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When it comes to scams I am usually on top of my game and can smell scams from a mile, whether that be online or even in person (yes London can be a scary place). One morning I signed in and found a stunning deal for an iPad 3 for only ?250.00 (bank transfer only) which was just posted in the for sale section.
So I threw an offer in there for ?230.00 stating the seller can post the iPad to me in their own time; it was my lucky day as she accepted the offer! So I sent over the payment via bank transfer and she mentioned that she would post the iPad to me the following day and send me tracking details.
I checked the website on Monday for any activity from the seller and noticed she had posted another deal on the website for a Nokia Lumia 800 phone. First thing I did was search Facebook for the email address the lady used to send me the picture of the iPad. I also updated the thread I purchased the iPad from and received personal messages from a couple of helpful people pointing me in the right direction for more information on the seller. I decided to give her another couple of days to reply back to me, who knows maybe she became unwell and wasn’t able to respond to me and send me the iPad on time.
If you find anything online that is a complete bargain so for example lets take the iPad 3 from my story and put a price of ?100 on that. You can find out if you were scammed by contacting the seller directly asking for an update on the transaction. It would be a good idea to keep payment details and communication between you and the seller in a safe place as you will need this information if things go totally wrong. You can also use the website you found the seller on to sniff out any previous transactions. If you don’t get a response from the seller, then go ahead and contact the police and seek advice from your solicitor.
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We were unable to cover your payment to [email protected] with funds from your PayPal balance. While this transaction had already been flagged as unauthorized, our external processor could not be prevented from completing the representment process. For current information on your account balance and transaction history, please login to your PayPal account. The Better Business Bureau published an Infographic that gives you good insight into the top 10 scams to avoid.
I know now ive lost that money im now wondering as they have my account details with my security number can they take more money or use my account??
I paid via money order and I got scammed is there anything I can do to get my money back or what I purchased? Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Telstra will still be the biggest company, but its position is weakening because of the national broadband network.
I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference. Please note that comments are moderated and are generally published if they are on-topic and not abusive. I rushed to get in there first and as soon as the page loaded I was gutted to find that someone beat me to it and was willing to buy it at asking price considering the seller posted the iPad the same day. So we exchanged personal messages and I asked to see a picture of the iPad before paying; she had a bit of trouble getting the picture from her SD card but eventually emailed it to me. The next day I didn’t hear back from her which was a bit alarming, but I went through her feedback and saw that she was a bit lazy updating progress on other deals such as a laptop she sold (which was eventually received).
I took that as a good sign at the time though so I asked the seller to reply to my personal message via the latest thread she posted. This was a Photobucket account which was used to host the photos, she had posted a photo of her repair receipt for her Nokia phone she had up for sale. I did this around 5-6 times (annoying for the other person I know) but eventually got an email from the lady. She also weirdly asked what bank I was with but I ignored this as this information was not needed in order to receive a payment.

So I emailed again giving her a deadline, I told her that if she wouldn’t refund my money by the end of the day then I would go to the police and see my solicitor to escalate this case. It may also be good to consider what payment method is being used – usually PayPal can protect you from scams unless of course you send a gift payment; other methods such as bank transfer, Money-Gram, Western Union can be risky! This ensures you are happy with the item and it is described accurately before having to actually make payment. They may ask you to pay via Western Union or another method where you aren’t covered. If you get no reply you can look at the seller’s previous feedback to confirm the previous transactions were legit or not and just trying to contact the seller in various other ways. This includes messages to the seller that were ignored as this proves you have been trying to contact the seller after the payment has been made. If you do find them on Facebook this is a good sign, but try and sniff around without contacting the seller directly. If the seller doesn’t decide to play nice you can let them know you will be going to the police and your solicitor in regards to the transaction. As this would become a wild goose chase for the police and they wouldn’t really do much from my previous experiences anyway. The best thing you can do to prevent this kind of nonsense is simply keep caution when you participate in ANY online transaction.
If you paid via Paypal like I did, log into your account and view the details of the payment you just sent.
If you have problems with a transaction or would like assistance settling a dispute with your seller, visit the Resolution Center.
I told my bank that I was recently scammed out of $275 and would like to issue a Stop Payment. Contact me today for a free initial SEO consultation for local business owners in Chicago and Chicagoland area. The pictures of the purses looked really neat, my mom had put one purse she really liked into the cart and I had bought it for her as a birthday gift, I had bought myself one as well!
Here is the situation, the boots we purchased was a fake and not what it promised to be, the bottom of the boots was glued on and it was not genuine sheepskin like they promised. It has been 2 weeks, the website has been closed down and the bank has said they are unable to do anything.
When I called them they told me that I has purchased a lifetime membership to a site giving me pretty much everything I can get online for free, recepe’s, access to trainers, advice, a weight loss journal etc. I receive the bag in the mail, and not only is it the wrong back, it is damaged and scratched up in the wrong color! So if your phone or internet does go down, contact your service provider and they should deduct an equivalent amount from your bill."In the normal course of events, they're entitled to a rebate in the service charges for the period that that service was out," Narelle Clark, acting chief executive at the Australian Communications Consumer Actions Network,A told Fairfax Media"So for some people [affected by the latest Telstra outage], their services have been down since last Thursday. It eventually turned out that the seller was unable to do so and so the initial buyer stepped out of the deal!
It looked legit as she had great feedback on there previously selling Blu-Rays and DVDs and the iPad was pictured on the same surface as another item she sold.
So I sent her a message on the website and emailed her asking if she had posted the iPad yet and no reply over the weekend. Straight away I received a reply from the seller apologising and claiming she would send the iPad the same day and send me tracking details in the evening. I did further sniffing around on her Facebook and managed to find out where she worked – another great accomplishment if everything went horribly wrong. It also turned out that the seller tried selling what appeared to be the Nokia phone she had already sold on eBay well so her feedback pointed out. However after a full week I decided enough was enough and I called her home telephone number.
Keep in mind though this would only work with people with hardly any feedback and your account should of course have a lot of feedback to back up you will actually pay once received. You should also consider any custom charges that may be incurred on arrival which might make your great deal not so great after all. There might be a reason why you haven’t received your item yet, such as the item being lost in the post (these things do happen), seller being unwell or just pure laziness.
It would be a good idea to tell them that you have their address, contact details and other evidence (this might even work if you don’t it is worth a try).
PayPal strongly recommends attempting to resolve this issue directly with the merchant or seller whenever possible. This could mean that your PayPal account balance will go negative, but this is merely an interim accounting step that will be corrected when we have completed our review of this transaction.

