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Grand Theft Auto 5’s main areas of Los Santos and Blaine County have been detailed in a new interactive travelogue from Rockstar Games.
Que les fans de GTA 5 se rassurent, l'aventure avec nos trois heros que sont Michael, Franklin et Trevor continuera en 2014. Rockstar Games annonce sur son site officiel que les fans de GTA Online peuvent, des a present, profiter de l’editeur de Courses Casse-Cou. Comme la semaine passee dans l'Hexagone, c'est Monster Hunter Generations qui domine les ventes.
GTA 5 : le mod "Redux" rend le jeu encore plus fou graphiquement, voici des extraits video !
This time around there will be a 5 star wanted system instead of the usual 6, you still try to escape a circular zone like in GTA IV, but this time, you can actually hide somewhere while still in the circular zone because the cops have a line-of-sight system where if they don't see you, they will no longer know where you are!
Rockstar hit their blog to detail some information to those who will be hitting the online portion of GTA V. A gamer can join in the online melee with 15 other friends to go bike riding, hit the shooting range, stop and rob an armored truck and build the legacy of Reputation. Gamers can create their own deathmatch races, enjoy a new selection of beach vehicles and apparel. This online version is not PC (petitions are going wild right now.) This is for console play and with all things online on the console, gamers will need an Internet connection and their console membership. If gamers do not want to wait to complete heists or additional money inducing missions, there is the GTA$. Bull Shark Cash Card will cost Americans $10 and ?6.99 which amounts to $500k for online play. The Tiger Shark Cash Card will run American gamers $5 and ?3.49, resulting in $200k for online cash use. Rockstar is looking to show its love and appreciation to the millions of fans who stormed online retailers and stores to purchase the most wanted game in the world. Dissatisfied with the current candidates, Evan McMullin launches his bid for the presidency. En effet, un DLC du mode solo vient d'etre confirme par Rockstar Games dans un post qui en profite pour nous signaler d'une mise a jour pour GTA Online qui va permettre l'utilisation  de l'editeur de courses et de Deathmatch dans la ville de Los Santos.- Deathmatch - Team Deathmatch- Race- GTA Race- Rally RaceRockstar Games en profite pour nous prevenir que les braquages en coop' sont toujours en cours de developpement et qu'ils devraient debarquer dans le courant de l'annee si tout va bien. La 3DS place egalement le premier opus de Yo-Kai Watch, tandis que trois titres PS4 completent le Top 5 hebdomadaire. But while GTA IV was an incredible game, it lacked many features of the previous game, San Andreas. We are still working on the economy but it will be a strong element in the game and players will be eager to make money to spend money. GTA V aims to change this by letting you customize everything from your character, to the weapons you're carrying.

This time around, we will see people waiting for the bus, gardeners working, and pedestrians living their daily lives, with schedules.
This time around you will be able to control three different characters, and each one is unique. This time around, the stats are back, and it seems like they will play an even bigger role than they did in SA. So for example, if the mission requires flying, you would be better off choosing Trevor, as he used to be a former military pilot, and his piloting stats are the highest of the three characters. The biggest problem being that they have some sort of "wallhacks" and when you are fighting them, even if you hide in the darkest corner, they somehow always seem to know exactly where you are. Rockstar also mentioned that the SWAT in the game is organized and focused unlike in the previous games, and will be more aggressive as well. Dynamic missions, new radial weapon selection system, challenges, mini games, mini heists, multiple endings, improved cover mechanics, world destruction engine, skydiving, vehicle towing, underwater exploration, bounties, and much more. Rumors started shortly after the release of a cash system being introduced for online gaming. The servers have already crashed a few times with the release of the over $1 billion wonder of GTA V offline. For those who enjoy the wonders of Story Mode cheat codes for more money, it will not transfer for Online Mode play. The levels of the cash packs are not very expensive and overall cash packs can even be seen for the ordinary games online like Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Some cars are lowered by well over $650k to appease the minds of those who are worried about the game racking up a massive credit card bill. Gamers can visit the Social Club on the Rockstar games website to connect with other players and plan ways to rule the streets.
I was surprised to see a rectangular minimap instead of the usual circular, by now, we've become quite accustomed to the radar-esque ellipse, so it's a welcome change. Something along the lines of "I went through all of this to make all this money and now I'm going to spend it on this crazy item." - Dan Houser. Characters can now have tattoos, get a haircut, choose from a vast variety of clothes, hats, glasses, etc. No more random and boring pedestrians who aimlessly wander the city doing the same thing over and over. There will be a lot of interesting areas to explore ranging from the urban jungle, to the tallest mountains and everywhere in between. The gaming powerhouse company is asking for patience from gamers during the first few weeks of roll-out, to tweak any minor isues and make it a smooth process of integration. The idea sounds nice, but with all things gaming and forum, it can be guaranteed levels of flaming and trash talk will pick-up.

Players and their bad-ass crew will be able to join the world of mercenaries, or just become straight-up trouble makers.
In previous GTA games cheats than were given were for health, weapons, speeding up time, mega punch mode, weather changes, increased gore and hundreds more.
In GTA IV, there really wasn't anything to spend your money on except some clothes, guns and food. Vehicle customization is on a whole other level, as according to Rockstar, there will be "over 1000 car modifications to trick out your rides with". Rockstar has also mentioned that there will be five times as many pedestrians in GTA V as there were in GTA IV. You will be able to explore underwater as well, and find treasures hidden deep below the oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. Rockstar is not only introducing some new features, but lower costs for cars and other items. Gamers will have the ability to create their own character and personalize it to make the experience a fully, immersed one. Remember to allow time to grow with the online features and do not abandon the Story Mode completely to become an online addict. This time around, money will have a real purpose in the game, and you will have a reason to save it. Before a cheat is used for the purpose intended, it is useful to try the code out for practice to make sure you have it memorized. Lastly, weapons can now be customized with silencers, laser sights, extended mags, scopes, and more. Before an avid gamer asks, no, the money cannot be transferred to Story Mode from Online Mode. When you have to look down at a book numerous times to punch in the cheats, you could risk losing your life in the game.
If you are in the middle of a crisis and are ready to lose your life in the game make sure to only use the cheat codes that will get you out of your crazed situation. If you use codes that are for viewing pleasures only, you will find yourself with another life lost. Get our updates!Never miss a GTA V video again Latest Videos GTA 5 Online Heists – Breaking Out!

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