by it. We all know that coupons are a great way to save money, but you can also save money on groceries without coupons. Coupons definitely have their place, but every now and again, even the most seasoned couponer experiences coupon burnout.
I’ve been doing some meal planning which REALLY helps to give me direction when going to the store and giving every dollar a name.
When I see it’s time to go food shopping, I’ll grab a notepad and a pen and head to my kitchen. Even though I usually feel like I have NOTHING left in the house, I can usually pair together about three dinners just from what I have in the fridge, pantry and freezer. After writing it all down, I go online to check the weekly circulars for every store in my area.
Tip: If you have a chest freezer or are able to split your order with a friend or family member, I highly recommend ordering chicken from Zaycon foods. Update: My husband experienced a layoff (you can read our story here) since the writing of this post. You will see a significant difference in your budget if you can reuse many of the ingredients in other meals throughout the week.
You’re going to feel like you have nothing in the house, but trust me, you probably have enough to make a few meals or at least plan a few side dishes to go with what you’ll have to buy. 2) call your car and home insurance company and tell them you want to go through all your coverage because you found another carrier that is cheaper. 6) review your credit card bills for all the things you are paying $10-20 per month for that you no longer need. 8) review your investment portfolio for ways to replace higher fee mutual funds or ETFs with lower fee ones. We live in a world of excess, so a pantry or freezer week where you don’t shop or only buy what you need to go with what you have is a great way to cut grocery expenses. My husband and I actually just did that this last week because we are moving into a new place tomorrow and wanted to use up all of our food. We have some special ziplock freezer containers that are used for leftover to use for lunch.. It also helps on portion size since putting it in containers right after dinner keeps us from thinking we need to eat more of it now so doesn’t go bad. We have been doing this for last 3 years and have saved lots of money doing it between portion sizes and having lunch ready to go. One thing I try to do that helps is to plan my leftovers–especially sides into another meal. My husband takes his lunch to work four days a week and this summer we bought him a tiny crock pot for reheating things at his desk.

And while there is no silver bullet that can insulate us from any financial crisis or hardship. There are many ways that you can stimulate your own economy by saving money without even trying and keep things in balance. Let’s say you spend about $5 every day during the work week (which is 5 days) on lunch.
If you use energy saving fluorescent lights turn them off if you plan to leave them off for more than 15 minutes. Plan ahead, and you won’t come home with extra food that you may not use before it goes bad.
My husband and I have earned $1000+ in cashback on one and enough miles on the other to send his parents back to the old country a couple of times in the past few years. I do my shopping, put everything in my cart, and then go over to Ebates and check to see if the site is there. There is a huge difference in my grocery bill on the weeks I plan my meals ahead of time and the weeks I don’t! I am way too lazy and too busy to radically change my life and my habits to save money, so easy ways to save money are right up my alley! I’m not really a great bargain hunter but I will hunt down bargains online for something I know I am going to buy anyhow!
As much as I love to save, I don’t really like the process of clipping and searching for the right stuff to buy. Every now and then, however, I go through a period of not even wanting to look at coupons –I’ve couponed so hard, I’ve burned myself out.
If there are several “almost meals” like potatoes and frozen veggies, I’ll pair those together and make a note to buy meat or fish to complete the meal. I make note of the items that are a good deal and seem like I can pair with some of my unmatched food items I have in the house. Because it’s just two of us, that’s five nights worth of meals if the chicken is used in ways that can stretch it out a bit. I don’t menu-plan breakfasts or lunches, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I usually do for these meals anyway. I do occasionally boil and peel a few eggs ahead of time and stick them in a food storage container to account for the mornings I do want a little something.
Remember, I started out with a few ingredients because I directed my meal plan to be based mainly on what we still had left in the kitchen.
Many assessments have never been properly adjusted down to reflect the market over the last 4 years. Some nights, we had some pretty inventive things but I find that we always have more than we think. Walmart beat about 2 items and then the cashier needed a manager to enter some codes because we saved more than half the bill.
We tend to do huge couponing trips at once (like 25 cans of veggies, 10 soups, etc.) and then apply these principles for the meal planning. I don’t buy lots of the things there are coupons for, but when I do see a good coupon, I stash it in my wallet. I had never heard of these until recently but it really saves him time by eliminating the long line at the one office microwave.
Take up reading the old magazines left in the lobby area in your place of work.  Trust me you’ll thank me later for this!
The bulb life for fluorescent lights is related to the number of time you turn them off and on. Collect your bills and write down all the due dates, mark them down on your calendar but set your payment date at least five days of it’s actual due date.
You’re planning to buy the item anyway, why not use an additional coupon if it’s available?!
I don’t use rewards cards everywhere I shop, but my favorite is the CVS extracare program. Almost all of my favorite online shopping sites are on there; I can only think of a few that aren’t. And I know what you mean about food…my youngest threw out a half of slice of pizza the other day.
Even if I have to take it out every now and then to blow on it and get rid of those dang dirt lines around the wheel thingies, haha a€¦ I didna€™t even get a chance to explain why I use a mouse in the first place a€“ the track pad on my laptop broke fourA years ago. Luckily, there are additional ways to keep a healthy grocery budget without clipping a thing.
Since it’s been going on for so long this time, I honestly couldn’t tell you whether this is just a long break or a for-good break up with couponing. An awesome way to save even more money is to find the best deals in the grocery ads and then price-match the items at Walmart. I stretch my chicken by only using two pieces to top salads or to go into pasta dishes so it isn’t the main focus of the meal and I can get away with using less. Neither of us are big breakfast people, so we just split one omelet and have toast and sausage.
Because I can count on leftovers to account for most of my lunches, I’m not too rigid with this category.

