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Thrift StoresPresumably everyone knows what a thrift store is, but you may have trouble finding the good ones in your city. Thrifting StrategyThrifting is almost an art form, and there are definitely right and wrong ways to do it.First, and most importantly, never let anything you intend to purchase out of arms' reach. Bad ClothesI'm going to break this guide down into two sections: bad clothes and good clothes. Good ClothesThe good clothes are hard to find, and when you do find them, more often than not they don't fit. Good article!Another tip: It's better to go thrift shopping with someone not your size or with very, very different taste. I love the purses too, though it is actually a bit overwhelming for me (because I am a woman who loves a good handbag!).
Just make sure that your friends wear different size clothes than you, or you may end up fighting them over who gets what! While Federal development efforts were burdened with conventional naval bureaucratic processes of contracting and evaluation, the Confederate efforts were able to benefit from a quick application of private initiative, which was in turn met with swift support from a government unburdened with the traditional bureaucracy of the type extant in the North. The private Confederate initiatives were primarily spurred by motives of both nationalism and profit. Confederate torpedo boats emerged as the South attempted to find ways to use torpedoes [mines] as offensive weapons.
One of the approximately 50 Confederate privateers ultimately authorized by the government was James McClintock and Baxter Watson's New Orleans-built Pioneer, which, while unable to fulfill its intended mission, in hindsight can be seen to have essentially comprised an experimental prototype for the H.L.
To obtain room for the machinery and persons, she was built 36 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 4 feet high, 12 feet at each end was built tapering or modeled to make her easy to pass through the water. In 1861, French inventor Brutus De Villeroi convinced the Union Navy that he could build a submersible warship. Six months later, in November 1861, he was under contract to build the Union's first submarine. On May 1, 1862 the 47-foot-long, oar-propelled Alligator became the first submersible warship of the U.S.
Over the next six months, the Alligator's system of oars was replaced by a screw propeller. Towed by the USS Sumpter, the unmanned Alligator left Washington for Port Royal on 31 March 1863.
In the Spring of 1863, at the same time that the Alligator was lost at sea, its inventor Brutus de Villeroi wrote the French Government from his home in Philadelphia in the hopes of selling a new design for a 125-foot long submarine--much more ambitious than the U.S.
The Commission appointed by the Emperor of France to evaluate Brutus de Villeroi's invention. The US Navy's interest in using submarines continued during the Civil War, but it wasn't until the war ended that the Navy purchased the Intelligent Whale from the American Submarine Company. Intelligent Whale, an experimental hand-cranked submarine, was built on the design of Scovel S.
Intelligent Whale submerged by filling water compartments, and expelled the water by pumps and compressed air. In September 1872 the first trial was held and was unsuccessful, whereupon the Department refused further payments and abandoned the project.Because of repeated failures, the Navy refused to commission the vessel. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.
By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. I've seen fights break out in thrift stores over things that someone walked away from, and I'm not even kidding. Most of the shoes you find will almost certainly be totally useless, but every now and then you'll find a good pair.Gentlemen, you in particular are often guilty of buying the wrong pair of shoes. Some of the small leather clutches make great all purpose pouches and the straps are great sources of D rings and buckles. I never even thought of scavenging parts from purses!However, I frequently enjoy raiding the toy section and the housewares section. I have to pull back and look at it from the point of cannibalizing a beautiful leather (or pleather) piece.

