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Here’s 15 of the best Missions that payout well and our guide to making sure you come out the other side alive with a bulging wallet. Note: the amount of RP and cash awarded depends on a number of factors for each and every mission. Although some Missions are only available to higher ranked players, it only requires one player in the online session to have reached that rank and launch the mission. The amount of cash and RP you earn depends on a number of different factors and is not set in stone. A lot of Jobs are available from the pause menu but some are only available at certain times of the day, after finding the right mission point on the map or calling a particular contact. It appears that some missions are currently unavailable as the game has transitioned to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. If you know of any Missions that stand out for RP and cash, please tell us in the comments section. If you can’t shake the cops straight away, just try and get some distance between you and them and get the tanker off the main roads to hide in an industrial area or smaller alley. You need at least three players for this so it’s a good Mission for Crew members as it does require a little team work.
Before the mission begins you’ll need to divide up the roles of Transporter, Sniper and Lookout. This can be a tough mission as there’s so many enemies so make sure you have a full Crew if possible. All you really need is plenty of ammo, a weapon with a decent scope and a cautious approach. On your way across the sea you’ll be attacked by more enemies in boats so try and have one guy driving and one shooting in each boat. There’s also double RP for flying under bridges in freemode and completing the Flight School missions. The latest offers come after a week of double RP and cash for the new Rhino Hunt mode and the same rewards for Contact Missions.
If you tried to login to GTA V’s online mode near its launch on 1st October, than chances are you ran into one of the myriad of connection problems, as you and millions of other players tried to get on at once. Affected players will be receiving $500,000 in GTA V online currency, mostly arriving in one sum, rather than the initially planned twin payments of $250,000. Even there are mild issues of bugs and glitches on GTA 5 Online, players are still unstoppable from being addicted in playing. It is not easy to complete all mission at once while you can pick some tasks that might be easy for you to finish and clear them. This the basic feature of the game, to steal a car and you can use this to earn lots of money.
If you feel that you are not real terrorist to do the first two options, you can still do a small time job.
If you feel like what we feel that being a good boy in GTA Online is a little bit boring, now it is time for real time action by hunting other players and steal their money. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.
However, before you throw all your favorite rifles into the back of a freshly-stolen SUV and head for the hills, make sure you’ve reached the point where you control Trevor – GTA V’s best shooter and natural fit for wildlife depopulation activities – and have completed the “Nervous Ron” quest. Impress him by showcasing your shooting skills, and he’ll be added to your contacts, and will text you when he’s ready to head out into the wilds. When Trevor needs a break from his amateur dentistry business, taking him on a hunting trip will cheer him up no end. Cletus gives you an elk whistle that you can blow to attract all sorts of animals, which will appear on your mini-map.
Make sure stinky Trevor is downwind of any animal by following the wind pointer and shooting upwind. Shoot an animal, and then shoot a pic of the corpse with your phone and send it to Cletus (or someone else for comedy value). You might be able to avoid the entire Los Santos Police Department and survive the craziest firefights, but you ain’t no match for Mother Nature.
No self-respecting hunter will step out into the wilds without the right arsenal, so make sure you’ve got a shotgun, sniper rifle with scope and silencer, grenades (those cougars are trouble!) and, of course, all the ammo you can carry.

Running around the wilderness like an elephant will ensure every animal knows you’re coming, and they’ll vamoose, all pronto-like.
Lots of carcasses, Lots of moneyThe more dead animals you send in a single photo, the bigger the reward. These can be tricky to shoot, and even trickier to find, since they can land some distance away from you.
These usually travel in packs, and the most effective way to deal with them is shooting them from a distance, since they can see you coming pretty easily. Pay attention to the wind direction, as these guys had radar-like noses and will smell you downwind from like a mile away.
Extra points can be earned by completing Hunting Challenges, which you can unlock by spending time hunting every type of animal. A no-scope kill is tricky, but if you’re stealthy and downwind, you can usually get close enough for a clean shot. You can find many more GTA V hints and tips, plus strategy guides and over 65,000 cheat codes, unlocks, achievements, trophies, Easter eggs and secrets at Prima Games. I love it ha ha, who would have thought that the GTA hunting minigame is actually a legitimate thing.
On this episode of USgamer's classic gaming podcast, listen to the Retronauts put their retro game audio knowledge to the test.
Hello Games has a huge patch ready for No Man's Sky, tackling a host of issues highlighted in early leaks.
Jelly Deals presents the internet's best gaming and tech bargains as we head into the weekend. This may be due to Rockstar limiting the type of online play to ease congestion on the online servers. This isn’t a definitive list, rather the jobs that pay well and are a lot of fun to play. When you get to the location in Little Seoul get in the truck and ignore any dudes who want to have a fight. Head to the first site marked on the map and kill the rednecks – use any propane canisters to your advantage. You need to steal a truck loaded with motorbikes and deliver it to a lock up in the Grand Senora Desert.
It doesn’t make a big difference although the Transporter does need to be the one delivering the truck to the lock up, and the Transporter is the only one who can see the location of the lock up. You can come at it from the factory fence on the north although this isn’t recommended.
You must break into the offices of the Pacific Allied Shipyard and steal some coke, then jump in the nearby speedboats and take it along the coast to a rendezvous point. While that’s all patched up now, Rockstar is today fulfilling its promise to deliver a big wad of in-game cash to make up for it.
Rockstar does warn that it might take up to two days for every single player to receive their stimulus package, but expects everyone to be that little bit richer by the end of Friday. So instead of crying out loud on this glitches we convert it into positive output and to share this easy money tricks to everyone who believes that money can buy everything in Grand Theft Auto 5.
Missions or your tasks are automatic series of objectives you need to finish in order to make progress into storyline or side game corresponds with sets of rewards. Roaming around without doing bad like shooting, stealing and messing with pedestrians will let you to earn rewards from time to time.
The game is simple chase a player and kill them for every player dies they will drop money. When you finish that, “A Stranger and Freaks” mission will pop up on your map on the east side of Blaine County (at Sandy Shores, near Trevor's trailer). At this point, just keep on playing the game, and eventually Cletus will send you a text asking you to meet him at Bayview Lodge in Paleto Forest. When you’re ready, head to the coyote icon to kick off the first of a whole series of hunting activities. A red arrow means you’re not in the right place, whereas a green arrow means you’re doing it right.
Elks can be nailed fairly easily from the front or side – just aim centrally below the neck. Not quite as profitable as deer hunting, but you can usually kill them more quickly, so experiment and see which animal proves to be your cash… um… cow. They’re not worthless for sure, but they’re a lot of trouble, so try to stay out of their way.

