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Guilty Passions Lip Gloss kits illuminate lips in shades and finishes too irresistible to resist. This review is for the Nicely Nude Lip Gloss Set releasing with MAC’s Holiday Guilty Passions Collection. Satin Slip is a semi-transparent, gold-toned color that gets its hue from a ton of very small gold shimmer particles. Get Rich Quick is a semi-transparent, deep plum-brown shade with gold and purple shimmer particles. The Cremesheen and Dazzleglass formulas usually last about two (2) hours on me before needing re-application. The Dazzleglasses have shimmer in them, and the shimmer particles will travel and you’ll often find them around your mouth area as the gloss wears off.

The Cremesheen glosses apply quite easily, both because of the small doe-foot applicator and because of the fairly thin formula.
These are the same price as last year’s lip gloss sets (hooray for the rare no-price-increase from MAC!).
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The fastest electric motorcycle available on the market, the LS-218 from Lightning Motorcycles, was featured in one of the episodes of Discovery Channel’s How They Do It Show.
In the more normal, aggressive street setup, LS-218 accelerates quick as lightning and the proof of that is in the win at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2013. Another exciting development would be someone using a Lightning in the Isle of Man TT Zero.

It compromises acceleration of course, and I believe the Pike’s Peak run and the TT Zero runs were with the shorter street gearing.
Nicely Nude includes Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick, Dazzleglass Creme in Satin Slip and two Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Whim and Kiss Don’t Tell. Richard Hatfield brought the Lightning motorcycle a long way from those first iterations of the bike. Hopefully, he’ll be able to move into mass production and greatly reduce the costs of hand made parts.

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