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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. He is very handsome and he has lovely eyes, but I admit I barely remembered him in the Andrew Christian video because I was blinded by the beauty of Quinn Christopher Jaxon.
Bravo, Juan… you have just stormed the bitter troll arena with your own vapid comment!
The technique explained on this page is particularly useful for creating historical timelines and project timelines, as well as genealogical timelines that highlight events in a person's life.
If you want to start creating your own timelines right away, you can download the Excel timeline template.
Get this and other bonus project management spreadsheets free when you purchase the pro version of our Gantt Chart.
Begin creating timelines in Excel within minutes by downloading the Excel Timeline Template. Historical Timelines - The primary purpose of this template is to help you create historical timelines, such as events in a person's life or perhaps the history of a company or organization.
Project Timelines - The spreadsheet includes two project timeline worksheets, where events can show both duration and completion status.
You will also be able to download a separate project timeline file in which the axis is date-based as explained in the section "Using a Date-Based Axis" below. Adding Images - The Benjamin Franklin example is included in the spreadsheet, with instructions explaining how to insert images into your timeline. The next step is to create a Scatter Chart with the Height values as the Y-axis (vertical axis) and the Axis values as the X-axis (horizontal axis). In the Select Data Source dialog box for Series1, click the Edit button, and in the "Series X values" field, choose cells $F$31:$F$40 and press OK. You can now clean up the chart by going to the Layout tab and turning OFF the legend, gridlines, and vertical axis. We're going to create leader lines for the timeline by adding vertical error bars to the data series. In the Vertical Error Bars tab, select the Minus direction, the No Cap end style, and set the Percentage to 100% then press Close.
We want to turn off the horizontal error bars, so go to the Layout tab and select "Series 1 X Error Bars" from the drop-down list in the "Current Selection" group. Repeat the previous step until all of the data labels have been linked to the corresponding cell in the Labels column.
Sometimes you may want to set the x-axis to display a specific year range, such as 1700 to 1900 with 50-year intervals between the axis labels. You can add images and pictures to your timeline by selecting the chart and going to Insert > Picture.
To format a data point marker as an image: After selecting a single data point, right-click on the data point and go to Format Data Point > Marker Options and select the image icon from the Marker Type drop-down box. In Excel 2013: After the Format Data Point bar opens on the right, click on the bucket icon, and then click on the word Marker.
If you are creating a project timeline, you can show the duration of an event by using X-error bars. Select the chart and go to Format > Current Selection group and select "Series 1 X Error Bars" from the drop-down list then click on Format > Format Selection. In the Error Amount area, select Custom, click on Specify Value and then for the Positive Error Value choose the cells from your Duration column.
Note: To add a Completion bar like we did in the above example, you would need to add another data series so that you can define another X-error bar. If you are want to create a timeline that uses date values after the year 1900, then you can add another "dummy" series and change the chart type for the dummy series to a Line Chart. For additional reading: Bill Jelen does an excellent job of explaining the date-based axis vs.
You can widen the timeline chart object if you have a very long timeline and want to print it across multiple pages.
Now that you are getting married, you might be thinking what colors to choose for your wedding theme.
Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Dark red is associated with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.

