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Does it usually happen to you to be sharing photos, messages and videos with your friends or followers through different social media platforms? As a Staree beginner, all you need to keep in mind is the key to get paid – share photos for any advertiser that suits your niche, recommend products and wait for your money!
One feature that comes as a great advantage to all the Staree users concerns the ability to provide any of you with money for sharing your own photos – for your own commercial and way of promoting your products. As a beginner, you may find it quite struggling to deal with the Staree policy and other ways to make money through it. This is about pro-twerker and Vine superstar Jessica Vanessa, who makes big bucks from her big booty.
She captivates her 2 million online followers with her hypnotic behind – and it brings in a six figure salary.

The former teaching assistant says she decided to go pro in June last year after realising that she could make more money from a six second Vine of her twerking than she did in four months at the nursery. The 22-year-old, who lives in Florida, America, mixes comedy sketches with her twerking clips, and makes her money through advertising.
It’s quite a career path for a girl who admits she lacked confidence when she was younger and hated dancing in front of other people. Are you tired of doing that just for the pleasure it gives to receive numerous pins and comments, and looking forward to be doing something at… another level?
You don’t need a special account, password or other insignificant details that are just a weight on your shoulders. Since Staree is a multi-developed platform, it comes not only with the possibility of sharing photos, but also with other applications, such as writing messages or even posting videos!

Still, here is a great tip that could make your new online business bloom, in just a matter of seconds – the more traffic you get, the more income you will receive when the payment is done. Well, you are at the right place – keep an eye on the next few lines to see how you can share photos and get paid with Staree, the new social media platform whose features will come in handy! It is worldwide known the impact any of these have on followers, but when it comes to mixing all the three of them, the outcome is ought to be tripled!

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