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Written by Brearin Land, a Financial Planner in Irvine, California and Orange County who authors the Black Belt of Finance Blog. He is the CEO of Irvine Wealth Management, and world renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt at the Gracie Barra Headquarters. Regardless of the reason why you started teaching one thing is clear; making more money doing it is going to make you and your family a hell of a lot happier.
You have to find whatever it is that makes you tick and become the very best in the world at it. Everyone thought he was crazy because he was a no-name guy, had never competed, dare I say slightly awkward guy (sorry bro J); yet he set up his academy less than a block away from a multiple time world champion. As the first couple years went by, the competitors were away from their gym traveling the country and entrusting others to keep their business afloat. Now, in the same two years our friend had a solid, organized curriculum, and took ownership of the entire business process. He has never competed in his life, but his gym is THRIVING on the same street of an abandoned world class gym.
You need to master what it is that you are good at, and that doesn’t have to be kicking people’s ass. If you are working your tail off while your competitors are traveling the world, you are going to win that battle every time.
This is a topic I spoke of in great detail in a recent article 7 Tips to Scheduling More Private Lessons for Martial Arts Instructors. In short, you have to not only improve the amount of lessons you are teaching but improve the lesson itself so you have long-term reoccurring customers. The lesson needs to be so good that it would be ridiculous not to take them on an ongoing basis. Further, you have to make the lessons as efficient as possible to the point where you do not have to be the one getting cauliflower ear. We teach several hours a day and anytime you go past 3 hours straight, it’s hard to teach a great class. If you haven’t checked out my article on private lessons it is a must read for Jiu-Jitsu instructors and has been very well received in the Jiu-Jitsu community.
If you want to be known as the foremost expert in your niche, you have to be known as someone who walks the walk. You can’t be the foremost expert as a women’s instructor and take pictures with a new girl every week. Your best insurance for your business is keeping your nose clean and truly embracing the BJJ lifestyle.
This is as true for the up and coming instructor as it is for the established business owner, volunteer for everything. Not only does this help you get your name out to the people you need it to, it helps you setup the building blocks of mastering your niche and dominating your space.
When I started out as an instructor I volunteered for every class I wasn’t training in; fundamental classes, women’s classes, kids classes, you name it. I wasn’t being paid, I wasn’t getting any discounts, and this went on for over 4 years before I made a dime.
That hustle got me out of the corn and into the Headquarters of one of the largest martial arts organizations on the planet. Aug 09, 2016Iva DjokovicComments Off on How Intense Are The Performance Enhancing Effects Of Marijuana? Numerous sites claiming to have ideas for ways that teachers can make more money in their free time go to the default answer of more teaching. About 8 years into my last English teaching job in China I decided that I did not want to be a career teacher. The second challenge, which is an actual challenge, is going to be writing content that people want to read and find useful. Another thing worth mentioning is that you definitely know the value of investing in an education. After 1.5 years and a few failed sites, I finally was generating enough income to quit my job in China, return to the US, and work full time on my sites.
You can join the same training center where I learned how to build websites, find profitable niches, and create content that not only helped people, but also allowed me to make money from my sites.
If you would like to give me credit for the referral, please use my link on this page or my review pages. I am an active member in WA, and keep track of the questions or discussions created by members I have referred, so my 1-on-1 support is a real incentive to join though my link. If you dedicate 1-3 hours each day to following the training and working on your websites, a legitimate expectation is to start making sales after 3-6 months of work. If You Want a Larger Piece of the Pie You Have to Take a Bigger Bite and can be found on Amazon. After reading, it helped me become more encouraged that I could continue to mold young minds knowing there are viable money options available to me right now. Lack of spending power is costly both inside and outside the classroom; teachers who are scarcely paid cannot perform at their best. I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job.
Whether it’s student loans or a low paying job – we all have a reason why we want to make more money.

