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The people who were raised by parents that have had success throughout life because they were aware that there conscious mind is more powerful then there unconscious….
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. It is the part of the mind that proclaims wants, desires, and intentions, and consequently the part that makes God laugh.
The subconscious mind is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness; it is strictly a stimulus-response mechanism.
10 Important Things About our SubConscious Mind Our subconscious mind exerts a powerful influence over our lives. Given that I'm a Business Analyst by trade, it probably isn't surprising to any of you that I really enjoyed Future Problem Solving. What had never occurred to me until I started this post is how much the habits I learned doing Future Problem Solving really fit into how I work today.
So when I read about the idea of subconscious information processing, I realized that while the term might be relatively new to me, the concepts went back to some of my oldest memories.
I spoke of the idea of using this type of metrics data for an upcoming project, but only dropped the idea to my boss, our VP and one other manager, but I kept the idea in my back pocket all this time, just waiting for the right time to drop it. Because I had 7 months to plan out how to bring up this idea, I had determined the best way to convince everyone of how useful this would be.
What made this work, besides it being an idea whose time had come, was that I had done my research and the idea had time to grow in my mind.
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The joke is that that part of the mind imagines who we think we are, but it controls only 5 percent or less of our lives. Bruce speaks about is muscle testing to see if your program (subconscious) aligns with your wishes and desires (conscious). The mind is like the driver of a vehicle; with good driving skills, a vehicle can be well maintained and provide good performance throughout its life.
When an environmental signal is perceived, the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response — no thinking required.

Teams from many different schools would gather in a room, the proctors would pass out a short description of a problem and each team would have a couple hours to come up with a set of solutions, weigh pros and cons of each, then recommend a solution for implementation. See, what I haven't told you yet is that in the months prior to the sessions, the team was given high-level categories from which our question for the round would be selected. Sure enough, as I laid out my vision for usage, everyone in the room was convinced within minutes it was the right approach to take. If someone had come to me 7 months ago and asked how we could better understand what is going on with our application, I would not have had a clue. The idea of a robust analytics suite, not just for business metrics but for system and user metrics as well, was not created by me but it was one whose time has come for our organization.
Drop them in the comments for us all to spend a little time performing a little subconscious information processing on them! The subconscious mind is a programmable autopilot that can navigate our vehicular bodies without the observation or awareness of the pilot — the conscious mind. The memories will get buried, yet the beliefs and feelings associated with them will still control your reactions. We would write all of that up into a two page summary, turn it in and wait a couple hours for the grading to come back to see which team won the round. During those intervening weeks, the team spent its time researching and studying anything we could get our hands on about those subjects. About 7 months ago, when I was given charge of our company's QA functions, I started doing a lot of research about testing processes and automated testing tools. As I've been saying for months to anyone who will listen, "if we keep doing things the way we do them now, we'll continue to fail in the same ways." Its not that we fail a lot or fail badly, but everyone fails at some point. Its all about being encumbered only by the people and things you choose and not by those selected for you. The dual-mind system’s effectiveness is defined by the quality of the programs carried in the subconscious mind.
This God force, Soul energy, or whatever you want to call it, supports your evolution towards love, unity, beauty, and truth.
I even remember our coach going so far as to figure out ways to get copy protected material that couldn't be sent through a copying machine to work on one anyway, just so we could all share the material.
During that research, I ran across the concept of writing software that gathers a large, some might say obscene, amount of metrics data from your application. Most were like me of 7 months ago, they didn't even know that tools existed to do this type of analysis.
A year from now, after I've had time to tinker and play around with the ideas, it will be even better.
Over 95% of what we do, think, and say comes from old programming in our subconscious mind. Know that the past affects you NOW, as the subconscious replays past programming in the present. We just let the information percolate in our minds, ideas quietly bouncing off one another, marinating just long enough to produce something of quality. The idea is to capture and measure everything, then to graph it so people can interpret it easily. The team immediately saw its value and started asking what other projects this might be used on! For example, if you were taught to drive with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake, no matter how many vehicles you owned, each will inevitably express premature brake and engine failure.
Unless you make a conscious effort to direct the immense power of your subconscious, its robotic and limited programs will run your life. And understand that you have the power right now to rewrite sabotaging programs from the past so you can claim a better future. For example, cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death, is directly attributable to behavioral programs that mismanage the body’s response to stress. Once you hit your stride, even modest sized applications can be measuring thousands of data points, everything from user interactions to system performance to usage duration. For example, you can cause your heart rate to speed up or slow down by means of either increasing or decreasing your physical activity even though you have no direct control over it.Your conscious mind can distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong.

