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Get rid of junk.  Simply selling off old things you no longer want can be a great way to bring in a few extra dollars. Give a machine a break.  Amazon Turks is a way to earn a little bit of money doing things for which people are needed instead of machines. Consulting.  If you have in-depth industry experience, or specific skills for which there is real demand, you might be able to earn some money on the side doing some consulting. Hold a garage or yard sale.  An old-fashioned method of selling unwanted items from around the house, this can still be useful today. Draw.  If you have exceptional drawing skills, you could pick up a few gigs illustrating, drawing caricatures, or other such projects. Gardening.  If you like to garden, perhaps you can sell some of your output at a local farmer’s market? Public speaking.  Companies and other organizations could pay reasonably well for people to come in and speak, either on very specific topics or for motivational purposes. Medical tests.  Care to be a part of medical tests that could help others?  Maybe there is some money in play for those who do. Create social media pages.  If someone wants a customized Twitter background, for example, they might be willing to pay for help. Create an app.  While revenue per download might not be sky-high, you never know what could happen if you develop something that meets a need in the market. House sit.  If someone is traveling for an extended period of time, there could naturally be some worry about making sure things are okay with the house.
Sell your photos.  You might be able to sell existing photos, or take professional photos for specific purposes. Market research.  Participate in a market research study, and you might be able to obtain a decent stipend for a short amount of your time. Sell crafts.  Many people love to make crafts.  Why not make some money on the side from it?
Recycle.  From scrap metal to electronics, and different points in between, there are things that we can recycle for money. Bake cookies and bread.  Who doesn’t like fresh, homemade cookies, bread, and other treats?
Substitute teach.  While this might not yield big money, it can be a rewarding way to earn extra money.
Print and place ads.  By this, I mean printing, distributing, and posting flyers for businesses that pay you. Model.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to do this, there is money (and maybe an ego boost) involved! Host product parties.  Get people together at your home, and sell kitchen or fashion wares. Wash cars.  Not just external washes, but detailing car interiors can generate extra money. Web design.  With the explosion in the number of websites started by people globally, there is demand for those who are good at this.
Handy work.  The ability to fix things and do handy work can also come in handy for earning extra money. Sponsored messaging.  This is an out of the box idea, but maybe you could sell ad space on your email signatures, voice mail greetings, etc. As can be seen, there are tons of ways that we can hustle for additional income.  With people seemingly getting busier and more interested in outsourcing different life tasks, there is plenty of opportunity for people to make extra side money!
Renting space, be it a room, a storage space, or a parking spot, is one of the easiest ways to bring in A LOT of extra income.
Stefanie – agreed, for those in a position to do so (no kids, etc) renting a room can be a big way to generate quite a bit of additional money. If this describes you, you just might discover your perfect fit in one of these micro jobs! Micro jobs represent real paid employment today, but are done on a freelance or contract basis (i.e.
How you find work: Sign in (provide your name, email address and a password) and wait for a review of your account (typically 48 hours). Work from Home Watchdog reports that Mechanical Turk offers a very real way to earn part-time income.

