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We kicked off our interview series on how bloggers are making money blogging a couple of weeks ago. In today’s interview we chat with Danielle of Fitness Fashionista to hear how she flexed her creative muscles and turned the corner in her blog monetization journey.
How do you approach income creation (that is, what’s your overall big picture income strategy) and how did you decide blogging should be part of your strategy?
I make income through sponsored posts, ads, design services for other bloggers and selling my printables. What skills, knowledge or attributes do you think have been key to your monetization success to date? When I started blogging I knew nothing about graphic design, web design or product creation. Visual media is popular so I knew learning how to create graphics and visuals were going to be what really brought in the money and traffic. How did you decide HOW to monetise your blog and what were your reasons for choosing those methods? I originally monetized like everyone else with Google Adsense because let’s face it, it is the easiest. Then I started seeing people with all of these sponsored post bringing in money and I thought I should do that because $250-$300 a post isn’t bad but that has began to feel more like a chore and far less genuine so I started brainstorming again.
I created my first printable on December 29th and it went viral I realized that was the direction I needed to go in and I have been making printables to sale since. Many people say they aren’t creative but I believe we are all creatives everyday you create something even if we don’t realize it. Creating printables can definitely take time but the passive income opportunity is amazing.
Also look and see what is popular on Pinterest don’t recreate the wheel just put your own spin on it.
The affiliate program is new but I currently have 13 affiliates to help sell my printables. My affiliates all have different audiences and one can only reach so many people on their own blog. I actually reached out to the first affiliates personally asking if they would like to join.
EG Traffic, subscription, connecting with other bloggers, engagement, branding, connecting with influencers or brands etc?
You could have all the products in the world but if no one comes to your site you will have a hard time selling them. The next thing you will need is a network of other bloggers to help you gain some traction to share your content. It’s definitely important to grow your network with other bloggers so they can help you share and get your content out there to bring in the traffic. First thing make sure you are creating content that is easy to share, work on your graphics bloggers don’t want to share things that don’t look good.
So although I suggest joining lost of blogging facebook groups you have to first create content worth other bloggers sharing. Think of your blog as a business, run it like a business, put the same level of dedication into your blog as you would working for someone else. Once you have the business mindset create a business plan and outline 3 ways that you could potentially make money from your blog. The best way to find out what your readers are willing to buy is to send them a short survey limit it to roughly five very specific questions. Head over to Fitness Fashionista to see how Danielle manages the printables and affiliate programme she talks about here. Subscription based products and programs is definitely another area I’d love to find a way to branch out to eventually. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may receive a commission at no cost to you if you use a link provided.
Here it comes: your best friend is getting married, and you’re determined to send her off in style.
Have the contact information for every single bridesmaid ahead of time and make sure that they all have the dress, the shoes, and a ride.

As Maid of Honor, you’re in charge of planning the bridal shower–and the bachelorette party, if the bride wants one. At the wedding itself, consider yourself an assistant host: make guests feel welcome, round people up for photos and events, and get the party rolling by hopping onto the dance floor ahead of anyone else. Help with technical wrap-up details at the wedding that most people forget about: getting all the gifts in the car at the end of the night, taking care of the dress after the bride changes, making sure the bridal suite is thoroughly cleaned after you use it to get ready, etc. Depending on your friend, this might be a simple job, or it might be a gargantuan undertaking.
I was a matron of honor for one of my sisters but, in all honesty, our mom took care of everything..HAHA!
Being able to earn income from your hobby is the ultimate dream for most people, and in the case of blogging it’s something that many of us are now making happen.
The very first thing to decipher is whether your blog is actually a business, or classified as a hobby. Self-employment tax is a social security and Medicare tax mainly for people who work for themselves. As a blogger you are likely to face estimated taxes, which is something that most employees in the traditional sense do not have to worry about. I wanted it to be colourful and inviting because bright colors make people happy which can help to push them to reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Once I got serious about making this a full time gig I knew I needed more skills than just writing blog posts. Your first few printables may not be the best but it’s all about starting and we all have to start somewhere. Being able to reach those different audiences is invaluable to the success and growth of my business. Unlike other affiliate programs I offer my affiliates 50% of all sales and payment every single month with no minimum payout. I definitely could have been making money sooner but I think that all things happen for a reason and everything is working out just the way that it should. As a novice blogger I love reading about other bloggers success stories and how they achieve their success!
You’re the one who coordinates between the bride and all of the girls (and guys) who are part of the wedding party. Not only does this lighten the load on you and the bride, but it lets the other girls be a part of the process. This can be overwhelming to some people, but remember, again, that you have the bride’s family, and the other bridesmaids to help you out. You should go to a fitting so that you know exactly how to put it on, do minor repairs, and fluff and adjusting the train. Public speaking is a horror to about 80% of the population, and you’ll be speaking to a room full of friends and strangers, probably while trying to choke back tears. You probably know things about the bride’s life, and especially her relationship with her new husband, that even her close family don’t know. Here’s the thing to remember: you are the person who she has specially designated to help her. Have a collection of memes on your phone that you know will make her laugh when she needs quick stress relief.
It’s easy to get really cranky really fast when you’ve skipped two meals and you’re dehydrated. There are plenty of things to worry about, but you want her to be able to be in the moment today. I have never been maid of honor before, but if I ever am I now know more than I did before! Being a bride before, I know that they are great to have by your side helping out with all the details and keeping us from going crazy.
A Beginner’s Guide To TaxAugust 1, 2016 by Helen Leave a Comment Is Your Blog a Business? Companies have caught onto how influential bloggers can be and how promotion and endorsement from them can hugely boost their business, and are happy to pay for the privilege. This is a bit of a grey area, the IRS state that you must be actively engaged in trying to make a profit.

