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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Note: This website is for parents or guardians to be able to help their kids and teens find ideas for making money. Window Washing– All you need is a squeegee and some soap and you’ll be able to wash lots of windows in no time. Book Repairs- Almost anyone who has small children probably has a pile of books that need pages taped back together. Boat Cleaner– Boats always need a good cleaning at the beginning of boating season and before and after each use.
Shoe Shine– Though most people don’t get around to it, almost everyone has a pair of shoes that need shining. Mom Assistant– Moms with small children always need an extra hand folding laundry, helping with homework or doing dishes. Electrical Wire Stripper– Find wasted copper wire from electrical contractors or constructions sites , strip and sell to metal salvaging companies. Metal detecting- Use a metal detector in public places and  parks to find rings, coins and other valuables and sell them to ring stores or pawn shops. Free Section from Craigslist (KSL- Utah, Idaho)- Look through the free section on Craigslist and find things that are near where you live.
Blog- Blog about a passion or niche and earn money with affiliate links, adsence or sponsors. Homegrown Produce- Grow your own garden and sell the produce at a farmers market or to neighbors.
Up-sell Used Goods- Find used goods on craigslist or at garage sales for cheap and sell them for a higher price.
Sell School Fan Gear- When it is your local college or high school’s game day, sell school jerseys, hats, T-shirts, pom-poms and other school fan gear. Candy Machine– Find a trustworthy place and set up boxes of candy where people can buy a candy and pay on their honor.
Book Repairs for Elementary Teachers- Elementary teachers collect a lot of torn paged books over the school year.
These are our best ideas for how to make money as a 9 year old, 10 year old, and 11 year old. Also, visit the how to make money as a kid categories below as your kids could do everything on those lists as well.
Download the entire list of over 200 ways to make money as a kid for free so you can work through all these ideas with your kids and even their friends. If you have any questions about any of these ideas join me on Periscope daily and I will answer them LIVE!

They make the messes, eat the food, wear the clothes, dirty the dishes, etc just like you do. As a single mom, I didn’t have an age-based system with teaching this kind of life skills to my kids (now in their 30s). I was a stay-at-home Mom while my children were growing up, and constantly heard that taking care of all household tasks was part of my job in making that decision. I am now primary daycare for my two grandchildren (currently ages 5 and 3) and am doing everything in my power to enlist their participation in sharing whatever tasks they are capable of doing in a fun and positive way.
Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from providing any personal information on this site. Sometimes it takes more time to get the kids loaded and unloaded than the actual errand takes.
Whether you’re taking one thing off their to-do list or taking over while they’re out of town, your service will be in hot demand. Last week I shared a simple printable cleaning chart and mentioned the importance of not doing everything on your own. I know patents that make their 8,7,6 yr old kids do all the house work will the mom sits on her bottom .
Clearly your husband their father had no issue to them not doing chores since they weren’t clearly doig them before they had a step mother. From the time my kids could understand directions I would makes games out of cleaning up toys, books, house chores.
By making them do repetitive tasks, it helps them get used to it until they think they have “perfected” it! If you’d like more details, leave a comment below and your’s will be at the top of our list for our next how-to guide. I used all the tips you taught me about babysitting, and I made $35 for four hours of babysitting two kids. I am now the step-mother of four kids, two teens, one tween and one elementary school aged child. This modern day nonsense that children have rights that supersede the rights of others in the household is RUBBISH!. I don’t feel I got enough inclusion in housekeeping and general everyday tasks as a child, and it took way longer than it should have to figure out for myself how to clean and cook when I moved out.

After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list.
With this entire list you should be able to help your kids know how to make money as a kid ages 9, 10 and 11.
She does not have a right to make her stepmother’s life miserable any more than the stepmother has a right to ill treat her. Don’t cook for her, do any of her laundry, clean anything in her room, take her anywhere, let her use any of your electricity, pay for any of her gasoline, etc. Asking her to do a few chores is not ill-treatment; the rudeness of the girl toward her stepmother is abusive, no matter how you take it. Eventually, they will get tired of handwashing the dishes that come out with debris on them.
And the father should put his foot down – he is NOT married to his daughter, he is married to his WIFE.
After being married for 15 years and having 3 kids now I’m still not a very good housekeeper. I worry about her because she lacks focus, responsibility and demonstrates an attitude of entitlement.
My husband and I have tried everything within reason to teach her how to be accountable to herself and make her accountable for a few household chores.
She is graduating at the end of June this year and will have a shock coming when she realizes just how much she needs to learn. Thank god my family is together and I don’t need to worry about this conversation with a step parent to my own kids.
All that to say kids need to have responsibility or they won’t appreciate the things you do for them.

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