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Glad to share that today's Economic Times Wealth has featured the lead article on "Stock market investing for first time investors" where they have quoted four first time investors - and all four of them are from our Private mailing list for Equity group. The print version is longer and has quoted and put photos of Tejas, Puneet Arora, Ashotosh Singh and Sandeep Pandita.
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Friends - In case you are in Bangalore - here is a chance to meet up this sunday -22nd Feb at 10 am in the Bangalore stock exchange.Stocks, Mutual funds (that in turn invest in stocks) and Real estate are well known ways to get good returns on investments in India.
According to Brain Games host Jason Silva, patterns help our brains make sense of our environment, but too many patterns can lead us astray. As our most recent new visitor, we welcome you and recommend that you sign up for our free e-course on becoming a millionaire. What most of us miss, I think, is that becoming rich isn’t so much an event as much as a lifestyle.
That lifestyle requires a great big helping of delayed gratification, which is the process of making sacrifices now for a better tomorrow. The richa”the self-made ones at leasta”break from the human herd and establish their own spending priorities.

They’re willing to let those preferences go for the time being, and that creates other financial opportunities. When you aren’t busy trying to keep up with the consumption patterns of others, you not only have fewer toys, but you also have less debt. Ultimately, delayed gratification gets you to the point where you can have the things that you want, when you want them.
Try implementing delayed gratification for yourself right now, what ever your financial situation is. Read previous post:Finding Flexible Jobs that Pay WellAre you trying to make a little money on the side? Even if it never makes you richa”or if you’re starting it a bit late in the gamea”it can still move you from where you are to being very comfortable, financially speaking.
They’re willing to give up the toys and adventures others are pursuing in order create a more prosperous future. You buy assets that have an above average chance of providing reliable cash flows in the future, as opposed to those that have been the best performers in the last few quarters. And all because you put off getting them until just such a time that you don’t need to make trade offs.

Live on less, ignore your friends and neighbors when it comes to consumption, save all that you can, and keep yourself focused on a better tomorrow.
Raja Sekharan is a visiting MBA faculty, a mentor to budding entreprenuers, a wealth management consultant, an author of a book on Investing in India and the author of this blog. Basically most people do not know how to value stocks.This session is focussed on stock valuation. They don’t need the latest entertainment gadget, the latest car or the most house they can afford. Once the debt pattern is established, it’ll be tough enough just to get out of it, let alone to get rich. That might mean buying a second hand car, or even shopping at thrift stores, but the idea is to get the best products for the least amount of money. I will share valuation methods used by Warren Bufffet - and I will share this with Indian examples.So please do come over if you are interested.

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