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With the boom of online trading, it seems that more and more people are becoming au fait with the stock market.
There is a multitude of considerations you have to make before you embark on a career as an online trader.
All told, even a middle of the road reaction to this scourge could run your family several hundred dollars. Whilst I know that some of you property investors want to keep your cash to fund cheeky offers, as the end of the tax year draws ever closer just a reminder to make sure you have used your full  ISA allowances. As ‘individual’ accounts,  money that is to be invested in an ISA must belong to the person making the application, but a married couple can each have their own ISA and shelter up to ?21,360 between them. Great advice Iain, I would also add – shop around each year some companies allow movement of existing ISA’s into theirs when opening an account for the present year and give a bonus 1st year on the complete amount!
Yes it alwyas pays to shop around and not just expect your current provider to be offering the best deal. Often, people still use an online broker, like this one, to ensure that they are the right lines. If you want to be successful with online trading, you need to have some prior knowledge of stocks and share.

After all, if you are a novice when it comes to the stock market, the broker will be a valuable tool. Money is transferred from your broker’s account, and you buy the stocks and shares, as suggested by your broker.
Everyday Price IndexWould You EVER Consider a Prenuptial Agreement Under ANY Circumstances?
Gilt funds invest predominantly in bonds with a sovereign guarantee and hence carry no risk of default.
Zero credit risk means that there is little chance that you may not receive your interest or the principal money in time. I may go in with my usual hair covered in hair spray and gel, with shower cap and then scarf and last week I had saran wrap on my head. For instance, in July 2013, when the central bank hiked the marginal standing facility (MSF) and bank rates by almost 200 basis points each, the yield on 10-year G-sec galloped by 100 basis points. Kinda like my oddball financial musings of my vasectomy, how much people make garbage picking around my house, whether your wife’s keratin treatment is worth it and other offbeat financial topics (subscribe here for more quirky financial analyses). On an average, the net asset value (NAV) of gilt funds fell by over 3 per cent between July 12 and 25, 2013.

A fall in interest rate will lead to an increase in the price of the G-sec and thereby boost the gilt fund returns. The returns of gilt funds which hold 10-year or 15-year G-Secs are far more volatile compared with short-term gilt funds which hold one-year or five-year paper.
When interest rates move up, the price of a G-sec slated to mature in 10 years tends to fall much sharper than the one which matures in one year. This is because as soon as market interest rates rise, investors would prefer to own the new bond rather than the older one offering lower interest rates.
Prices of longer term G-secs fall more because their investors are forced to forego higher rates for a much longer period.

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