I didn’t know it was possible to make more money on the side (or online) until I started blogging. My side hustles of choice are blogging and freelance writing (that’s how I make money online). The only reason I knew any of this was possible was from reading articles online from blogs. The Penny Hoarder is a personal finance blog written by Kyle Taylor about saving money and making money. Ramit Sethi, the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, is a public figure, author, and blogger. Angie Nelson is the writer of The Work At Home Wife, a blog dedicated to home business ideas and blogging.
Make Money Your Way is a blog written by Pauline with the main purpose of helping readers earn more money. Holly Hanna is the founder of The Work at Home Woman, a blog dedicated to helping women who are looking for legitimate work from home jobs. Paula Pant is the writer behind Afford Anything, a blog specifically about Paula’s journey as a freelance writer turned real estate entrepreneur.
You can make money blogging or freelance writing (my two side hustles of choice), or you can do something completely different. Thanks for the list Natalie, there are a couple there I’m unfamiliar with… but not for long! Not only does it give us an outlet to give back, but if you are like me you want to assure your family will be surrounded by the discipline and family oriented atmosphere as your kids grow up. At the Gracie Barra Headquarters in Irvine I’ve helped build one of the most successful kids programs in the world. From the intro class, to the class curriculum, to the protocols and procedures in your academy, you need to focus your initial energy on becoming the foremost expert in your niche.
As a martial artist you don’t have any type of restrictions like this so you should be out there as your own personal brand evangelist. Academies have been biting each-other’s curriculums for years but doing so isn’t going to replace the atmosphere and family environment you’ve developed from dominating your niche.
All too often you see top competitors open a gym and forget that they are in business as a school owner and not an athlete.
He taught the classes, he cleaned the mats, he cleaned the toilets, he did the intro classes, he made the sales. Maximizing your efficiency allows you get around this by bringing others to help you out for the same amount of money. You can’t be the foremost kids instructor in your space and be doing a bunch of crap outside of class you wouldn’t want your kids to see. To be the leader in your space you need to be known as a person of character, because if you are not rest assure that it will show in your demeanor.
As I say in finance, one of the first steps to becoming financially successful is to get insured.
I was scraping change for the gas money to get to practice and volunteering 2-3 hours of my day.
When I got here I kept volunteering, “can I come in and answer phones, can I route the calls to my cell phone, can I sell memberships, can I paint the walls; anything.
Use these tips and I assure you that you will become much closer to reaching your potential bottom line.
This manual gives you everything you need to know about building a savings and investing strategy from white to black belt. No Cyber Monday required, the only catch is that I will likely discontinue the free version after the holidays so get your copy now.
So naturally, as a teacher that wants to make some money on the side, why not do more teaching? Some of us do not want to dedicated every second of our days to teaching.  Even worse, some sites suggest that the best way to earn extra money is by saving more. I started looking for ways that I could supplement my income on the internet, and cut back on my hours in the classroom. Most people will be able forgive amateur mistakes if the content they find is accurate, informational, and helps them solve a problem. I started with no knowledge of marketing, web design, or coding of any kind, and I was able to create a full time job for myself.
I think it’s always good to get a few opinions before committing time and money to something like this.
The links to this community contain an affiliate cookie which means I get credit for the referral, and make a commission for each referral I make. With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals. Some of us do not want to dedicated every second of our days to teaching.A A Even worse, some sites suggest that the best way to earn extra money is by saving more.
Since then, I’ve quit my job as a lawyer making six-figures, to a lower paying job that I’m much happier in.
There are SO many good websites out there, and here’s a list of my favorite when it comes to making money, in no particular order.

If you want to know how to start an online business, how to know whether it will be successful, how to use social media in connection with your business, and how to sell online products, then this is your blog.
When he focuses on making money, Kyle talks about working from home, making money online, and how you can get started.
The Work at Home Woman is specifically targeted for women, so if you have kids or need to work from home, this site has all kinds of resources for you to explore, including well over 100 work at home career ideas for women.
If you are interested in learning how to own and operate real estate investment properties, Paula’s blog is the best blog out there. If you have a job where you’re not making enough money to pay off your debt or live the life you’ve imagined, then I highly encourage you to do something about it. The list above is a guide that can help you make money on the side and keep you motivated along the way. I read many of these blogs regularly, but there are a few that I am not familiar with, so now I’ve added those to my list of inspirational blogs! If you want to makes sales you need to volunteer an incredible amount of your time to helping others.
If you have any questions on the material, whether it be sales, managerial, instruction, or anything personal finance, I am an open book.
At the end of the day when the kids left and I was leaving school, I did not have a desire to enter another classroom and start it all over again.
I wanted to find something that could actually grow my monthly income and improve my quality of life. You write informational content for the audience on a blog, and promote products and services via ads or promotional posts. Building a site on WordPress is extremely simple these days, and can be done with the push of a button. You can read more about how I got started or you can read a review of the membership site I’m talking about. You can read more about how I got startedA or you can read a review of the membership site I’m talking about.
I work to make up the difference because I have massive student loan debt that I want gone ASAP! But it’s blogs in general that have taught me it’s possible to make money as an entrepreneur.
While most blogs that talk about side hustling only as part of their blog, this whole blog is about side hustling. There is a very popular podcast along with the blog, so you can listen to the content, too (this is how I follow SPI).
A lot of posts on The Penny Hoarder give real life examples of people who are already working from home and how they’re doing it. Live More.” Michelle travels around in an RV with her husband and dogs, while making a living online. While Ramit’s site isn’t kept up as much like a traditional blog with content posted frequently, what is there is very good. You can learn about blogging and freelance writing on this site, in addition to learning about real estate and the stock market. Kids that started with me in the more junior programs are now finishing up high school and going off to college. But believing that this is possible, even though you have no previous experience is a huge leap of faith. Instead of learning science, art, math, or English, you are learning the basics of how to make money! Either way, my own story serves as an example of how niche marketing can provide you with options you never thought were possible.
After about 6 months I was starting to make regular sales with a couple hundred visitors to my site each day.
You can double or triple it with enough experience and a business plan for outsourcing and expansion. But more importantly, blogs keep me inspired to make money on the side to pay down my debt. If you want ideas to start a business, then want to learn how to run a business, and want to join a community of other side-hustlers alike, the blog is for you.
Making Sense of Cents is great for anyone who needs motivation making money online (Michelle made $72,196 in her last income report for March 2016 – so she’s definitely killing it online). I’ve been tempted to started putting her advice into action, but decided it’s best to wait until I’m out of debt! I’m considering freelance writing, I know this is something that many bloggers do and it sure sounds like something I would enjoy!
I changed my life by starting a blog, and I enjoy helping people do the same!Learn how to start a blog here! His side hustle page has links to more than 60 posts about specific side hustles – everything from being a classic video game flipper to a standardized test question writer to a teleprompter operator (and the list goes on).

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