Reusing as many ingredients as possible without making the meals too similar will help you save so much money. One thing that REALLY made our lives much easier – which is all based on location- is finding a good meat market. I feel like I also save quite a bit just by stocking up on things when they are on clearance or on sale. Let’s say that you subscribe to Cosmo, Entertainment Weekly, TIME, People and some other miscellaneous magazine. Not only will you save on unnecessary late fees and other charges but you are  demonstrating that you are handling your finances carefully which will make you more attractive to other prospective lenders in the long run.
I always google to see if I can find one before I check out, and a good portion of the time, I do!
They email you discounts that you can transfer to your card, and send you coupons you can print out. My husband and I are trying to get into the habit of meal planning, especially now that we have a baby and less time.
Now if CVS points out in the flyer that there is a coupon in this week’s paper, I will cut it out and use it if it is something I am going to buy from them anyway.
My husband saw it and said “you know, I would have eaten the other half…why did you throw it away?
These are my quick tips and I do save with them, but I don’t spend much time on it, obviously. On a separate page I write down my condiments and seasonings too, so I know what my options are for seasoning my meals with what I have on hand. On a VERY rare occasion, I’ll make my own Nutella stuffed crepes or I’ll premake a batch of homemade strawberry breakfast muffins and pop them in a storage container for the week or some other fancy thing. Another thing I do to make it *feel* like we’re eating more chicken is to cut the strips width-wise (is that even a term?) instead of length-wise. You could go a lot more in detail and plan out every single meal including breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
If you spend too much on car insurance from one of those big companies, chances are you are simply funding their expensive TV ads with cute animals. However, I am no longer okay with spending hours of my time preparing to buy groceries because even though saving money is great, it’s not worth wasting hours of time just to save $150 a month on groceries, when I could use that time to make money by listing items on ebay or making crafts for my Etsy shop. You could have put it back in the fridge for later.” I also know for a fact any of our dogs would have happily taken it for a snack! But for now, I have to find a way to keep my grocery budget down until I feel the urge to coupon again. When I’m busy working, ready in under-five-minutes beats healthy-and-balanced meal every time. A difference of 25 bps in fees will mean a difference of about 5% in your portfolio value after 25 or 30 years. There are so many sites now that coupon match for your grocery store along with circulars that contain deals so it makes it easy for our household and readers. Before I place any online order, I always check to see if the site I am shopping on is on Ebates. These coupons print out with your transaction, and you can use them the next time you shop.
Cassidy pretty much eats either fancy, spicy, sushi or too late at night for me to join in the fun.
I find that I often have to halve recipes just to get the amount of food to a comfortable serve-two-people-and-have-one-serving-of-leftovers amount. Right now the milk I buy is on sale for a dollar less than I would pay for it at the grocery store, plus there is an $1 extrabucks reward for my next purchase! Now I’m splitting up my grocery trips between Winn Dixie because of their meat prices and Aldi for their seafood and produce (I got lucky – my store is one of the few with a nice selection of un-yucky produce). When grocery shopping, choose one store to go to that week and find a coupon match up for that week on a blog. Last time I went, I spent $12.54 and got bananas, 10lb bag of potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, 1 turnip, and a small bag of radishes.
Then at checkout I enter my phone number into the debit card machine and it automatically uses any coupons that I have clipped that match the items I’ve purchased. Many other stores have similar programs such as the Kmart shop your way rewards card and the Kroger loyalty card. Buying whatever you want regardless of the current price is a quick way to break your budget.4. If you’re someone who regularly purchases new clothing, set a budget for clothing shopping.

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