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I remember when I was a kid I used to save my money and once I reached a whopping total of $10-$20, I’d go to the local toy store and buy a Ty Beanie Baby. The Dannon Project provides assistance to previously incarcerated individuals by helping with skills training, education and job placement. By Alabama state law, a convicted felon released from prison is supposed to receive a $10 check and a bus ticket to wherever he or she wants to go. Since coming home three months ago, Whitehead has been on the right road thanks to the Dannon Project, a nonprofit based in Alabama’s Jefferson, Calhoun, and Clarke counties that helps former inmates survive and thrive.
The Dannon Project, which does not serve anyone convicted of violent crimes and rape, has helped change the course of those who return from incarceration. The Dannon Project, founded in 1999 and given nonprofit status in October 2003, serves 600 to 700 people each year and has worked with approximately 8,000 at-risk individuals since it was established. Camera Blue leads a class on Restorative Justice for people who have just entered the program. The nonprofit, which also assists at-risk youth in Central Alabama, recently received $5.86 million from the federal government to continue its re-entry and career-pathway programs.
The Dannon Project was founded by Fox 6 television anchor and reporter Jeh Jeh Pruitt and his wife, Kerri Pruitt, who serves as the organization’s executive director. The Dannon Project’s re-entry program begins with case workers going into prison to work with and provide support to inmates prior to release. Youth Build helps high school dropouts get a GED diploma and provides training in construction; some of the participants in this voluntary program have been in the court system.

Out of School Youth trains high school graduates in several trades, equipping them with the skills to become patient-care technicians, certified nursing assistants, and network cable installers, among other positions.
Training to Work is a re-entry employment opportunity and adult re-entry program centered on addressing the needs of offenders.
A person who is incarcerated may lose his or her Social Security card and birth certificate, both of which are needed to get a job.
Corneshia White poses in a hallway at the Dannon Project, which provides assistance to previously incarcerated individuals by helping with skills training, education and job placement.
Kenneth Whitehead thought he would be a pro football player before he dropped out of Wenonah High School. After being released from Ventress Correctional Facility on April 4, Whitehead signed up for the Dannon Project when a friend recommended it.
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The goal is to reduce recitivitism and provide assistance to overcome challenges that are presented to them. But after completing 13 years of a 20-year sentence for armed robbery and being released in April Whitehead said he didn’t receive a check or a bus ticket.

The organization gives them a chance to find their footing in a world where they might otherwise feel discarded. The organization helps people in transition, especially those who have addictions and are on the road to recovery.
According to staffer Andre Taylor, the recidivism rate for released inmates after they have gone through the organization’s adult re-entry program is 3 percent. That guidance continues after they are released: Participants are given access to meals, health care, counseling, child care, and other services to help them get re-established. The former accountant served 20 months at Marianna Federal Prison Camp in Marianna, Fla., for embezzlement. It supports people who are unemployed or underemployed, as well as at-risk youth and adults, both male and female, and specifically nonviolent offenders reentering society.
One study tracked 404,638 prisoners in 30 states after their release from prison in 2005 and found that within three years of release about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were re-arrested. She used her bus ticket to get to Birmingham and Keeton Corrections, a federal halfway house where she served six months before moving in with her mother in Roebuck.
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