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Hi - The hats pictures used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Gray, Cranberry & Fisherman color ways. What brand & color yarns were used in the photo of the 2 hats that are modeled on the glasses??? The rectangle should be as wide as your hip measurement divided by four plus 1in (3cm) for seam allowance. From the waistline you have just redrafted, measure out the length of your rise measurement plus 2in (6cm) for your waistband. Sew down the sides using a stretch or zig zag stitch and a half inch (1.5cm) seam allowance.
To create an even waistband, turn the skirt inside out and fold the fabric over by 1in (3cm). Sew along the bottom edge of the waistband (the edge furthest away from the top edge) using a stretch or zig zag stitch.
Find great deals on eBay for Felted Hat Pattern in Knitting Patterns for Purses and Accessories. A collection of 52 free hat sewing patterns & tutorials from all around the web – sew baby hats, fleece hats, chemo hats, and more.

Police have a difficult and dangerous job and this survival kit lets them know how much you appreciate their work.
We have a fabulous selection of gifts you really can make, because we provide you with patterns, templates and instructions that you really can understand. Get out a large sheet of paper - wrapping paper or paper that's been taped together will do just fine.
The rectangle should be as long as the rise and length measurements added together plus 4in (12cm) for the waistband and bottom hem.
Redraft the top width of the skirt so that it is as wide as your waist measure divided by 4 plus 1in (3cm) for seam allowance. Different fabrics have different amount of stretch in them, so you may need to take the sides in a bit more if the fabric is really stretchy. I’m planning on whipping up a few more of skirts in different colours since they’re so easy to dress up or down. I spend my time sewing up a storm, going on adventures, and chasing happiness over at Randomly Happy. Check out Envato Studio's servicesChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1.

You can purchase our downloadble and printable Fleece Beret pattern with instructions and bonuses Click Here for your Fleece Beret Pattern. Find a beret pattern and adjust it for the size you need Sew the two pieces of felt together around the edge. So easy to put together…All you have to do is print, cut, glue, and fill with goodies! She loves the feeling of knowing that her hard work resulted in something useful, beautiful and when she can manage it, sustainable. Great project to do with your wee ones as they learn to sew!Awesome for your bus pass, milk money or even as a personalized gift-card envelope! This stretchy direction is what you want running across your hips and waist (as opposed to stretching down from waist to hem). She lives in a sweet baby blue restored vintage travel trailer and runs a small retail shop (with her best friend, of course!) in another canned ham.

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