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Fold the top of the paper over at the point where the last fold line meets the edge of the paper.
This ornament can be challenging for a novice, but rewarding for everyone who takes the time to complete the project. Let Us BeginIf you are using A4 (or other rectangular shaped paper), you must first form a square. With its notably awkward and fascinating texture, you will be sure to impress all who see this.

This will allow the folds for the final shape to almost fall into place.Step 5 Even More CreasesEach section must now be divided once again with a crease.
Decorate a piece of plain paper with rubber stamps or use a piece of scrapbooking or decorative paper to make this shirt. The shirt can be made in any size, simply vary the size of the paper while keeping the proportions roughly the same.
Use the existing creases from the previous steps to guide you, being very careful that the crease you make are in the middle of each existing crease.

Flowers and bright colors will turn this into a Hawaiian shirt or you can make a business shirt by creating stripes using masking tape.

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