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We’ll be continuing to monitor reports from players of the game freezing, so if you experience this, please let us know in the comments. Changing the guidelines is potentially a huge change to the game so before we send out any changes, we’d like your feedback!
Thank you for playing Pool, and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up-to-date with all the details.
I saw this change of the guidelines today – it was more of a fade-away look (which was pretty cool), but much, much harder to make the shots.
You should share tables every player who reached for example 15 or 25 level because people like playing with their friends on some good table.
I think removing guide lines its a mistake for miniclip beacause it will turn this game to difficult, with less users. Lower skilled players don’t like the guidelines but I agree with most that the upper level games should have them and be a little more challanging.
I will be more addicted to this game if we can challenge all online players because lot of players want to prove that he is the best.and make a list of standings everyday and post it on your wall and under its name is the person that we defeat.
I am level 50 and have won the Cairo Kasbah trophy and won a few Cairo Kasbah poolroom games – but I have not won the Cairo Pals or The Cairo Yarn trophies. Also, currently higher leveled players aren’t getting 2 cairos awards for unlocking 1vs1 and tournament. Cool pool games, in this free games billar pool gratis, you can experience both 9 ball and 8 ball pool game. Eight ball pool tool is played with cue sticks and 16 balls: a cue ball, and 15 object balls consisting of seven striped balls, seven solid-colored balls and the black 8 ball. You can play the world best play 8 ball pool no wifi or multiplayer with friends when connected.

As well as introducing a new tier and some fixes, we also briefly tested something we’d like your feedback on. As with all other tournaments, if you win the Cairo tournament, you’ll unlock a unique new cue.
A small number of players may have seen this change live on 8 Ball Pool earlier today, but currently there are no changes to the guidelines. We’ll take all feedback into account when deciding how to proceed with these changes, if at all. I’d suggest that you should put shorter guidelines on locations above sydney or Cairo and keep the long ones in london and sydney. Hacks should experience a greater penality than loss of turn should they blatently use your ball (or the 8 ball) first to make their shot, In addition to loss of turn, how about their ball gets put back on the table or the opponent gets to remove any two balls of his choice from the table.
It’s my opinon you have to be careful with rule changes when you are talking about changes being at some levels but not at others. I also felt strongly that the tournament was not judged fairly as I lost 3 times eventhough I played well and responded using the provided templates.
I have had a few games, especially at Las Vegas level where the game has frozen and Ive ended up losing. Play with friends with 2 player pool mode, play pool offline, or trick and cheat pool billiards pro around the world! The pool coins which we provide are 100% legit and we assure 100% guarantee on our behalf for any issues else your money will be refunded. Please look into how the wins are awarded and explain to the loser step-by-step how the decision was reached. A short video to explain how the hack works is illustrated below- It will only work on any of the Apple Devices running till iOS -9 [Latest as of 1 June, 2016] We advice our customers not to update the software of Apple Device without our notice and also to turn off all automatic updates in your devices.

The price of these packages are quiet low as compared to 8 ball pool official rates and also we have fastest pool coin servers which can top up your account as fast as possible.
As has been mentioned earlier, I think the guidelines should be in direct reflection of rank.
If you pocket the eight ball before your group is cleared, or drives the eight ball off the table, you will lose in this free game. This is to make it sure you dont loose the hack without our team testing it on newer versions. Played 2 games on temporarily changed guide lines, it felt as though we r being denied to play the game.
You change the rules by making it easier for them and you are putting their opponents a great disservice. Only tonight I lost more than 2600 coins just by connection problems on my mobile device and my wifi connection here is excelent.
If i m playin a 2500 coin priced game i loose 1000 coins, without even completing the game, because of a bug. Also there has to be a systematic approach to decide on who’s going to break the first shot. If there are hacking problems which is quite understandable on online gaming, then why should others suffer to avoid hacking engineered by few users.

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