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The internet is bursting with leaks and especially regarding what appear to be real deal cheats.
Rockstar just announced many of the bonus items and features you get if you buy the Special Edition or Collector's Edition of the game.
With the upcoming release of GTA V in the coming year, let us also be your source for all things. Rockstar has confirmed that Niko Bellic, CJ and Tommy Vercetti will not be in this latest game.
Details about a GTA V mission: As we expected, through various interviews with Rockstar we're learning more and more.
What we can say from early rumors is that they are button codes and cannot be saved in the phone like in GTA 4.
If you care to see various leaks, including images and gameplay videos I recommend two main source: Reddit Grand Theft Auto V Channel and N4G GTA V channel. The game isn't out yet, but when it comes time expect hints, glitches, easter eggs, tips, tricks and everything else that will maximize your enjoyment of GTA V. When you buy a Grand Theft Auto game, one of the first things that you will be thinking about is what part of the maps can you explore. Whether you are playing Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or PC, we will provide you with the resources.
Beyond playing one of three different characters, there are a host of new fun minigames that you can partake in.
All we can say is that it's going to be a big part of the GTA V experience regarding multiplayer. When content hits the web, we will be adding some A+ quality content to get you even more excited about the release.
We don't yet know what Rockstar is planning in terms of competitive play or co-operative play modes.
We have added various cheats, links and other resources if you're currently playing Grand Theft Auto 4. These activities include base jumping, tennis, full-on golf course, yoga, triathlons, jet skiing and more.

In those situations you will be able to work as one of the three protagonists (Michael, Trevor, Franklin) and be able to switch between them during the missions or heists. If there is a chance to add content to our site that will help you play the game better, we will have it.
Being more than just cheats is important so single player walkthroughs and non cheating tips and tricks will not be left off the site. We can't do it all so it's always good to visit other Grand Theft Auto 5 community websites. We will post the top GTA cheats sources so you can unlock everything in the previous games if you haven't done so already. Grand Theft Auto 5 is based in Los Santos and it's an ambitious and very massive world that the game will take place in.
We are seeing up to around 15 or 20 cheats that players have somehow been able to test and confirm. That's pretty impressive and really opens this up to many different possibilities for gameplay. If you've been following the rumors, it's been speculated about the various different sections of Los Santos that you can explore.
You will see right now around the internet various screenshots which in fact show aspects of this mission. We update with all the new cheats, so check back or follow us on twitter for breaking news. We can't confirm this personally, but there is quite a lot of evidence out there right now and it's growing by the hour. Read the latest release date info on dedicated release date pageand also see our summary page of current official details here.
As Rockstar confirms, it's equal to the size of GTA 4, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combines. We don't know the name of the mission, but the deal is that you're working for the FIB and your task is to grab a hostage who is being held by another government agency. So to answer the question on the minds of many many GTA fans, we are pretty sure there is proof out there that cheats are part of the GTA V experience!!

The developers put tons into the GTA games and honestly how many hours do you have to figure everything out on your own?
The characters include: Michael (early 40's) who lives in Rockford Hills, Trevor who lives in Blaine Country, and Franklin who lives in Vespucci Beach. There is a helicopter in the mission which lands on top of a building and one of the characters (Michael) rappels down the side of the building to smash a window and grab the hostage and return to the helicopter on top of the building. Personally I would just rather see what the game has to offer and if reading a couple of hints or tips is what it takes, then I'm fine with it. Rockstar is ensuring that each character is unique and that each one will give a different experience when playing. Within this mission, Michael is doing the smash and grab, Trevor is piloting the helicopter and Franklin is on a roof top with a sniper rifle. Even after you think you've discovered everything there is to discover, GTA cheats are famous for changing the game and making it new and fresh again.
Check out our World's Largest GTA 5 Tips and Tricks Collection here and also find all the other glitches, guides and cool secrets. That means for example that one character can fly an aircraft but the other characters cannot. It's not clear which character can do what, but expected unique experiences depending on who you're playing at that moment in the game. Although the Xbox One and Xbox 360 button codes should be identical, we've put up a brand new page for Xbox One to make things more specific to each console. That means you will likely want GTA 5 cheats so that you get ever ounce of replay value out of your video game purchase. Other characters who are friends of the main protagonists include: Lamar, Amanda (likely the lady seen in the official Rockstar image), Ron and Jimmy.
There will also be some characters from old GTA games, but only from GTA 4 and Episodes from Liberty City.

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