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The MRI suite is located at the Belleville General Hospital in the Diagnostic Imaging department.
Please arrive at the Diagnostic Imaging department registration desk 45 minutes before the appointment time. If your doctor has prescribed a sedative for you, please DO NOT take it before speaking to the MRI technologist - you must have someone with you to drive you home. MRI of an upper body bone or joint: This exam demonstrates the anatomy of the musculoskeletal structures of the upper limbs including the shoulder, humerus, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand.
MRI of a lower body bone or joint: This exam demonstrates the anatomy of the musculoskeletal structures of the lower limbs including the hip, femur, knee, tibula-fibula, ankle and foot. MRI of the head: This exam demonstrates the anatomical structures of the head including the brain and the bony stuctures of the cranial vault.
MRI of the abdomen: This exam displays the anatomy of the upper abdomen including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, aorta, gallbladder, stomach and small intestine. MRI of the pelvis: This exam demonstrates the anatomy of the pelvis including the bladder, prostate, penis, uterus, ovaries and cervix.
The MRI suite opened in March 2008 and utilizes a state of the art 1.5 Tesla Siemens Avanto Magnet to obtain highly diagnostic images.

You will receive a letter in the mail stating your appointment time and how to prepare for your exam. You maybe required to have a full bladder for this exam, please follow the instructions included on your appointment letter.
We currently perform most types of MRI exams including head, spine, extremity, organ, breast and vascular imaging. Please read and follow the directions in your letter carefully, you may be required to have blood work or xrays of your eyes done before you are given an appointment time. If your doctor requires blood work to be done, ensure it has been done at least three (3) days before the exam.
All of our technogists are registered with the College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario and are committed to providing quality images and compassionate care to our community. Arthrogram patients are required to arrive seventy five (75) minutes before their exam time.

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