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We brought together some of the most interesting urban thinkers to play the new version of the city planning game to see who would make the best fake metropolis. In MITroit, the city built by MIT’s Department of Urban Study and Planning, one half of the city is dedicated to the oil industry. The game is designed so that every individual item you see animated in your city is a discrete piece of data. Using the new version of SimCity, we pitted six urban think tanks against each other in a battle to see who could build the best city. In the new version, cities within a "region" interact with each other, buying and selling things like power and city services, and attracting Sims from other cities with jobs and shopping. MIT’s city made massive amounts of money from their oil drilling, but planned poorly: Their residential section was downwind from their oil operations, forcing them to build a large greenbelt to stop polluting their Sims’ homes. Openopolis, the city built by the nonprofit, open-source city planning firm OpenPlans, had the most robust transportation infrastructure of all the cities. But despite its transportation-friendly options, Openopolis could never escape the damage done from the fact that it was built on the coal mining industry.
Looptopia, the city of acclaimed Chicago architecture firm Studio Gang, was designed to be a closed-loop of self-sustaining systems. The firm took time ahead to plan their city on paper before building, resulting in a more cohesive city design than many of the other teams. Fast Company's "control group" city featured casinos and low-density lake front property and proved that urban planners are, in fact, better at Sim City than novices.

Urban future think tank Studio X’s were the only team that built their city (Champignon) with non-idealistic goals from the start.
XimCity, by the international architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, was declared the winner. Their city was run entirely off wind power, and featured robust transportation and a road system that minimized grid lock despite heavy traffic. Game designer Stone Librande says he has no urban planning experience, he just streamed a lot of documentaries on the subject on Netflix. It’s important to note that this method involves bulldozing all residential zones in your city. After you city does not longer have residential zones, you start by building 2 residential zones. One of the zones will require 1 nail to upgrade, the other will require 1 metal to upgrade.
Next to the upgrading zone, just put down a new residential zone and stay in the residential screen (If you exit it, there is a good chance of seeing blue speech bubbles popup on newly built houses before you bulldoze the house.
If you repeat these steps for an hour or two you can make a easy money and rebuild your city with a lot more money. EDIT 2: IF your zones start requiring nails you MUST restart and destroy all residential plots and begin from Step 1. I’ve just timed myself several times at 1 minute each, and with the Simoleon Cycle I am able to consistently cycle 8-9 times per minute. I created a video showing the Simoleon Cycle and included your 2 residential zone method and linked back to your site.
Does this not raise your level prematurely, therefore unlocking more time consuming items that then become a staple diet for upgrading? I found that on my tablet after you drop your second rez (using the 2rez method) while still in the rez screen if you quickly put your finger on the building thats in the process of upgrading, it will instantaneously choose it after it completes so you can bulldoze it before the fireworks even subside as opposed to having to hold your finger on it after its finished for several seconds while the blue circle thing happens. The other end has a bustling downtown area." class="">In MITroit, the city built by MIT’s Department of Urban Study and Planning, one half of the city is dedicated to the oil industry.

Each car, for instance, represents one actual Sim performing actual tasks." class="">The game is designed so that every individual item you see animated in your city is a discrete piece of data.
We want people to understand why it happens in the real world,” says Librande." class="">The game “is designed to make players make unsustainable decisions. We already knew about bulldozing methods to make §Simoleons fast in Simcity Buildit, but this method seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to earn money quickly. So if you’d like to use this money making method, please know that you will have to bulldoze all residential zones (not the services, police stations, factories etc. You’re still in the residential screen and within this screen you just press and hold on the first zone and tap bulldoze it. And after you upgraded this zone you go back to step 4 and repeat the process over and over again. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial guide and if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below! Be sure you start with no residential zones (even destroyed buildings) NO plots what so ever. WHILE the metal zone is being built, you have to quickly enter your residential screen and drop a third zone onto the map. I stumbled across this when i deleted all my scabby cheap tower blocks but when i got the buildings back to their equivalent population the items that had unlocked along the way were suddenly common for upgrading. Just save your city to your FB account, use an android emulator (I recommend BlueStacks) to load your city in a PC then use whatever auto-clicking bot.
Keep your emulator (or PC) out from the internet once the city is loaded in the emulator and during the trick.
In fact, you can just move the residential zone that requires 1 nail to somewhere else because we don’t use this one.

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