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You may think what you eat only affects your digestive system and your waistline, but you’re wrong.
The especially scary part about this is that researchers are finding that the effect can be passed on from one generation to the next.
You have probably heard of that Kansas State University professor who went on a Twinkie Diet a couple years ago and lost weight. Underlying Metabolic Imbalances QuizTake this quiz to see if you have underlying metabolic imbalances! Your brain is the most powerful organ in the body and proper nourishment is vital to creative thought, positive feelings and mood, memory, and total body wellness. In order to help your brain function best, you need to increase your intake of essential fatty acids known as omega-3.
Here are some of the foods that are generally very inexpensive but still have the highest nutritional value for your brain.
In one recent study, subjects who ate one cup of blueberries a day for two weeks showed an increased birth rate of brain cells in the hippocampus (region responsible for memory), and scored significantly higher in classroom tests than those subjects who did not. Blueberries are also known to protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Remarkably, these same studies showed that the powerful antioxidants in strawberries, spinach and blueberries can improve the ability to communicate even among brain cells already showing signs of age-related damage. Blackberries – Blackberries contain an amazing class of nutrients called anthocyanins. Fish – Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps your brain develop tissue for increasing your brain power.
Seeds – Flax seeds are crammed with ALA- a healthy fat that aids the cerebral cortex in functioning better. Pumpkin Seeds – A little known tidbit of information is that the most powerful part of the pumpkin lies in its least used part.
Mixed nuts – Peanuts, walnuts, pecans, and other nuts contain properties that help with everything from fighting insomnia to promoting mental clarity and strong memory. Walnuts are made up of 15 to 20 percent protein and contain linoleic (omega-6 fatty acids) and alpha-linoleic acids (omega-3 fatty acids), vitamin E and vitamin B6, making them an excellent source of nourishment for your nervous system. Almonds – Phenylalanine, found in almonds, can do wonders for your mental and neurological health.
Pecans and Peanuts – Pecans and peanuts provide choline, another important nutrient for optimal brain function. Eggs – Egg yolks are rich in choline, an essential nutrient to improving memory function. Two antioxidants found in egg yolk called lutein and zeaxanthin help prevent the risk of age-related cataracts and macular degeneration, two of the most prevalent age-related eye conditions. From oatmeal to whole grain bread, whole grains are excellent brain foods as they improve circulation and contain essential fibers, vitamins, and even some Omega-3. Broccoli – Broccoli has been shown to improve memory function as well as slow the aging process.
Green Tea – Green tea is a wonderful beverage, and when freshly brewed, it enhances memory and focus and fights mental fatigue.
Green Tea also helps maintain positive mood states and fights against many brain disorders. Spinach – Spinach slows down the effects of age-related declines in brain function and helps protect the brain from oxidative stress.
Eggplant – Eggplant skin contains a nutrient called nasunin which keeps our brain sharp by enhancing communication between our brain cells and messenger molecules.
Be Friendly Feed Us Your IDEAHelp us spread the best ideas of the web by suggesting a story to be included in our newsletter or on our site! As a doctor, when one looks at brain diagrams day in and day out, you will find that the human is truly unique amongst its species, thanks to the brain that it has, that makes it faster, stronger, and powerful than all the other species on Planet Earth.
So let’s look at some parts such as the brain cerebrum and the brain lobes and what they do, which will give you a clearer picture as to how important your brain is, no matter whether you are a dud as has been determined by your IQ scores.
The cerebral cortex is divided into four lobes, namely, the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobe and normally have their own parts to play in the everyday living of a human being. As obvious as it sounds, this lobe is in front of the brain and is associated with functions such as motor skills, higher lever cognition, reasoning and expressive language.
This lobe is located in the middle of the brain, and is largely responsible for processing tactile sensory information such pain, touch and pressure. Located at the bottom part of the brain (above the cerebullum in the figure provided), this lobe also has the primary auditory cortex that is responsible for interpreting sounds and the languages that we use to communicate. This lobe is located at the bottom part of the brain (above the cerebellum as show in the figure provided above) and functions in processing visual stimuli and related information.
And while the debate rages on whether man evolved from monkeys or not, the erstwhile religion vs.
At Capri Hospital we have a proven track record of helping individuals and families recover and learn to manage a wide range of mental health, drug and alcohol issues.
