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While surveys of top-paying IT certifications are good barometers for employment trends, they're not always dependable proof for better compensation and should be treated with caution.
I subscribe to the Global Knowledge newsletter and was pleased to see an article of great interest from an old friend and former co-author, John Hales.
This kind of data is always interesting, but results like the ITIL Expert paying just under ITIL Foundation always give me pause. The other thing to recall is that though the number of responses required to reach statistical significance isn't spelled out; that number could be as low as 30 respondents out of a total population of thousands who share the same credential (as well, no doubt, as other credentials that they don't share).
What I find especially interesting about this survey is that it verifies that information security remains hot and in high demand, and that programming and project management jobs are also on the radar in a big way (Six Sigma Green Belt, PMP, and Certified Scrum Master all speak to software development and quality assurance topics pretty directly, with the possible exception of the PMP which has roles to play outside as well as inside this sphere).
It's nice to see process and governance credentials (ITIL v3 Foundations and Expert) also coming in for some rewards. Just don't bet your farm, or your job on these number, but rather treat them as a kind of economic barometer for the relative value and importance of a variety of IT certifications. Don't miss each week's most important technology trends, insights and decision-making advice, right in your inbox.

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The raids were carried out in Zagreb, Bjelovar, Koprivnica, Varazdin and Cakove.The A?50 sheets were waiting to be cut into individual banknotes, according to investigating officers. Over the last year over 1,100 fake banknotes have been discovered in Croatia, with south eastern Europe recognised as a hub for the production of fake money in Europe.
The seized A?50 notes feature the image of Sir John Houblon, the Bank of England's first governor of . Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. Here's how you can make sense of the 2014 Top-Paying Certs survey and use it to your advantage.
Entitled 15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2014 it reports on Global Knowledge's own 2014 Skills and Salary Survey, conducted with partner and publishing firm Penton, completed in October 2013. They point out pretty dramatically (as does the appearance of four Citrix certs in the top 15, and an old-style MCSE in the follow-on items), that the survey can only reflect the population it represents. We'll see plenty more of these surveys and reports in the weeks and months ahead, and it should be interesting to compare and contrast them.

Do you treat them all the same?  What is a satisfied customer worth?  A loyal customer?  What is the impact of a detractor?
When the banknote is tilted up and down, the images move from side to side and the 50 and A? symbols switch. The fine print surrounding the results states that the rankings are "derived from certifications that received the minimum number of responses to be statistically relevant. Depending on who gets surveyed and how many people there are in the total population of respondents, where they come from, and so forth, results can bounce all over the place.
And it seems there's still plenty of room for good old-fashioned systems and network administration, as most of the other credentials on the list will attest. And even the survey admits that it doesn't represent much higher paying credentials -- of which CCIE and VCDX are only a couple out of many -- simply because not enough people in the surveyed population have earned them and can report on their apparent value by virtue of their current annual compensation. How do you know why a customer or employee really left you?  What does attrition really cost you?  When do you fire a ‘good’ customer and why?  This workshop will answer these questions and more.  You will leave with a set of tools and tactics that when applied will make a significant impact to your bottom line.

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