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If you enjoy making crafts, and love spending time shopping and browsing at craft shows, you might be wondering if becoming a craft vendor could be a successful business venture for you. This article is the first in a series I will be publishing on my experiences as a craft show vendor for over ten years. If you like making, for instance, clothing, purses, or other fashion accessories, think if there is something special about your items that you can capitalize on in promoting them, and make you stand out as a vendor.
Once or if you step out beyond working small church and school craft shows, realize that you will have to start treating crafting very much like a business.
You may also need to look into accepting credit cards in order to increase your ability to sell merchandise (easier today than ever before with devices such as the Square Card Reader for smartphones), creating a website to help market your works and keep customers aware of your upcoming shows, setting up a separate banking account for your business, among many other considerations. In the next article in this series, I will discuss fixtures and set-up materials you will need to invest in to create an attractive, safe and secure display for your crafts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
DIY Clothes Refashion – are you ready for this?  So, what exactly is so special about these projects that make them our ‘must-try’ ideas?
Each of these designs is unique, and with them as a starting point, you can add your own ideas in order to create your own bespoke interpretation of each design. None of these designs requires a big spend – most of them are made from simple things that you will probably have at home.
Whether as a way to make some extra money on the side, or potentially as a new career path, selling at craft fairs can appear to be an exciting way to do something you love as more than just a hobby. These articles will cover all aspects of craft show vending such as set-up and display, finding craft shows, marketing your work successfully, security and safety, and much more.
Certain types of crafts are quite over-saturated on the craft market today, especially jewelry. A vendor who is trying to sell too many different types of crafts at once will often sell very little of anything.
Such holidays are often some of the biggest for craft fairs and big mutli-day artist festivals. Most larger shows require you to have registered for a Sales Tax ID with the state the show is taking place in.

Crafting is no longer just fun and games once you’ve decided to make it more of a business. Do you have an outgoing personality and feel confident enough to sell your work successfully? And you may have to make a try at it before knowing with any certainty if it is something you not only enjoy doing but can profit from as well. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
We have bohemian summer styles, sexy lacy looks and elegant evening looks, all with great instructions to make them easy to make and unforgettable to wear.
If you need extra fabric, you can find great remnants and fantastic dressmaking material for very little money if you have a browse around. But breaking in to the craft fair market can be a lot of hard work, and can require more time, effort, expense and commitment than you may realize.
But first, it is important to decide whether becoming a craft fair vendor is really right for you, your handicrafts, and your lifestyle.
As a new vendor, you may find it difficult to get accepted into some craft fairs if there are already too many other, well-established vendors selling your type of merchandise at those shows.
Shoppers like to see a clean, straightforward display of merchandise, be it jewelry, beauty products, baby clothing, wooden toys or plaques, leather goods, etc. You may have to put in long hours from early morning until late evening to work these shows, losing time otherwise spent with family and friends. That means keeping careful records of your sales, your expenses, reporting and paying taxes on your income, etc. But hopefully the questions raised in this article have given you some things to think about and consider before making that first step into the world of craft fair vending. This website generates revenue via contributor relationships with affiliate advertising programs, promotion of their individual products and services, and the inclusion of advertising links. These aren’t just quick DIY fixes – they are beautifully bespoke designs that will amaze you, and anyone who sees you wearing them. Practice makes perfect, and with tutorials this easy, you will be able to impress yourself and improve your skills at the same time.

These are an amazing way to create fashion of your own, tailored to suit your unique look and body shape, without spending huge amounts of time or money. Carefully consider each of the questions below, before deciding if this is an activity you really wish to pursue. If you are a home crafter but like to always be working on different types of projects, having to concentrate on, for instance, just making 500 fabric ornaments for Christmas trees can become very tedious, very quickly.
If you are serious about making crafts your career and not just a part-time hobby, realize this will mean committing most every weekend of the year to working shows, at least or especially during busy times such as the summer and winter holiday season.
If this is too much of your personal time to give up, than reconsider if being a vendor is something you wish to pursue. Please read the site Privacy Policy and Terms of Service under the Help menu for full details.
But if you are going to pursue a highly popular craft such as jewelry making, you should be certain that your work is original, unique, and well-constructed enough to make an impression. You also want to be able to buy your craft supplies in bulk to save on your materials costs, so having a focused line of products can help in that regard as well.
The information contained within this site is copyright to its individual authors and represents their individual opinions and experiences as allowable by our Terms of Service. Even with basic skills, you can create these stunning pieces that will completely revolutionize your wardrobe. Think of a way to make your work truly one of a kind not just to buyers but to those who will be reviewing and accepting your space applications.
Imagine how it would feel to head off to a big event or fancy occasion wearing something that you made yourself in your own home and that looks truly beautiful.

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