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However, as the year progressed some awesome stuff started happening and other people took notice too. Since I have concentrated on doing the stuff that I am excel at at and blocking out what other people think I have almost doubled my income!
If you were expecting a step by step guide to making more money in 2015 maybe we can get to that another day.
Throughout the years my expenses have changed within their respective categories, but one thing has always remained the same…I have ALWAYS been willing to invest money so that my business will continue to thrive and grow. I got husky mud flaps this time because the fasteners they used on those weather techs back in 2011 were not the best. I've also had to grind and weld reinforced metal to the pop n lock inside the tailgate if that's what you're doing.

I know a dude who charges (and gets) $2000 for something being sold elsewhere for about $50. Perhaps a better question… How can you raise your prices and make more money doing basically the same thing you’re doing now? I’ve always known that I was smart but saying that to other people was just too hard for me. Here at Everybody Loves Your Money we believe that you should spend less money than you earn, invest as much as you can as early as you can, and avoid the materialism mindset. Factory workers who do hard manual labor don’t make much more and as far as the bigger jobs that require a degree, unfortunately, most of those are government jobs that max out around $50k a year. Once you’ve got that nailed down and can fully accept what you’re worth you’ll be able to surpass your goals.

The box still shows the twisty deal, but the flaps don't have that anymore, pretty happy about that.
I discovered that I had the capability to earn more all along, I just had to convince myself.

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