The term a€?recoverya€? in the context of Mental Health disorders is often used in both treatment and support groups. Many clients utilise our medical detoxification service as part of their overall treatment at Capri Hospital. As part of a medical detoxification process, every client is given a medical examination, including basic obs, blood work, glucose levels, a review of current medication and their general physical condition. Matua Raki National Addiction Workforce Development 2012 published Substance Withdrawal Management Standards, which Capri Hospital endorses and follows.
This quick, 5 question self-screening tool will give you an idea of the level of drug reliance and associated problems you are currently experiencing.
It is normal to feel nervous when talking to other people about lifea€™s challenges, whether they are yours, family members, or friends.

To enquire about admission to Capri Hospital, phone our friendly, admitting team to explore possible options available.
Our admitting staff will want to gather important information about what has been happening in your life so that appropriate services can be arranged for your stay.
Once your admission is confirmed, one of our supportive admitting team will help to manage this process for you.
We will email you confirmation of admission, a list of what to bring, request a deposit if your admission is more than a week away, and make arrangements for the invoice to be sent to you prior to admission. On the morning you are admitted, one of our admission staff will meet with you and orientate you to the Capri Hospital programme. The main goal of your first day in treatment will be to settle into your room and become oriented to the Capri Hospital facilities and schedules: what time meals are, where tea and coffee can be found, where the spare towels are, etc. If attending one of our groups here at Capri Hospital, a nutritious lunch can be purchased. Dr Rob Brandram-Adams facilitates our Capri Hospital Continuing Care Services in Christchurch. Tommy is a Registered Alcohol and Other Drug Practitioner and a Certified Addictions clinician. Alongside all of this, we strongly advocate attendance at 12 Step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, and Alanon for family members or Clients who are Adult Children of Alcoholics or Addicts. Zika has been related to an alarming increase in cases of fetal brain abnormalities in the U.S. Back in the olden-days when food was scarce, we needed to store up energy whenever we could get our hands on it. You can actually create such a deficit of neurotransmitters that you can’t correct it without supplementation for the rest of your life. Eating too many Twinkies can leave a permanent mark on your brain that you can pass to your children! If we are what we eat, it should be no surprise that certain foods will affect how you think, feel, act, remember and even how you grow and learn. In addition, blueberries also contain ellagic acid, another phytochemical that has been shown to prevent cell damage. Our brain is particularly vulnerable to oxidative damage but anthocyanins help protect our brain from oxidation stress, which in turn fights degenerative brain diseases. Furthermore, salmon also plays a key role in fighting Alzheimer’s and other age-related cognitive disorders. Sunflower seeds contain tryptophan, an important amino acid that the brain converts to seratonin, which is a natural way to relieve mild depression and insomnia. The seeds of the pumpkin are a power food, rich in many nutrients including: Zinc, Vitamin A and E, and the precious Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. That’s because caffeine is good for the brain (in moderation), and it contains antioxidants. Our brain is more than 60% structural fat which needs to be primarily omega-3 fats, found in walnuts and flaxseed, for its cell membranes to function properly. Phenylalanine has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier where it stimulates the brain to generate natural mood-boosting neurotransmitters called dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline.
It’s a healthy fat that promotes blood flow, keeping your mind functioning at its peak.
Researchers have found choline to increase the size of neurons, which helps them fire electrical signals more strongly and rebound faster between firings. Green tea contains catechines, which help you relax mentally, yet also keeps your wits sharpened.
Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants found in green tea that can boost the availability of the important signaling brain substance dopamine in brain circuits. Researchers suggest that a diet rich in spinach can significantly improve learning capacity and motor skills. Yogurt contains an amino acid called tyrosine which is responsible for producing the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin. At the back of the frontal lobe lies the motor cortex which is responsible to receive information from the other lobes in the brain while using this information to carry out body movements. Specifically, the somatosensory cortex which is located in this lobe is responsible for processing the body senses. The hippocampus is also located in the temporal lobe, and whose function is associated with the formation of memories. In particular, the primary visual cortex which is located in the occipital lobe, receives and interprets information from the retinas of the eyes. Medical withdrawal management will include ongoing monitoring during the withdrawal process. We are very aware of this and will make every effort to help you feel welcome, safe and valued.
This may include, with your approval, liaising with other medical providers on your behalf regarding previous treatment and any medications you might have received, explaining to family members what treatment involves, and arranging pickups from the airport if required.
Dr Rob graduated from St Bartholomewa€™s Hospital in London in 1975, specializing in addiction medicine since 1986. He has finished three years post grad training in Psychotherapy and is working towards a Masters in psychotherapy. Research is very clear that adherence with a 12 Step programme, alongside professional treatment, significantly improves long-term recovery outcomes for people.