This app-based micro job puts the focus on using your smart device to track consumer products. How to find tasks: The app uses GPS to highlight local tasks that are available in your area. How you get assignments: Once you sign up (free), all you have to do is view ads for 30 seconds to get paid.
MyLikes is social media-based, so you are paid to share content you like with your network. How you can earn: You select your interests when you create your free profile, and this is what drives how much you earn. Compensation: Based on views to your gallery (price is set per click by content, so it varies).
The Workout Chronicles says MyLikes pays promptly and Joel, the site reviewer, says he earns enough to cover his monthly blog hosting fees. Real Ways to Earn Money Online reports that MyLikes has ironed out their start-up issues and Anna, the reviewer, is now easily earning money online.
How to find assignments: Once you fill out your application and create your profile, you can apply for programs. Freedom With Writing (an online magazine dedicated to helping writers succeed) gives Skyword a very favorable review. Work At Home Tips (another freelance writing how-to and advice site) offers a positive review of Skyword.
If you’re a bit cash strapped and would like some extra coppers in your coin purse then check out how you can make, or even rake back some extra money in the run up to Christmas. These are normally the kinds of sites I avoid but I’ve had decent success with iPoll. Oh and if the faff of sitting down and uploading to eBay through your computer puts you off then use the app on your phone! If you’re not using a cash back site of some kind I could happily ding you on the head. Have a play around with a few and check out the communities surrounding them as they are quick to point out great deals. If you’re like us here at Thrifty Towers who now access most of our music and films via the internet or cloud etc.
Now not all of these will have the money ready in time for Christmas (the waiting periods can be up to 90 days for first payment with some of these schemes), however they’ll certainly help out in the early months of 2014.
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Filed Under: 12 THRIFTY DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, christmas, making money, money talks This page and all pages on this site contain links to outside sources including paid affiliates. I’m in the process of eBay all the crap I have and don’t use, such a tedious proces but so worth it when the money slowly rolls in! Sorry too for your loss: and thank you for, despite that, being committed to helping us all save and thrift at Christmas! This is a great post – I always forget to put money aside during the year then am left wondering how to afford everything (next year I WILL be better!). If you plan to scrap appliances or large barrels, like we did, you might need to split your profits with a strong friend.
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In a nutshell, a micro job is any small but essential task that can be completed rather quickly and easily.
They are all stable (some have been up and running for several years) and pay quickly and reliably. Sometimes this can mean two or more websites work together to share tasks between both communities. Basically, you can make money by verifying prices and promotions going on with competing brands.
Basically their website is a typical survey site and you can make small amounts of money through it.

Now’s the time that people are searching for festive items an using seasonal search terms so take full advantage of that fact. I absolutely love it for the sheer convenience of taking the photo there and then and popping in a description to go with it in just a few minutes.
We’ve had a lot of money back when buying things such as insurance or when checking in via our mobiles at various stores. I already do most of these things (except Mystery Shopping – have signed up with several sites and they never seem to contact me! Here’s a couple of ways to locate a scrap source if you aren’t lucky enough to live on a dump. Look up your local scrap metal yard and check to see what kind of metal and objects they accept. When we moved scrap from the woods, we picked out the largest, heaviest objects because we knew that they would bring more cash. George and I joke that we should invite people over to our house for “country crossfit” and make city people do all of our chores— chopping wood, pulling scrap metal out of the woods and tilling the garden. If you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, then I may make a commission from that purchase.
But the truth is, this is where an ever-greater percentage of the workforce is headed these days.
This describes how Amazon Mechanical Turk interacts with a number of other micro job websites, which ensures that the tasks are always varied and plentiful.
The best part about ClixSense is that, every time you complete $50 worth of tasks, you get a $5 bonus. Following Skyword on Twitter and checking in at the first of each month ensures you have access to better topics and better paying opportunities.
Log into all of your online accounts for your loyalty cards and check exactly how many points are in each account and what that actually equates to. Last year I put together a whole post about scoring Christmas eBay sales and it’s still true today.
Some metal yards are wide-ranging and they’ll accept anything from coat hangers to Christmas lights.
If you are going out into the woods, like we did, wear long pants and long sleeves to protect yourself from poison ivy, brambles and the rogue sharp object. We found a couple of stoves and a bed frame back there and there is no way my spaghetti-noodle arms could have carried that stuff out alone.
My car didn’t get dirty and we were able to put much more scrap into the bed of a truck than in the bed of my Honda! Now check for any festive or seasonal deals – for instance Tesco are currently running Clubcard Boost which doubles points across various departments (check out my guide to Clubcard Boost). Basically instead of purchasing directly through the company website, click through from the cashback website and you are paid for doing so. Instead of being bummed about our situation, we’re being opportunistic and profiting from recycling the old metal that was left on our property. Ask your neighbors if you can go through their recycling and pick out the aluminum cans— that’s what I did as a kid. If you are scrapping metal in the woods or outdoors, the early spring is prime time to scrap. The next basketball season I coached after doing my first referee gig, I was less tough on the refs. I actually learnt about iPoll through another survey site a few months back and since then I’ve made a nice little bit of cash for not very much effort at all. Offer to take the recycling to the dump and profit from the aluminum cans (and in some states, the glass bottles!).

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