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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Hundreds of protesters at the Stop Trump rally came to Cleveland Monday to express their opposition to the Republican nominee. Never in our history has it been more clear that the two-party oligarchy has completely failed this nation. Maybe you haven’t been around long enough to remember what happened to the Democratic Party after Nixon won office twice because those who were peace and civil rights-minded stayed home in droves. But a side effect of that societal decision to end the draft has been a more tech-centered U.S. Defeatism and lesser evilism are the *only* reason that Progressives are not in full control of the Democratic Party. Struggling AEK Athens has been forced to cut short its loan of Spanish defender Juan Cala, the first of many players rumoured to be leaving the club. The manager of Premier League club Everton, David Moyes, is setting up a deal for the young Greek defender, as he waits to bank the money from selling Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. Leading Australian lawyer Emma Aldersea warns budding Pokemon trainers to pause before they play, or they could be lured into the potential legal pitfalls of the game. Adelaide United's George Mells and Sydney City's George Timotheou are apart of the 23-man squad. Keeper Tsangas represents green and gold at World Championships Qualification Tournament in Denmark. This will be the Spartans 6th consecutive Grand Final as they aim for back to back premierships. For every young life lost, thousands of others meander in broken lives and for many from broken lives to ruination.
John Michail reflects on the political leaders emerging from Australia and around the globe today. It sounded like a great way to make some good money in a hurry, but in truth it was bust-ass hard work. While the other steps could be automated so some extent, there was no template for shipping.

After a few months of this, I gave it up, went down to the mall, and got a job schlepping around furniture and Christmas ornaments while listening to canned music.
He did not think Stein could win, but said, “I want my voice to be heard whether or not I’m expecting someone to win. I see government as a necessary evil that draws its only just powers from the consent of the governed. The question now is how third party candidates and stay-at-home voters will gain enough clout to cost the Democrats the election. Lesser evilism is a fallacy and it needs to be called for what it is, a step on the road to the greater evil rather than a step back. Only 30 percent are eligible to vote and they are torn between the Fascist Repub’s or the Fabian Socialist Dems. Then less than (33%)66 million people decide the fate of the other 262 million and untold unborn ones forever.
Let’s just go back to 50 or more separate states as existed with the articles of confederation, and thumb our noses at centralized ruling class of pre-chosen families and corporatocracy . Cala returned to Spanish Primera Liga side Sevilla, amongst reports that other AEK stars, including Grigoris Makos and Pantelis Kafes are also on the way out. AEK Athens centre-half Manolas's agents have met Goodison officials, flying in to discuss a AUD$1.4 million bargain deal.
My dad collected antiques, and long before my family decided to sell things off wholesale, he decided to sell some stuff online. As the resident Internet geek, I set up an eBay account and started getting items ready. First I had to photograph each item, then crop the photo and make it look good without getting to Photoshop heavy.
After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas.
I’m not going to compromise my views simply to appease the opposition.”Higbie said he was not concerned that Pennsylvania would likely be close in the coming election (a recent Quinnipiac poll had Trump leading by six points, while a Marist poll from around the same time had Clinton up by eight). In other words, I have found the second of John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government to be the only of the many legal philosophies I have studied thus far that has a prayer of providing feasible guiding principles for government. Keeping the wrong people out of government, or failing that removing them from government is fundamental to peaceful change in the U.S.

Not much of a choice considering they are all owned and operated by the monied cartels of corporate, Banking and military industrialists. Moyes hopes to use the cash from the AUD$5.6million sale of Bilyaletdinov to Spartak Moscow, with the Russian midfielder due to head back home last Thursday. It was just another way to make a living, until I could get a degree and figure out my life. The Corporate States of America Poster sells for USD $30, with $5 domestic shipping and handling. It’s past time to deal with that problem by refusing to vote for either Clinton or Trump. That is not democracy, especially considering the outcome is always on the Left of center continuum. Despite the huge intimidating militarized police presence, everyone should attend the protests outside of these rigged conventions and demand a redo from the ground up. I liked the photography and copywriting (it was practice for this blog, after all), but dealing with the dusty old items and making sure things arrived in a timely manner, well, that was harder.
An uninformed populace pathetically (begging)voting for empty promises and whatever loot they hope to get if their side wins.
And he’s the first Republican I can recall who talked about the problems of inner cities and the need for jobs. Under a large banner showing the faces of minorities killed by police alongside signs proclaiming that “America was never great,” the two held a homemade sign declaring they were Latinos against Trump.Both expressed their frustrations with Clinton — they had each supported Sanders in the primaries. But they both also said that when the likely alternative was Trump, voting for Clinton seemed like an easy sacrifice to make.“I can see the reason why someone would want to vote for their principles,” Aguino, a 27-year-old grad student and resident of Cleveland, told WhoWhatWhy. But that example has failed to sway the majority of anti-Trump protesters.“Historically speaking it’s been the power of the people that’s led to the most progressive change,” said Jessica Schwartz, an activist who helped organize the Coalition to Stop Trump rally.

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