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However, given how complicated our modern day lives are now and how difficult it is to find time in our busy schedules to exercise in a meaningful way, the question is, just how much daily aerobic exercise do we need to do? Luckily for all of us, new research from the University of California (UCI) may have found the answer.
The first group were given a high level dose of the naturally occurring amino acid N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and tested by exercising on stationary bicycles (the type of equipment commonly found in gym spin cycle classes) for less than 10 minutes while the second group were not given NAC and did no exercise at all.
Both groups were then given a saliva test followed by a series of simple memory tests involving the recall of a number of uncomplicated images. The final saliva tests of both cohorts showed that the group who exercised on the stationary bicycles (and had demonstrated better memory recall of the images) had a higher level of the memory boosting neurotransmitter Norepinephrine in their saliva than the group who had not exercised at all. The results of this research study has led the neuroscientists involved to conclude that very small amounts of aerobic activity (in this case no more than 6 minutes!) will result in the production of the memory boosting neurotransmitter Norepinephrine and this increase in production was higher in individuals who started from a position of poor or declining memory performance.
This study is all the more remarkable because it is the first time that the direct link has been made between using N-acetlycysteine (NAC) with small amounts of aerobic exercise and almost immediate memory recall A improvement. I think the research will continue to consistently point towards the direction of brain health and memory retention. You say that the first group had no memory loss or mental illness while the second group did. I will say that exercising has proven to improve memory and overall brain health in other studies I have read. Recent research suggests that everything from absentmindedness to arithmetic skills can be improved by playing certain intelligence and memory-stimulating activities. According to the Society for Neuroscience, remembering lists of facts or keeping day-to-day information in your mind is different from memorising things in the long term.
Psychologist Professor Walter Furneaux agrees that this kind of mental stimulation is valuable.
It’s said that doing puzzles can slow the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease and improve mental capacity in the young. So you may be able to boost your IQ by a point, but the great novel may take a little more time. Low-tech brain workouts aka brain gym: Solve puzzles, Riddles, crosswords, sudoku and Scrabble are all reported to greatly improve brain function and memory, and decrease mental decline. Using your memory like exercising a muscle is the best way to prevent memory loss and the best way to get it back! The RECALL memory improvement board game is designed to measure and improve your ability to recall information. Lonpos is not only a game which is incredibly exciting and brings a lot of long-lasting fun.
If you are suffering from memory loss or even if you are worried that you might be affected, please call your doctor and ask for help. I never knew exercise could help improve memory but it certainly makes sense when improving blood flow. Ugh, that feeling of walking into a room and racking your brain to try to remember why you are there? There is now a large body of research that demonstrates how age-related memory loss is not as inevitable or irreversible as previously thought.
In exactly the same way we use physical exercise and a balanced diet to maintain the health of our physical bodies; it is also possible to maintain the health of our brain and our memory performance by paying attention to what we eat, how often we exercise and how we go about stimulating and challenging the brain to make it stronger. The reality is that it is extremely easy to deploy a small number of effective memory boosting tools, approaches, techniques and exercises that will protect your brain and ultimately your memory for the long term. The use of repetition as a technique to improve memory performance, particularly for those individuals who are suffering from mild to moderate forms of dementia has been in practice for over three decades. Just as repetition has been shown to deliver significant benefits in improving memory and actually preventing age-related memory decline, so too has the use of visualisation been shown to boost short-term memory recall. There are a number of visualisation exercises and techniques to choose from but perhaps one of the most effective, particularly if you have a list of things to remember is to use a technique called the Roman room or Memory Palace.
According to the Harvard Medical School, perhaps the best and most effective way to protect your memory is to keep your brain active.
The brain by definition is a very complex organ, the more it is used and challenged the stronger it becomes. Research shows that individuals trying to improve their memory recall show positive results while being dynamic.
In the same way your body needs the correct intake of nutrients to keep it healthy and at peak performance so too does your brain.