A fading but still remembered tradition of government-sanctioned privateering was revitalized through congressional legislation providing for the issuance of letters of marque by the Confederate government. Whereas the US Navy's submersible development efforts were laboriously slow and generally less successful than those of their Southern counterparts, within the Confederate States there rapidly emerged a somewhat more widespread and independant interest in submersible construction which localized in a number of coastal and riverine cities. Dimensions was 36 feet long, 4 feet high, and 3 feet across top & bottom, with ends tapered like a wedge for a model, with a 30 inch propeller in the end. In early 1861 Philadelphia Harbor police captured a partially-submerged, 33-foot long, cigar-shaped contraption moving slowly down the Delaware River. Built in Philadelphia, the 47-foot long Alligator was primarily intended to counter the threat of the Confederate ironclad, the Virginia.
Fabricated from riveted iron plates, a diver was intended to lock out of the submarine and attach explosives to enemy targets.
The Commission deemed de Villeroi's proposal poorly researched and concluded that the submarine design proposal was not innovative. The Intelligent Whale is credited with inspiring John Holland to develop his more successful submarine. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. This hands-on guide will help you navigate the murky waters of successful thrifting in order to find the hidden gems that will make your Steampunk outfit complete! It's brutal and totally merciless out there in the world of thrift-store shopping.Second, many thrift stores will have a day of the week when clothes are half-off. It's massively time-consuming to evaluate every single item in a thrift store, so what you need to do is learn how to dismiss things that don't work. Here's a handy comparison between the right shoes (pictured on left below) and the wrong pair (pictured on right below).
Some of that junk can be used for making Steampunk props!This particular thrift store, a Salvation Army, conveniently separated its metal items by the type of metal, so the brass objects are all together!
The Pioneer also owned the distinction of being the only submersible provided with a letter of marque and reprisal by the Confederate States. McClintock spent much time and money in efforts to work an Electro Magnetic Engine, but without success. Although the Navy specified that the submarine's construction take no more than 40 days at a cost of $14,000, the project suffered long delays.
About a month after its launch on May 1,1862, the oar-propelled submarine was towed to Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Selfridge accepted command of the submarine, after being promised promotion to captain if he and the Alligator's new crew destroyed the new Confederate ironclad, the Virginia II. Shortly thereafter, RADM Samuel Dupont ordered the Alligator, once again commanded by Eakins, to participate in the capture of Charleston, South Carolina. It contained two crude air purifiers, a chemical based system for producing oxygen and a bellows to force air through lime.
Intelligent Whale, an early experiment in a field now of central Importance, is on exhibit at the Navy Museum, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. You don't want to waste time and energy on something that will make you look awful!So, here are some things that are either inherently pretty Steampunk, or could easily be used in a Steampunk outfit.In contrast to the above denim jumpsuit, here's a pair of overalls that would easily work for Steampunk. Lee, a Confederate Army engineer, concluded that the best way to use the torpedo offensively would be to mount it on a spar forward of the bow of a boat and deliver it by ramming -- a torpedo ram or torpedo boat. The most successful of these initiatives would ultimately prove to be the effort begun in New Orleans by McClintock, Watson, and their core coalition of financial backers.
Some Southern submersible efforts ultimately found cooperative partner in the Confederate military.
As project supervisor, DeVilleroi delayed completion by making changes during the process of advancing the initial design to an operational Naval vessel. Her first missions: to destroy a strategically important bridge across the Appomattox River and to clear away obstructions in the James River. In addition, the Commission noted that while Brutus de Villeroi had referred to additional reports and articles written on his previous submarine designs, those documents were not included for review and evaluation. In 1864 the American Submarine Co., was formed, taking over the interests of Bushnell and Price and there followed years of litigation over the ownership of the craft.

The only known trial, reported by submarine pioneer John Holland, was made by a certain General Sweeney and two others.
Thrift-store clothes are already cheap, but it's awesome to walk out of a store carrying a huge bundle of clothes that you paid $10 for.
The fabric pieces could be reused for hat trimming, or even a small hat if you're a good sewer.
Initially the the torpedo boat were rowboats, but these were soon followed by models powered by steam, either with an open deck (CSS Squib class) or partially covered with wood or iron (CSS Torch class). As a result of serious liaison problems with the Navy, the contractor and himself, he effectively exited from the process and was later officially dismissed. Unfortunately, neither river was deep enough to allow the Alligator to submerge and she was returned to the Washington Navy Yard.
During one particular trial, the sub's air quickly grew foul, the crew panicked, and all tried to get out of the same hatch at the same time--prompting Selfridge to call the whole enterprise "a failure." He and his crew were reassigned and the vessel was sent to dry dock for extensive conversion.
Finally, the Commission noted that since the French Navy was already waiting for the results from another submarine design, "Le Plongeur"; and, thusly, the Commission recommended rejecting Brutus de Villeroi's design.
When title was established by a court the submarine was sold 29 October 1869 to the Navy Department, with most of the price to be paid after successful trials. They submerged the boat in 16 feet of water and Sweeney, clad in a diver's suit, emerged through a hole in the bottom, placed a charge under a scow, and reentered the submarine. Plus, when things are that cheap, it's not a huge deal if one or more items don't work out.Third, shop often.
In the second accident the submarine was stranded on the bottom and Hunley himself was asphyxiated with eight other crewmembers. The charge was exploded by a lanyard and a friction primer attached to the charge sinking the scow. Thrift stores are totally luck-of-the-draw, so there's never any guarantee that you'll find something you need. Most of the time I was looking for decent explosions and fire efects that would be easy to edit into the NYC background. The more sophisticated Davids were semi-submersible, with a cylindrical hull that was ballasted by iron or by water (via pumps), enabling them to ride low in the water. A few days before a convention is not the right time to go thrifting, because you will never find what you're looking for when you need it. Most were about five feet in diameter and about 48 feet long with a 14-foot-long spar for the torpedo, but one captured at the end of the war was 160 feet long and 11.5 feet in diameter.
In 1864, armed with a 90-pound charge of powder on a long pole, Hunley attacked and sank a new Federal steam sloop, USS Housatonic, at the entrance to Charleston Harbor.
The belt on the left below might stand out to a Steampunk since it's olive-colored and has cream-colored lace, but that style of belt is way too modern, and would be far more at home in a Dieselpunk outfit. Generally powered by steam, a few Davids were powered by oars or a screw turned by the crew. After her successful attack on Housatonic, Hunley disappeared and her fate remained unknown for 131 years. You always find what you want when you aren't really looking for it.Okay, now on to the clothes! In 1995 the wreck of the Hunley was located four miles off Sullivans Island, South Carolina. Even though she sank, Hunley proved that the submarine could be a valuable weapon in time of war. This is a reproduction World War II greatcoat, such as Captain Jack Harkness wears in "Doctor Who". Victorian women wore shifts under their dresses, and it's hard to find a good shift today, so why not substitute a light cotton dress like this? If the top of it peeks out, that'll be okay, too!This blouse below is pretty much a perfect Steampunk top.

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