The figures, which include serious brain abnormalities such as microcephaly, are in addition to five lost pregnancies due to stillbirth, miscarriage or termination.
Zika pregnancy registry that compiles pregnancies with poor outcomes that have laboratory evidence of Zika virus infection. Brazil has been hardest hit, with more than 1,400 cases of microcephaly in babies with mothers who had been infected with Zika during pregnancy.

But now that we are surrounded by endless options of these high calorie foods, our wiring is really working against us. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger) that activates the happy and pleasurable centers of the brain.
Your body tries to compensate the deficit by sending you signals to eat — which leads to overeating and weight gain.
If your brain is constantly telling you to eat a Twinkie, you are eventually going to eat it. The traditional diet of the Japanese, for example, is high in fish, which explains why the Japanese have one of the longest life expectancies in the world.
One study even found anthocyanin-rich supplements to reverse age-related neurological deficits in subjects. Additionally, sunflower seeds are high in thiamine, an important B vitamin, which increases memory and cognitive function. The Zinc found in pumpkin seeds plays a vital role in enhancing memory and thinking skills.
The thin, outer green cover that is taken out before the walnuts are sold is similar to the scalp.
Walnuts may be able to relieve disorders like insomnia, depression, overeating and other compulsive behavior, commonly treated with antidepressant drugs like Prozac, without the dangerous side effects. Methamphetamine affects the central nervous system, modern science has shown that methamphetamine has the greatest effect on the naturally occurring feel good brain chemical dopamine, more so than any other drug. Where a pharmaceutical support is needed for safe and comfortable withdrawal this will be overseen by our medical specialists, physicians and registered nurses.
We will be able to tell you quite quickly what treatment options are available for you or your family member.
However, we will also take referrals from General Practitioners, Mental Health Service providers, alcohol or other drug providers, employers, families or friends.
Because of this, Continuing Care Planning is a very important component of the Capri Hospital Treatment programme, and is fundamental to achieving long-term recovery. He is an ex-Medical Director of Queen Mary Hospital and a founder of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM). He is the Clinical Manager of the Police Youth Aid Drug Programme and the Therapist for Capri Hospital aftercare in Wellington. The CDC is also monitoring 265 pregnant women who show laboratory evidence of Zika infection. The foods listed below can help you concentrate, increase memory, tune sensory and motor skills, keep you motivated, control stress, and even slow down the aging of brain cells! Omega-3 fats, flexible and fluid by nature, make it easy for nutrients to pass thru the outer membrane of the cell and also helps remove waste efficiently. It’s hard to believe that anything as incredibly delicious as chocolate can actually be incredibly good for you as well.
It is a great source of vitamin K, which enhances cognitive function and improves brainpower. Other effects of methamphetamine use are heightened pleasure, increased respiration rate, increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased activity, loss of inhibition and a decrease in appetite.
It is also toxic to the body and long term continued use can cause prolonged sleeplessness, sometimes resulting in psychosis, poor memory and concentration and paranoia. Before you leave residential treatment, your Clinician will work with you to formulate a comprehensive Continuing Care Plan which will include either Capri Hospital Outpatient Programmes or community recovery groups. Kate has worked as a Registered Mental Health Nurse for the past 15 years and has attained an American Certification in Addiction Registered Nursing (CARN). Tommy got clean and sober at 17 and has 15 years of uninterrupted abstinence recovery through the 12 Step Fellowships. In other words, you have to eat more Twinkies to feel as satisfied and as happy as you’re expecting.
Neurotransmitter imbalance is one of the main underlying metabolic imbalances that prevents people from losing weight when they think they are doing everything right. You have to fix the underlying problem — rebalance the neurotransmitters before you will be able to reach your health and wellness goals. If it's possible to eat your way to a smarter, healthier, happier you, why not give it a shot? Research has found that blueberries can also reverse age related declines in motor function, balance, and coordination. The thin sheet inside, with its paper-like partitions between the two halves of the walnut, is like the membrane.
Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties and contains several natural stimulants which increase the production of endorphins while enhancing focus and concentration. He is an enthusiastic and passionate clinician who draws on training and personal experience to support our clients. Eating blueberries and a diet rich in deep pigment from fruits and vegetables helps preserve the brain machinery and boost the potency of neuron signals.
It has high content of flavanols that facilitate blood supply to the brain and enhance cognitive skills. They have compounds that turn on key systems in the brain enable other proteins to help with memory or other cognitive skills.

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