Red-orange corresponds to desire, sexual passion, pleasure, domination, aggression, and thirst for action.
Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology. Fashion photographer and filmmaker, Joost Vandebrug’s latest project sees him roaming the streets and tunnels of Bucharest. Vandebrug has been documenting the lives of these homeless boys since 2011 and is now gathering together over 6000 stills and 30 hours of HD footage, all ready to be aired but in need of a financial boost. Joost Vandebrug: I was researching a different project in Bucharest and it was there that I met Costel, one of the Lost Boys. DD: You've said you use photography as a form of communication due to the language barrier? DD: Have you witnessed a lot of prejudice against the boys - with people assuming they operate like a gang?
Joost Vandebrug: As Bruce is also a leader of the area, they all know me and Bruce is quite protective over me, which is particularly helpful when it come to dealing with some gypsies.
Joost Vandebrug: I was arrested once and taken into a police van with six others to the police station. Joost Vandebrug: When Nico was very sick - that was one of the most difficult things I've ever gone through. DD: How do you manage to keep a track of the boys and their ever-shifting living arrangements? Joost Vandebrug: Nico has a phone now, but not only that, they now stay most days in a room that I got them and which we all fixed up a few weeks ago. Joost Vandebrug: DUST is a biannual photography magazine about youth related existential themes.
So his ballet is both recognisably traditional and joltingly contemporary at one and the same moment. Most of you queens just like a jock strap but  because I’m more masculine then you I want a cock! Maybe they can go out together and have old, fat, ugly sex, but they better not forget their erectile dysfunction drugs. The first example shown below was created using the first version of my Excel Timeline Template back in 2005. If you are more worried about your budget than your time, you can create your own timeline chart from scratch using the instructions in the "how to" section below. We've set up the data tables and Excel charts for you, so you enter the Dates and event descriptions and adjust the heights of the lines to get things to fit the way you want. You can change the colors and formats of the chart elements however you want, limited only by what Excel allows you to do. It is possible to add more, but that is not a simple procedure and would require following some of the instructions below. You can use these instructions to create your own timeline in Excel from scratch, if you don't feel like downloading the template. We need to add the X-axis values, so go to the Design tab and click the Select Data button (or right-click on the chart and choose Select Data). You may also want to go to the Line Color or Line Style tabs to make the leader line a dashed gray line. We are going to link the data labels, one at a time, to the corresponding cell in the Labels column. The image below shows the project timeline example that is included in the timeline template. You may also want to format the line to change the color and increase the width of the line.
Your choice of color will have an effect on the atmosphere and mood of your wedding and set the style of your entire event.
In a world devoid of parental guidance, the stereotypical tropes are there; drug abuse, run-ins with the law, gang-mentality, yet they are eclipsed and often subverted by the familial bond between these so-called ‘Lost Boys’ - Bucharest’s youth left behind after the fallout of Communism. He’s a very witty, chatty young boy but in June this year things took a radical turn for him. Actually, the people I do have to worry about are always the random people on the street going to work - they'll stop me, push me, yell at me for giving "attention" to "these people" and giving Romania a bad name.
Halfway through someone thought it would be funny to set fire to the Aurolac (the paint that they inhale to get stoned).

But he has recovered well and, last week when I was in Bucharest, he went to school for the very first time! He was so proud, and so was I, it's incredible how he bounced back like that. It's produced in Berlin and distributed worldwide, and puts emphasis on the awareness of the new generation. In this endeavour he is much helped by Joby Talbot’s sublimely witty score, which seems to use every instrument to match the sounds from the pit to the action on the stage, creating a lush soundscape that drives the action. The latest addition to this week’s Colby trilogy will appeal to those of you who prefer your men on the smoother, prettier and less hardcore-porny side. Colby Melvin, meet a bunch of people who will inevitably want to sleep with you, marry you and cuddle with you until the end of time.
But, with a little formatting and some images, you can make your timeline look much more interesting. You can choose either the day-based axis (the labels are dates) or the year-based axis (the labels are years). Also, the more events you want to show in a timeline, the more difficult it will be to avoid having labels overlap. Doing that can simplify the process of displaying the x-axis labels and editing the date range, but the events in the data table must be ordered by date. So, instead of selecting the chart object and pressing Ctrl+p to print, select the range of cells surrounding the chart object and then print the selection ("Print Selection" is one of the options you can choose from the Print dialog in Excel).
Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. After some time he invited me down to show me where he lived and this is where I met the other kids as well.
He not only lives in the tunnels but he is creating proper accommodation there, with TVs, beds, doors, lights, sound-system, ceiling fans and so on - most recently he was building a pool! He became dangerously ill and I had to take him to hospital where we found out he has AIDS - it was a mirace he was still breathing let alone able to stand. This is especially the case with the kids, they all scream that they have to go to school, but when it comes down to it there's no one taking responsibility, and in fact there are no schools that will accept them without the proper documentation.
Within two seconds the van was full of thick black smoke while we were on the fast lane of the motorway – pretty scary.
Bruce completely covered himself in the Aurolac here (silver paint that they inhale to get stoned), jeans, jacket, hair, beard, etc.
Luca and Luigi who run the magazine are very dedicated towards this project and are putting all their strength into it. They might want to do other obscene things with you, but I’ll let them tell you about that in the comments section. Are you that insecure about your manliness that you feel the need to disparage others in a purely irrational and baseless statement? This page descibes a method that I developed to create timelines quickly in Excel using an XY scatter chart with events as the data labels.
You can insert images into Excel charts as well as format a data point marker so that it displays an image. Also, people have reported that this technique doesn't always work in all versions of Excel. It was quite obvious then that I was going to stick to this story and so I went back to see them as much as possible.
This sequence of me taking pictures and giving them back every time created a bond, the type of bond language creates, I guess. Continue reading below to learn how to create the timeline from scratch, or save time by downloading the timeline template. Alice and the White Rabbit step into a real boat to travel across a filmed landscape; digital playing cards tumble down a screen onto dancers with tutus like cut-out card. It is here too that we first see the wonderful swooping lift, where Alice falls through Jack’s arms in a movement that looks both like diving into Wonderland and into love.

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