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I knew I was going to be making changes so I didn't spend the extra money on the 3.73 gear option.
For the front, I simply replaced the shafts with some aftermarket chrome molly steel shafts. Most manufacturers only build you standard style portable buildings, but now there is a choice. Built on our super strong base, each Adelaide Range portable building or cabin adds an extra bit of class to your home, business or accommodation park. Each one comes with Weathertex sides, a veranda and a pitched room plus the option of painting whatever colour you like. To find out more contact us on 0424 773 395 or claim your FREE info package by filling in form above or below. In the lockerroom at Macyrock's after his shift on Christmas Eve, Fred is approached by two elves for an important job. Of course, Fred is more than willing to help Santa out and he boards the sleigh and makes the annual night's ride, delivering gifts all over the world.  When Fred arrives back at home, he realizes too late that he's left his own family's gifts behind in the sleigh!

Lucy Carmichael shops at a local tree lot and is offered her choice of a pink, purple or yellow Christmas tree (foreground) in 1965's "Lucy the Choirmaster" on The Lucy Show.
Remember the crazy colors of trees available at the tree lot in 1965's A Charlie Brown Christmas? Caffeinated JoeSeptember 8, 2012 at 11:28 AMI must have seen this episode a few times as a kid, but memories of it are vague. Some people honestly don’t have a clue what to charge for their stuff, so instead of deciding  on something, they procrastinate their decision until someone picks up the item and asks about it. It’s annoying, especially at a crowded sale, to have to find the host of the sale to ask about prices. To save time, you can use blanket pricing for items like clothing, books, games, or anything you have lots of. We are garage sale goers and throwers… and it is funny because we do not always price our stuff and that is something I tell people not to worry about if they don’t have time. I have been on the lookout at garage sales for stuff for my classroom and I really like it when you don’t have to ask!

If haggling and negotiating isn’t your thing, it can bring anxiety and nervousness, so many people just avoid it. If there aren’t prices and you are comfortable negotiating, you can always offer a price before asking them what the price is.
We really need to hold a garage sale, but with a nursing baby and a preschooler, it seems so overwhelming. And yeah, I personally love a real, green, Christmas tree, but there is something wonderfully nostalgic about the look of 60s Christmases gone by. It always feels a little awkward to put the item back after hearing a price that’s too high for me. I figure if they want a certain price for their things, they should price them, and if they don’t like my offer, they can counter and we can go from there.

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