Exercise increases endorphins and the production of serotonin in the nervous system as well as increasing the amount of oxygen delivered the brain. A Specifically what is needed to improve memory and brain health without cutting into the limited amount of valuable amount of time we have available in our day? A But since exercise is so important to brain health it is vital to try and understand how much exercise is enough to keep our brains in tiptop condition.
The first group had no history of mental illness or memory loss while the second group consisted of individuals who had been struggling with how to improve memory and who had experienced some form of memory loss during their adult lives.
Exactly one hour later both groups were then given another saliva test and then asked to recall the images again. Most surprising of all was that those individuals who had a history of memory loss and had exercised on stationary bicycles while using NAC actually doubled their ability to remember the images. In this instance both groups performed worse in the memory tests than in the tests before but crucially the group that did exercise had a significantly better memory recall than those who didn’t. We have heard back from so many people regarding how much benefit they have had from using our brain supplements .
Scientists and neuro-experts believe puzzles that rely on problem-solving, memory and logical deduction can be highly beneficial for the brain by making people approach tasks in a more flexible way.
If you teach people to play the piano, the part of the brain that controls finger movements increases and is more active.
He claims that the exercises increased IQ, reduces anxiety, and improves cognitive efficiency and speed”. According to a study into the effects of Alzheimer’s by the Case Western Reserve University in the United States, middle-aged people who kept active, mentally or physically, were less likely to develop the disease in later life.
Physical activities are proven to improve memory, abstract thinking and concentration, promoting the growth of brain cells.
Language learning provides a great mental workout, forcing your brain to switch tracks constantly.
Scientists recommend sunflower seeds, dark berries, unrefined grain foods (brown rice, pasta and wholemeal bread), oily fish, ginkgo biloba and minimal amounts of caffeine.
I think the worst part about having a memory problem is offending or hurting the feelings of people I care about.
The National Sleep Foundation recently changed some of the categories and requirements for sleep guidelines. According to the most popular research and advice, doing crossword puzzles is one of the most highly effective things you can do to keep your brain active!
Here are a number of other proof positive things that will spark your brain and improve your memory while providing fun at the same time! It also has fundamental functions for brain development and for developing further skills in spatial thinking and geometry, and trains the short-term memory.
Seems whenever I am not getting enough water then I don’t sleep well, and everything just snowballs! The baby still gets up to nurse a few times during the night and with staying up late blogging does not help either. I have a bit of insomnia which doesn’t help, but I am exercising regularly now and hopefully that can help!
In fact, this research shows, that our memories can actually be improved if we take simple steps and approaches consistently every day.
Advances in our understanding of the brain show that continuity and repetition of tasks reinforces and strengthens neural pathways in the brain. This is a very powerful and effective technique that has been used by memory masters and chess champions around the world for decades. This kind of memory boosting activity goes beyond the usual advice of doing crosswords, learning a new language etc.
The key to keeping your brain active and challenged is to consistently try to alter routines and habits that have become second nature over time. The physical nature of say,  moving and gesturing with your hands or moving around while you talk, has been shown to help assist the brain in recalling memories. This oxygenation process literally makes the brain more effective when it comes to memory recall.
The reality is that in our modern always-on world, we often don’t get the chance to eat the right type of foods, in the right quantities at the right time.
This oxygenation of the brain improves blood flow and ultimately helps if you are struggling to improve memory, your focus and concentration as well as your overall brain health and performance.

Activities such as gardening, playing a musical instrument or exercising were found to be the most successful in helping to prevent the disease.
Being awake for 21 hours straight decreases your mental agility to that of someone who has been drinking.
For best results, eat within an hour of waking up and choose food high in fibre, protein and carbohydrate. When my actions (forgetting a birthday, or a personal story that was shared with me) don’t match my intentions it can misrepresent my character!
Regular, daily exercise is not only critical to your heart health and other functions, but can help improve your memory too. Ginko Biloba used to be the holistic answer to supplementing the brain, although recent studies can not confirm that it lives up to it’s expectations. Being overwhelmed, worried and suffering from anxiety interferes with focus and detaches up from being able to make memories. Certain medications and drugs can rob you of your memories and prevent you from making new ones. This is because the recall and connections required to complete puzzles are the best exercise for your brain. However, it is important to note that in order to improve memory for the long term new neural pathways need to be created in the brain. Vital memory protecting amino acids like L-methionine or L-theanine, commonly found in fresh fruit and nuts and vegetables and green tea are missing from many of our diets. Now it’s known that people can acquire new brain cells throughout their lives, provided their brains are stimulated. People close to me know that I have this issue and they cut me some slack, but for the people that don’t know, it can make or break a friendship, business contact and more. Check the chart and make sure that you are giving your brain enough time to re-charge, de-stress and make memories!
Using a fitness tracker like this fitbit HR (I use this) tracks your sleep and your steps taken, but most importantly it tracks your heart rate so you can see on a graph, the amount of time each day where you get your blood pumping, literally! Many doctors do prescribe Vitamin E to slow memory loss from Alzheimer’s and B Vitamin deficiencies are related to memory loss. Being fatigued and depleted from the effects of stress make the brain unable to power up and function properly.
It probably comes as no surprise that prescribed medications such as sleeping pills, pain pills, anesthesia, anti-depressants and anxiety medications are a few of these.
So, while repeating a sentence or paragraph will help you remember it, finding new things to memorise on an ongoing basis is key. There is a growing interest in the use of natural memory supplements containing essential memory supporting amino acids to top up what is missing from our inadequate diet. It is hereditary, but it really does feel like and some point my brain just got filled up with too much information and now it doesn’t let new things in very often. Doctors also use a number of prescription medication that are proven to help lessen or at least stabilize symptoms that interfere with memory.
Along with the solutions already mentioned (daily exercise and good sleep) you can try yoga, counseling, breathing or meditation. Of course illegal and recreational drugs can cause extensive and irreparable damage to the brain and memory. Repetition when used with visualisation exercises (see below) can be an extremely powerful combination when it comes to improving your brain fitness and your ability to memorise. And I know it will only get worse as I age so I try (when I remember) to do things that will help to improve my memory and increase my brain power. Just the simple act of taking a break throughout the day to stretch your muscles and taking a few minutes to close your eyes and listen to calming music can make a world of difference. At dapperhouse we will help you make the most of what little time you have so you can be a better person in every aspect of your life.

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