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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Crazy, but then with a€?the worst versiona€?, youa€™ve got the perfect platform to build something great from. When Do I Become "Successful"? A fascinating thing happens when you get near your goals and objectives though. The resistance will turn your dream that kept you wide awake at night when it was first conceived in your mind, into mediocrity. Few people push through the resistance.
Seth Godin describes the lizard brain - that scared, tired, hungry, horny brain that controls most of human behaviour - and how to pin down that lizard brain so you can make your vision a reality. Seth Godin answers the most common, heart-breaking questions about getting your ideas out the door. Go to the Next Chapter: Leverage Your Strength Focusing on what you're good at, you'll get more done.
Why dreaming big can have such a huge impact on your business, but how "getting real" is what will make your dream a reality.
How and why to build a business based on your personal strengths, why you should embrace your limitations and how to maximize your talents.
Passion is that unusual force that means you wake up in the morning; here, you'll learn why money doesn't equal passion, how to find your passion and what to do with it. How to get all the people, the money, the kit and the training you need to make your business actually happen.

Having experienced experts guiding you through this whole "business" landscape is the single fastest-accelerator for your teen business.
Its great having a strategy to this elaborate business of yours, but its another thing to actually make it happen. The ideas in this guide were inspired by lots of different books and videos, but none more so than Rework. Outlining the dream gives you goalposts to aim for, and with a goal youa€™ve got something to call a a€?successa€?. Besides, its a lot of fun, and it makes generating a€?the awesome versiona€? so much easier. Here, get introduced to the Masters of Marketing who will really teach you how to win customers. Shipping is anything from doing the washing up to sending an email to launching a new product. Stretch the boundaries of whata€™s possible, and come up with a remarkable idea and project.
Success follows people who have persisted with fighting the resistance; thata€™s what persisting is.
Maybe you might be able to walk closer and take a pop, but thata€™ll take time. That long shot is the big dream. You need to think realistic - what do you need to do to put your first foot forward and get started? Get Real. Literally, a€?get reala€?.

What cana€™t you live and do without? It turns out coming up with a good idea isna€™t that hard. Whata€™s hard is making the next step - getting real is one of the toughest processes, especially for the visionary.
The profits, the learning from small success and the motivation of jumping hurdles. Three fish in a barrel might include paid consulting around your area of expertise, blogging about what youa€™re doing then packaging your best advice into a book and sharing your ideas and expertise. Getting real is understanding what it takes to get your project and idea off the ground now. Getting real is ignoring the doubters, creating an action plan and making your idea realistic. Dona€™t listen to the people who say, a€?thata€™s a stupid ideaa€? unless it is, clearly, stupid. And a lot of business advice comes straight from people who have never done anything remarkable.
Be careful who and what you listen to. Listen instead to the people who suggest compromises. You could OVER-compromise and be left with a shrunken, bastardized version of your original dream. Ita€™s much easier to turn pipedreams into a reality when youa€™ve got more than one pair of hands. The folks at 37signals wrote a book on a€?Getting Reala€™, written for software and web app developers - but there are gems in there for everybody.

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