It provides you with a host of benefits including retirement, disability, survivor and hospital insurance benefits.
You will be paying quarterly estimated taxes to the IRS, as you don’t have an employer who withholds taxes for you.
It is also a place where others can be inspired by my own personal journey to be more fit and active. People began reaching out to me for advice, guidance and support and I realized that it could actually be a business. Here are the five basic categories into which your duties will fall, along with tips to make sure that you wow in each. This means that you can delegate duties if there’s something that’s too much for you and the bride to handle.
Plan the shower and bachelorette party enough ahead of time that any stress from that will be long gone before you begin the final week of wedding preparations.
Have a collection of quotes and anecdotes about her and her husband when she starts to doubt herself. This can be a rough job, but you can fix that by getting to know everyone’s name and making a point to have a one-on-one conversation with each person BEFORE things get sticky. Have a water bottle and a couple of granola bars (and maybe even a couple of her favorite treats) in your bag, ready to go. It was an easy choice because she was one of the only people I could look at and I instantly felt calmer.
But the line between hobby and business can often become blurred, you probably started your blog with no profit motive but over time it’s grown and expanded and you’re now being offered work on a regular basis. If you’ve made a profit for three out of the last five years (even if the profits were small), then you’re likely to be considered as running a business.
You will usually pay self employment tax once your net earnings from blogging exceed four hundred dollars. As a sole proprietor, someone who is in business for yourself, you will generally have to make estimated tax payments if you expect to owe tax of one thousand dollars or more when your return is filed. I really neede that calming influence and someone who would listen and help with the little DIYs I had planned.
According to the IRS, if you work as a blogger it means you run your own business and it’s covered by the same tax laws that apply to most other jobs. Not only is it important to know whether you are classed as a business or hobby for the purposes of paying the right tax, but as a business you can claim any business losses on your tax return. It’s important to be aware that even if you only work a blogger on a part time basis (and work full time somewhere else where you earn a salary) the blogging part of your income WILL still qualify as self-employment income. Estimated tax is used to pay towards income tax, as well as self-employment tax and alternative minimum tax. I house my actual products and services within my blog but the blog is a way for people to get to know me and my products. Any money you make from your hobby must be reported as income, and according to the Internal Revenue Code all income is taxable unless it is specifically exempted. You are permitted to deduct any reasonable and necessary expenses in regards to your profession. This of course means you must pay self-employment tax on that income, and must be paid regardless of whether you owe any federal income tax.
This is where things get complicated- as it could mean that even if you’re not breaking even, any money you gain from your blog has to be included when it comes to filing your tax.
A variety of things from office furniture, electronics, utility bills, insurance or anything else that directly relate to your business can be included, and the expenses can be deductable from the income you earn as a blogger. If you didn’t pay enough tax throughout the year (either through withholding or by making estimated tax payments) there is a chance you will have to pay a penalty.
If you run into any problems or legal tax issues as a result of your blogging business, it’s important to contact a specialist in the field such as MCC4Tax who will be able to make sure everything is put right.

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