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When times get difficult, spiritually stunted Christians either fall away or migrate to a different church.b) Pastors are under-resourced, usually surviving on minimal incomes and without strong teams to help in their work.
This generally leads to a failure to provide solid pastoral care for struggling believers, which in turn leads to members drifting away.c) Rivalry and divisions among and within denominations and congregations disillusion many.
Pray for a spirit of unity and love to prevail.d) Rigid legalism and failure to enculturate the gospel forced alien forms of faith and culture onto Costa Rican Christianity.

There are six Christian radio stations, one TV channel and five Internet radio sites; other secular stations air Christian programmes. Pray for quality programming that will reach into the hearts of the lost and build up believers.b) The Bible Society.
Works in reaching students and Nicaraguan immigrants are especially fruitful.c) The Spanish Language Institute, where many missionaries learn Spanish.

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