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The first and likely most obvious is the money you save by growing your own food.  Every day I go out into the garden to harvest what will become about half of my lunch and surplus being preserved for use later in the year. If you would like to enhance the savings your produce give you or if you have limited space you can focus on crops that are not available or costly in your area helping.
These resources are either produced in your yard such as autumn leaves or in your kitchen such as spend coffee grounds and tea leaves.  If used for making compost or mulch they return their nutrients to the garden fertilizing your plants for free. I have not purchased a store bought fertilizer in three years saving that cost and diverting these resources from the landfill.
If you are just starting out you can save money by filling your garden with compost made from those free and local resources instead of purchasing it from a garden center. These rain barrels have more than enough capacity to capture and store enough water for me to get through these drier times.  If I have another dry summer like 2015 these rain barrels can save me up to  360$ while reducing the likelihood that I will lose plants due to a drought. If your rain barrels are not full you can re-use water from the kitchen.  Water can be saved from vegetable washing, boiled water and many other sources and used directly in the garden. Before you even get into the garden for the season you can save money by starting your own seedlings.

When I do go into a garden center I do invest in perennials that produce crops for me.  I look for crops that I cannot find here or focus on the more costly crops that my family eats a lot. Perennials are great as you invest once and they can produce often for decades paying themselves off many times over. You can also extend the savings by propagating your perennials.  Propagating does not have to cost a lot and some crops such as strawberries and raspberries self-propagate and if you give them the space can produce large crops.
Initially setting up the garden is often the most expensive part of gardening.  If I can I like to use recycled lumber like what I made this bed out of or naturally sourced materials such as stone. When I have to purchase materials for projects I make sure to figure out when the project will pay itself off in produce or savings.  Often most of my projects like this rain barrel pay themselves off in the first year but other projects may take a few more years. If you enjoyed this video and would like to learn how to build amazing garden soil for free check out the link below.
The Alberta Urban Garden Channel hopes to promote organic gardening that is simple, sustainable and does not have to cost a lot. Multicultural Graffiti Art Free Printable Coloring Pages Free is one images from Graffiti Letters Coloring Pages post of graffiti art gallery.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Saving seeds and participating in seed swaps can build you a large library of seeds that often did not have to cost you very much if anything.
We do this by investigating the Science behind gardening, methods, practices and products to make sure that you will have the best chance of successfully growing your own food at home. You can see this cool graffiti with dim grey, platinum, cadet grey, silver, grey, color combination.

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