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The Koze Portable Couch (pictured above) is an inflatable couch made of parachute fabric and designed much like a dry storage bag often used by canoeists and kayakers.
Made in College, the proponent, says the Koze can be a replacement for a camp hammock – no trees required. The fabric is waterproof and the Koze holds air, so yes it will float and make a fun water toy.
The thing about Kickstarter is that proponents offer rewards in exchange for contributions.
One of the Facebook videos mentioned above shows a couch that looks like the Koze and it was posted to Facebook more than a year ago.
Made in College says it has a patent pending, however we were unable to locate it in either the U.S. It’s pretty clear that no one is enforcing a current patent and that is why there are so many versions that look identical. According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, two Dutch companies, Fat Boy the Original and Lamzac, got together and developed their product, the Lamzac Hangout with Marijn Oomen named as the inventor.
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When you purchase something from one of the merchants listed above or in a link in a story, a small portion of your purchase price goes to help maintain Explore! If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a place where proponents of a project can describe their project, set a financial goal and solicit funds in an attempt to reach their goal.
While on a hiking trip with some good friends in Asheville, North Carolina, we were struggling after a couple miles of waterfall hiking.
After a night of partying and too little sleep it was time to deflate and pack all the air mattresses.

The first insight Marijn had was that you could use the air in one air mattress to fill another air mattress. With a new product Marijn started his business Lamzac and began selling his instantly inflatable bags on markets throughout the Netherlands!
Patent and Trademark Office’s database or the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The Koze is pretty tough, but floating down a river with it could see it being torn by rocks or branches. When we finally made it to our campsite, we instantly grabbed our favorite hammocks and searched for some trees.
That’s when we noticed, John was just as comfortable as all of us, perched on his inflated dry storage bag. During this process Marijn Oomen, the inventor of the Lamzac, observed that the mattresses were very quick to deflate while the previous night considerable effort had been expended to fill them with air. This then spawned an idea, what if you could catch air in a bag and then by sitting on it push the air from the bag into an air mattress? Marijn managed to sell many of his Lamzac orignals but also realised that the design required further fine tuning. The problem was, John ended up on the other side of the campsite, and another friend couldn’t even find any trees at all! During the long ride (for Dutch standards, our country is tiny) home the idea kept bouncing around in Marijn’s head, he just couldn’t let it go!

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