Informative and timely and it actually helps you play the game, like something you might have seen in a '90s mag (imagine that, given the author). Playing with people on your Friends list and in the same Crew as you will increase the amount of cash and RP you earn.
Immediately turn left and drive over the little bridge into the alley, when the truck fits with a tight squeeze. If your tyres burst you’re fucked as the tanker is slow as hell and has a big turning arc. There’s entrances on the east and west side, but again, this is a little too obvious. As the truck moves slowly it’s better to stop and take them out with firepower then carry on your way, rather than trying to outrun them. The price will be defend to the car type and condition so it is better to repair first the car before selling it.
Although you can earn big money, the risk is at high from a question, if you can kill the other player (of course they will fight) and upon killing them, expect that this will give you a bad reputation with a warrant. There, you’ll find Cletus, a hunting fanatic who just loves shootin’ some o’ them varmints.
Head over there (it’ll be marked as a “C” on the map), complete the "Fair Game" mission, and hunting will be unlocked. Camp a body and try to get multiple animals together by waiting for the corpse to attract other critters. You’ll have a wanted level of 2 stars but if you sit here for a minute that should be enough to shake the cops entirely. Once you get to the higher floors and grab the coke another bunch of enemies will storm the shipyard, so you have to fight your way out and over to the speedboats. Check your map for a different activities currently happening like water races, land races and deathmmatches. There’s a whole mini-game out there for those wanting to engage in a bit of big-game hunting.
Shotguns are usually the best way to deal with them, or you can always jump onto a vehicle, or indeed into it.
Being sneaky bastards, cougars like to wait until you’re looking down your scope before jumping on your back and turning you into bacon – so pay attention before you start aiming, and don’t just sit there admiring the view.
Now all you need is to have 500,000 GTA$ to become an Executive as opposed to the regular million.If you tire of the VIP missions, you can switch over to the double cash payout playlist featuring the two new Adversary Modes, Extraction and Drop Zone. Only on the 6th and 7th Running Back is also added to the roster of modes paying twice as much.What event would be complete without discounts?
The price of all the new DLC cars and helicopters is reduced by 25%, as is the price the Gold Luxor and Swift. Another thing they noticed (and that received no announcement) was a Docktease sale on various water vehicles.
If you’re looking to make some extra cash, but are tired of Adversary Modes, try out some sea races, as they also provide 2x cash rewards.
There is also various discounts across the board over at Ammunation and Warstock; giving players a chance to buy weapons, ammo and armor at a lower price.What weekend event commemorating a new DLC release would be complete without a good old Snapmatic contest with a grand prize of 1 million in GTA$?
Time to save up, players, this one is bound to be expensive.You thought the content in the High Life DLC was luxurious? Executives and Other Criminals puts you at the top of the corporate hierarchy of your own organisation, to swindle as you see fit. Of course, being as boss comes with a lot of perks.It seems that not only will there be new properties added. The old ones are getting an upgrade, and while it wasn’t named, based on the trailer the apartment customization will come into play in this DLC. Some flashy, new retro vehicles will be added as well and you can bet on them being expensive as hell.In a new gameplay mechanic the bosses of a given organisation can hire other players as their bodyguards which unlocks new mission types. Which part of the new GTA Online DLC are you guys looking forward to?5adversaryandapartmentautobodyguardcontentcriminalscustomizationdlceventsexecutivesextractionfreemodegamesgrandgtajetmodeonlineotherrockstartheftupdateVvinewoodyachtWelcome to GTA 5 Cheats - the ultimate resource for cheats, codes, guides and more for Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC!

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