Paypal is saying that your bank has declined the transfer of funds for the transaction specified in the Stop Payment Dispute form you filled out from your bank.
I almost bought into a fake Tiffany’s website that sold clone jewelry for half the price. When I was told that it may have been a scam I tried to contact western union and the money had already been picked up.
Well 3 weeks later we get a box that had the exact number conformation in my yahoo inbox and the paper that was inside the box.
I have spent over A?1500 on two shoathaie kittens they were meant to arrive at my house two days ago. I ordered several dresses and paid in full including the shipping fee and later I realize that my order is not complete and that they did not pay for the shipping. So I emailed her repeatedly every day hoping I would get an update on the situation; checked the website for any activity but once again no luck. This lead to more sniffing on eBay and PayPal which confirmed she had a verified account (meaning her location was proven). No one picked up the first time nor the second time so I then decided to call again in the evening. So I went to the Hot UK Deals website and found that she sent me a personal message telling me she can’t sell the iPad no longer and would give me a refund and some money back for the trouble caused. Anyway first she claimed she was going to make 2 part payments as her bank account acts weird sometimes. It is always good to use your own initiative to realise when things don’t sound quite right. If you used eBay you are able to get the sellers contact number by requesting it on the eBay website!
McScammer) private messaged me and said that he was going to go to dinner and send the domain after he gets back. I got the total opposite of what I was suppose to recieve, i got these GUCCI HIGH TOP SHOES THAT COST $400 ! I tried to cancel my purchase the next day by sending them a email ([email protected]) but the email does not even exist! I found this awkward and told her to make one whole payment for the full amount which she eventually agreed to.
Just goes to show how applying the right amount of pressure and not going overboard can do wonders. For example when I was told that my refund would be made in 2 payments as the bank has trouble, that got my alarm ringing and so I told her I wanted a full payment in one go. I waited to see if they will sent me an email about my tracking number but they never emailed me about anything! I opened up a dispute on paypal this morning and also emailed the “company” demanding my money be returned or I am taking legal action. A complete waste of money that could have been used towards other things even at retail price would be better than nothing at this point! Depending on the amount at stake, it may be tempting to get on your hands and knees and beg for your money back. I pay cash at a western union bank they said they can not help me, I have repoeted it to the police but they cannot do much. I may not be able to get my money back but I want to prevent anyone from experiencing the same so guys..
Basically the Stop Payment does exactly what it’s titled, it stops the payment from your bank to whoever (in this case Paypal). My teacher checked her credit card and on her billing it said a different website then the one we purchased from and that website came from China. On the mail waybill, it only stated who the sent the package, city, country, and company (Electric Commerce Company, Ltd. I have asked them to deposit the money straight back to me via the same way i sent the money to them. Since I wasn’t at my physical bank in person, I had to go to UPS and have them notarize it for $10. And yesterday I went to DSW shoe store and I they sell real UGGs and it was for the same price I bought it for!

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