Some programs are derived from genetics; these are our instincts, and they represent nature.
In our conscious creative mind we may consider ourselves as good drivers; however, self-sabotaging or limiting behavioral programs in our subconscious unobservably undermine our efforts. It serves as our inner voice when confronted with morally challenging situations.The subconscious mind however simply processes whatever you consciously experience and translates that information into an image of yourself in all aspects of your personality. How to rewrite your program: first, you must create a statement that a six year old can understand. However, the vast majority of the subconscious programs are acquired through our developmental learning experiences, and they represent nurture. We are generally consciously unaware of our fundamental subconscious perceptions or beliefs about life.
The reason is that the prenatal and neonatal brain is predominately operating in delta and theta EEG frequencies through the first six years of our lives. While in this hypnotic trance, a child does not have to be actively coached by its parents, for children obtain their behavioral programs simply by observing their parents, siblings, peers, and teachers.
Often times however this is not the case because negative as well as positive images are often transmitted from one generation to the next.For example, how often have you heard about children living in an abusive environment and then grow up to be abusive parents themselves? Did your early developmental experiences provide you with good models of behavior to use in the unfoldment of your own life?
Now you will need to imprint this message into your subconscious, where it will override the old belief. During the first six years of life, a child unconsciously acquires the behavioral repertoire needed to become a functional member of society.
Positive Affirmations – Although it might seem almost too simple, the fact is that the constant repetition of positive statements is a VERY effective technique. If you set aside just 10 minutes a day to repeat over and over various positive statements, you’ll find that such statements tend to stick with you throughout the day. Although the conscious mind may hold one’s self in high regard, the more powerful unconscious mind may simultaneously engage in self-destructive behavior. You simply imagine in your mind’s eye the life you desire and then imagine that it has already happened. The insidious part of the autopilot mechanism is that subconscious behaviors are programmed to engage without the control of, or the observation by, the conscious self. Now hold on to these feelings and realize that everything you want in life is already becoming a reality because this is the image you are sending to your subconscious mind.
Most importantly, neuroscience now reveals that the subconscious mind, which is an information processor one million times more powerful than the conscious mind, runs our behavior from 95 to 99 percent of the time. Spend just 5 minutes on this exercise daily in addition to the one above…and be prepared for some major changes to take place!3. The powerful meaning of this reality is that we only move toward our wishes and desires from 1 to 5 percent of the day. In the remaining time, our lives are controlled by the habit-programs downloaded into the subconscious mind.
The basic concept is that by connecting with the source of infinite knowledge we are able to communicate our deepest thoughts and desires and thus petition the universe to grant us all we desire. The most fundamental of these programs were downloaded by observing other people, such as our parents, siblings, teachers, and community.
Some might consider this to be a religious experience whereas others might consider the exercise to be more spiritual in nature.The only caveat to these techniques is that they must be repeated daily and you absolutely must believe in their effectiveness. As we become more conscious, we rely less on automated subconscious programs, and also have the ability to rewrite limiting, disempowering beliefs formerly downloaded into the subconscious mind. Through this process we become the masters of our fates rather than the victims of our programs. Conscious awareness can actively transform the character of our lives into ones filled with love, health, and prosperity by its ability to rewrite limiting perceptions (beliefs) and self-sabotaging behaviors.

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