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Capital One’s decision to acquire ING Direct was a great strategic move, but the deal had a few problems.
ING Direct was popular not only for its higher interest rates but for its referral program. I’m in credit repair mode, and I really appreciate CapitalOne for extending credit to me when I was in a tough place. My wife and I have used ING Direct since 2001, and we haven’t been all that worried about the switchover.
I have decided to keep my money with Capital One 360 for now, since I haven’t seen any reason to move my money.
I noticed that it is faster to deposit your check to your checking account than your savings account.
This bugs me quite a bit – why it clears in 2 Business days for the checking account but 5 for the savings is weird and pointless. No, you can’t refer yourself, and as a new customer, if someone refers you, you can only get a bonus for your first account. I was skeptical about Capital One buying INGDirect, given their reputation for horrible credit card customer service.
Since that time I have had good banking experiences with them all but when I need cash now transfered.
Kim, I understand how you feel about the time it takes to get money transferred, I felt the same way. There are 2 types of transfers: 1) from this account to your bank, 2) to your bank, from this account. BUT … with the Allpoint ATMs, you have to make sure that the specific ATM you use is marked as Allpoint. If you want to hold on to your money and prevent yourself from having hours of mind torturing conversations, than do not use this service!
Like another reviewer stated, pending transactions will disappear and then reappear, so it is not always accurate when you check your checking balance.
They all of a sudden cancelled my husband’s check card due to a security breach and did not notify him at all. I tried to stay loyal since I have been with them for so long, but I can’t take it anymore. Because ING Direct’s parent company, as part of a European bail-out agreement, was required to sell ING Direct in the United States and in other global locations, and to cease using the ING Direct name, Capital One was forced to change its branding and marketing. He has been blogging and writing for the internet since 1995 and has been building online communities since 1991.
Things are now improving steadily, and soon I’ll be negotiating with them for a better deal. Luckily there is competition in the online banking market and it won’t be too hard to move my money if an issue does come up. But once your account is open, you can then refer your friends, your family, your social media followers, and the public. I voiced my opinions to INGDirect, reminding them that they aren’t the only good online bank around.
When it was returned by the post office, they looked up the correct address, resent the check, notified me of the change, and suggested that I update my address book to reflect the corrected address. I opened a Capitol One 360 account too with a transfer from my Capitol One checking account.

I was considering opening up a CapitalOne 360 checking and a 360 savings account because the rate is better than what I currently have.
You can only use Allpoint & CapitalOne ATMs fee-free and you are reimbursed if those ATMs charge you. After blocking my card due to fraudulent charges, they didn’t even contact me about it!!! What was once ING Direct, by far a favorite online savings bank among more internet-savvy and financially aware customers for many years, is now known as Capital One 360. Unlike the sheeple that stick with BofA, no matter how badly they are treated or high the fees become, I have no problems moving my money around. But your bank also has policies as to how money is treated whether it’s pushed into your bank from another account, or pulled from another account into your bank. I made this deposit last week and I won’t have access to it (according to the 360 account) for another 7 days.
I have had to call their customer service a few times, but every time I have they went over the top to make sure things went well. My concern is does CapitalOne 360 reimburse you if you dont use an ATM that is part of the AllPoint system? I signed up for Capital One 360 thinking that it would be a great extension of that with wonderful new options. I used 25 of my 25 referrals back in 2008, but I was interested to see that I now have 25 more referrals available, for a total of 50.
The latest, as you noted, is remote check deposit, where you scan in your check, instead of sending it in. Their phone system has long hold times, their online system keeps changing the security questions that were never asked originally and logging in has become a chore with the new website design. For each new customer you refer who opens an account with a deposit of at least $250, you receive a $10 bounty. The first time this happened the ING rep was very apologetic and helped me work everything out in terms of contacting the merchant and getting a new card. Now-a-days people dont like to have to park their car, go into a store, get money, go back to car and go on their merry way. I’m getting ready to take them to small claims court over $400 in fraudulent online charges.
It is overly complicated and the customer service is the worst that I have ever dealt with in my entire life!
The new customer receives a bonus as well: $50 for opening a checking account or $25 for opening a savings account. This second time the Rep (this comprimised happened on Feb 1) acted like I had committed a crime. After a mere 3 days deliberation and having NO access to my iTunes Account where my debit card was fraudulently charged and the charges are specified, they arbitrarily closed my disputes and refuse to reimburse me. Improvements to the Refer a Friend program make it easier for customers to share their referral link using social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The company began acquiring retail banks, redirecting itself towards depository institutions, following a trend through the recession where depository institutions had some regulatory advantages. The bounty you receive as an existing customer and the bonus you receive as a new customer are considered interest income. Overdrafts (if you need them) are just a percentage, so you won’t get nailed with a huge fee if you pay it back right away.

For example, American Express, a company focused on its own credit cards as well as its travel business, branched into retail banking around the same time. If you open a new checking account using a referral link with a $250 deposit and leave it for a year and earn a $50 bonus above your normal interest, you’ve effectively raised your interest rate beyond 20% APY.
The question remains as to whether it’s fair to apply the lingering reputation of Capital One to its bank branches, online and offline, which offering savings and checking accounts to retail customers.
Refer your friends and you could, in theory with a $250 deposit, earn $550 plus your regular interest, for an incredible APY of 220%. Should former ING Direct customers expect the types of problems that Capital One’s credit card customers have experienced in the past? That’s just playing with the numbers, though, because these are one-time bonuses that cannot be repeated over the long-term. Website improvements With the rebranding required to occur by February, Capital One 360 took the opportunity to make some changes to the website, arguably the most important aspect for customers interacting with their financial institution when there are no branches.
Now they’re not letting me into my account where I still have $980 + money waiting to be transferred to my other bank account. Most of the changes to the website are purely cosmetic, but a new account overview page provides a simple way to see how much interest you’ve earned and to change basic information, like registering the account in the name of a Revocable Living Trust and applying for an increase in the overdraft line of credit for the checking account.
ING Direct partnered with the AllPoint network to offer free ATM access at 38,000 locations, and with Capital One’s acquisition, this availability will continue.
It is supplemented by free access at all Capital One ATMs, for a new total of 40,000 fee-free locations. A number of banks, traditional and new, are following the early online pioneers like ING Direct, VirtualBank, and NetBank, none of which continue to exist in their pioneering form. These banks without brick-and-mortar locations were able to curtail expenses related to the operation of storefronts. The Capital One 360 acquisition came at a time when banks were already lowing their interest rates. With the Federal Reserve Bank offering depository institutions money almost for free, banks have no incentive to attract depositors other than to meet capital requirements.
Why would a business pay depositors 1% APY or more when it can raise the same funds at 0.25% or less from the Federal Reserve? What was there was 12 months prior to this 12 months of biweekly withdrawals from this same account that they said I had to verify.
Capital One retained ING Direct employees in their customer service centers and haven’t scaled back hours of operation.
My one call to customer service was to close my business savings accounts — a decision I made because the business was closing, not because of the change in ownership. The call was easy, and I was connected with the customer service representative right away without being required to navigate a maze in an automated response system.
The customer service agent was friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable, and he completed my request immediately. For years, Consumerism Commentary readers have shared customer service stories with other readers, so if you have any experiences to share with the new Capital One 360, please be sure to offer your impressions for the benefit of other visitors to this website by leaving your comments below.

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