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Danny Choy Twitter Google Plus RSSDanny Choy joined Latin Times in June 2014 as a tech, entertainment, and lifestyle reporter. With its massive size, amazing visuals, and incredibly ambitious online infrastructure, Grand Theft Auto V truly is the swan song of this console generation.
Even with the mandatory 8gb install, the current-gen version still struggles with occasional texture pop-in.
Prettier sunsets over Mt Chiliad will probably not be enough to get players on board with a next-gen GTA V.
Shooting sprees and wacky dirt bike stunts may be fun for a while, but after reaching 100% completion, most GTA titles can get dull. For those who have already invested a substantial amount of time and effort into GTA V, this is incredibly important. When Rockstar officially lets the cat out of the bag, these are the things we want to see most in a next-gen GTA V, but this list is far from complete. We are the best technology blogs out their noted that users were left confused between all these various different models, makes and sizes of phones. But just like real life, in GTA V it takes some time and planning to get enough money to rule Los Santos and look good while you’re doing it. Instead, whereas many players will have already completed the campaign and the majority of available activities, new content will be a must. However, GTA Online may succeed where the ambitious, yet sorely misguided, online portion of GTA IV failed. While Rockstar did their best to prepare for the launch, without any open beta it’s simply impossible to predict how servers will behave when 30 million users attempt to log in at once. Collecting spaceship parts and paper scraps once was already tedious enough; doing it again would be an awful chore.
No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos. Between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, GTA V surpassed projected first-week sales figures within the first 24 hours, grossing over $800 million. Also, initial load times and character switching load times should all but disappear, presumably leaving the overhead zoom in place for dramatic effect.

Rockstar are expected to continue supporting GTA Online with new mission types, heists, weapons, clothing, and vehicles, but again, exclusive to next-gen content could tempt a lot of people into ditching the current-gen. Plus, starting back at zero with a new online character would be enough to turn off many a die-hard GTA Online fan.
Would any of our ideas make you buy a next-gen GTA V, or do you even want to see it on PS4, Xbox One, or PC?
Choose When to Spend and When to SaveThis lesson seems obvious, but can be pretty hard to follow: spend what cash you do have wisely.
In 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 became the fastest selling game in history, grossing $1 billion in only 15 days.
But to further sweeten the pot, Rockstar will likely include exclusive, next-gen content, such as additional TV programming, movies, radio channels, locations, or even campaigns with new characters. Perhaps, borrowing from the single-player experience, players could be provided the opportunity to supplement their illegal income with a slightly more legitimate revenue source. Now that Rockstar knows what to expect, repeating this blunder would be kind of inexcusable. Transferring game save data from one generation to the next would be both feasible by way of the cloud, on which both next-gen consoles and Rockstar servers rely, but would also be an enormous draw for those already playing the game.
Get the basic weapons you need to move forward, one of each type and then stay out of Ammu-Nation. All of these, I might add, could be believably introduced with the addition of another city, such as Liberty City, San Fierro, or Las Venturas. Perhaps players could buy businesses like a dock, Downtown Cab, or the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, which could both unlock unique missions, and earn cash from services rendered by other players in a session. Jumping in and out of the sessions on the PS4 and Xbox One will need to be seamless and far less cumbersome.
The option to continue the virtual life of crime they have constructed in a next-gen Los Santos could potentially be the tipping point for those of us on the fence. GTA V did it in 3 days. With next generation consoles launching only a few months later, imagine how different these sales figures would be if Rockstar had acknowledged a next-gen GTA V! Plus, with the amount time and resources Rockstar has invested in GTA Online, it’s only a matter of time before GTA V arrives on next-gen consoles, and when it does, here is what we want to see.

As Sony did with the Killzone 3 multiplayer, a limited, free-to-play option would be beneficial for both players unfamiliar with the game, and those who are only interested in playing online.
It can be a little risky but the payoff can be big, and you will need those big payoffs to make an impression on Los Santos.
Be smart about your investments, make some day trades and you will have some extra cash in no time.3. We are talking about an awesome "GTA 5" cheat that not only bypasses the 45-minute wait, but the glitch could also potentially earn up to $30 million an hour, which is equivalent to $350 real money in shark card. Even though this "GTA 5" unlimited money glitch is relatively easy to perform, it does require the help of a friend to join the GTA Online lobby. Now, invite your friend into a very expensive car in your garage, preferably something expensive like the Pegassi Zentorno.Based on a method demonstrated by YouTuber FantasticalGamer, drive out the Pegassi to the streets and call the mugger.
Check the stock prices again and write down which companies had large gains in stock prices. Keep the Pegassi moving back and forth so that the mugger will not have an opportunity to emerge from the car. When the stock prices rise, you will be making huge amounts of cash.There are many ways to make money in this game. Meanwhile, your friend will stand outside to kill the mugger.With the mugger in the passenger seat, drive that Pegassi back to your garage. Walk back to the blue re-arrange circle and open up the "Manage Vehicles" menu to swap it out with an Elegy. Finally, return to your original Pegassi with the mugger in it and exit the garage and turn back in. To repeat the awesome "GTA 5" unlimited money cheat, simply walk back to the re-arrange circle and swap out the Elegy and repeat the trick again and again.We're calling this the best "GTA 5" money glitch yet because it bypasses the 45-minute wait period and all vehicles will be sold at full price. What's more, unlike other solo money glitches, you won't have to wait for the hooker to spawn at night. In addition, there is no need for a Pegasus vehicle because the mugger does not despawn when you drive into the garage.Be sure to watch the latest "GTA 5" unlimited money glitch tutorial in the video below!

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