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After making the money lei it reminded me of my love for accordions, and I thought it would be fun to make Money Cupcake Toppers from them. And get weekly emails with monthly freebies by signing up for the Lil’ Luna newsletter. My name is Kristyn and I’m the mom of FIVE stinkin’ cute kids and the wife to my smokin’ hot hubby, Lo.
As previously mentioned my BIL graduated from ASU recently, so I’ve had graduation on the brain. Although this project does take some time, it is really easy and the end product looks FAB! Fun, I might need to do this for my neice, we are all giving her money, so perfect to make it a cute gift!!! Love this, just finished making $50.00 worth using 2 different colors of paper disks in the school colors. It’s very effortless to find out any topic on web as compared to books, as I found this post at this website. I like glue dots because I feel like they stick really well but can still come off without ruining the money. The first part of the week we will talk graduation gift ideas and then the second half of the week it will be graduation party ideas.
The candy lei was made out of plastic wrap and candy bars and tied in between each candy bar with curling ribbon – so cute. But the lei I liked the most was the money lei – what graduate wouldn’t love a money lei!! Dollar bills were gathered up with a piece of ribbon and tied in the middle and then attached to another piece of ribbon.  Curling ribbon works great. Gifts to bring to a graduation party: A personalized laundry bag with detergent, fabric softener, and change for the laundrymat, a bucket with car cleaner, a sponge, and car wax, a dry-erase board for the dorm with markers and cool thumbtacks, magnetic picture frames.
A mom, wife, and blogger who uses her vision, creativity, and time management skills to inspire women to create the life they want while discovering the pretty and delicious in life.
Trace out your bill onto the construction paper, and cut out about 12 bills from each color.
Folding the construction paper bills, might get hard because the paper is thicker, make sure to crease the folds really well. Then put a piece of double sided tape on the bill, pull of the other side of tape paper and pinch the bill together, so it creates a fan.(I put purple paper on the bill to show where to place the tape).
Then start stringing on your bills, mine went Nut, Purple, Teal, Purple, Teal, Purple, Teal, Nut, 13 dollars, Nut. Candy Leis Are Great For: Graduations, Birthdays, Sports Events, School Events, Baby Showers, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Gifts, Fundraisers, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Thank You;s or Just for Fun! This eye catching Wether’s candy lei is popular as graduation leis and wedding leis because the gold color is very eye catching and you can add ribbons that are your school colors or wedding colors. The Strawberry Candy Lei may look like a Christmas Lei, but is also a summer time favorite because summer time means strawberries!
This is a favorite candy lei for Christmas or for anyone who loves peppermint and spearmint candies! These gummy worm leis are favorites as birthday leis and definite head turners at graduations. We usually use USPS Flat Rate shipping, which means the more you order, the more you save on shipping.
So when you purchase Candy Leis from this website, we handle the billing, making and shipping of those.

There are so many fun reasons for candy leis and some fun traditions that go along with them. One fun idea we’ve see for birthday parties is giving the birthday boy or girl one of the giant Candy Leis and giving the guests the smaller single candy leis or gummy worm leis as party favors. We’ve had people order Christmas themed candy leis to give to their favorite Santa or even as stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for teachers, friends and family. If you ever need to bring gifts for kids at a family reunion, but want to bring something unique, yet affordable…the single candy leis are the perfect gift. It’s not uncommon to see flower wedding leis on a bride or groom, so when you see an awesome Giant Candy Lei in place of a flower lei, it’s certain to draw some attention. If a box of chocolates is too predictable for you, then try a Valentine’s themed candy lei.
Even though St Patrick’s day is an Irish thing, it’s ok to celebrate it with a candy lei too. From recipes and tips to crafts and DIY projects, Kristyn loves to share with her readers how to be creative and how to do things simply. You can reach hundreds of thousands in the creative community through advertisements and giveaways.
As I’ve thought about graduation, I realized that there are so many fun things you can do with this theme!! You will then do the same thing with the bills to pieces of paper that are cut out that are the size of a dollar. String your dollar bills with ribbon alternating between the accordion dollars and the accordion papers.
I was a little worried about the bills coming off so used two pieces of ribbon which I threaded through either indent and then tied after each bill. It was a wide range for my boys anywhere from 20 -100 I thought 100 was extremely generous. I just made a Money Tree for a graduate and I was trying to think of another graduation money gift.
Because I'm not able to be there at his graduation, I wanted something that would make a big impact on him!
Right where you tied the ribbon in the beginning, and that's where you push the needled through. Then try on the lei, if you want it to be a little longer just add in the length to the ribbon that's been threaded through everything.
It can of course also be used as a Graduation Lei and for any other celebration, or just for fun. When you order the real Hawaiian leis, that retailer handles the billing, making and shipping of those. With any of the candy leis, you can have school colored ribbons added to them, making them perfect as graduation leis.
The parents might hate you, but at least the kids will love you ;0) If there is a sugar-sensitive kid there, let us know and we can make a sugar-free candy lei. The Werther’s Leis or Buttery Toffee Leis are the most popular candy wedding leis because of their shiny gold color that glistens and matches everything. It’s also a popular thing to give favorite players at any sporting events, including Jr High, High School, College teams, etc. There are even some nifty egg shaped containers you can even put the candy leis in, making it the ultimate Easter egg! The Cinnamon Candy Leis are a favorite due to its bright red color (we can even add white, pink or red ribbons to it).

The golden colored Werther’s Leis and Buttery Toffee Leis look much like a pot of gold (especially when sitting in a black cauldron).
One of things I wanted to do was figure out  how to make money leis since I featured one last year and thought it was awesome!
You can do all dollar bills if you want but this looks just as awesome and saves you half the money! I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. For local grads (or those traveling in a car) I also bought a couple of bath towels in their new school colors (easy to google) and a bottle of detergent and a roll of quarters for the laundry. At that point we can create and email a PayPal invoice for you that will include the shipping as well. Normal turn around time is about 2 business days plus the shipping time via USPS Standard or Priority Mail). If you don’t see the number of items you want, contact us so we may customize your candy lei order.
We’ve seen graduates loaded up with so many candy leis and graduation flower leis, that the poor graduate is hunched over from the weight of it all, or can barely see where they’re going.
Much like what you’d see at luaus on the hula dancers with the flowers (except in this case it’s candy). They know they’re getting a candy lei, but they never know what candy it’s going to be this time, and that’s the fun part.
Instead of having beaded necklaces to give away, they will give away the single strand candy leis. We can even add wedding color ribbons to it (or as close as possible to the wedding colors). The melt-in-your-mouth Werther’s Leis and Buttery Toffee Leis are also a valentine favorite due to the sparkling gold wrappers.
Some people we know will put the gold leis in a black cauldron and leave it on their friends door step. As a hint, I folded mine half way between the number 1 on the President side of the bill in the top left corner (if that makes sense). I mean, let’s face it – it looks so much cooler than a gift card or check, right?! Then again, leis are a part of my culture so it’s one of those things that you learn when you’re a kid and never forget Happy lei making! I blog about everything I enjoy – creating treats and meals in my kitchen, spending time in my garden, entertaining and party planning, reading, self improvement and tips and ideas on style and fashion.
Even if they don’t end up having coin operated washers, the quarters will be appreciated. Another fun thing to do is give the bridal party matching mini leis (single strand candy leis). And this version of the lei doesn’t take as many $1 bills which means you can get away with giving an awesome gift for $30-$35!
Glue Spots work perfect because they stick really well, but also come off pretty easy so they don’t ruin the money. Glue Spots work perfect because they stick really well, but also come off pretty easy so they don’t ruin the money.

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