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Using the articles here, (earlier we wrote a popular article, How to Save Money on LEGO Like a Ninja, which covered a lot of great ways to save on new LEGO) you will get the best deals on LEGO and you can feel good about getting more pieces for your LEGO fan. You can buy most any combination of LEGO on eBay, from LEGO sets, to bulk assortments, to a specific number of pieces, to a group of minifigs, or even manuals. Evaluate seller feedback and make sure there aren’t complaints about the assortments that are sent. I will start this one out by saying that if you buy on craigslist make sure to follow all of the precautions necessary including meeting in a public place to do the transactions.
I went to a Goodwill to see what LEGO was available and I found a sealed set (it was in their case near the front of the store) and it was very expensive. I have had luck getting used LEGO at garage sales though I am finding it more difficult to score good deals as the years go by. Remember the tip from thrift stores that you don’t have to pay shipping so take that into account when deciding if something is a good deal. To be honest the site is a bit confusing to navigate but just dive in and click around for a while and you will get used to it.
Search USA or the country you are from. If you are in the United States, go ahead and filter by USA to make things easy on yourself and to save on shipping. Bring the kids to Lego Imagination Center in Downtown Disney Marketplace, Lake Buena Vista, Fl.
Another fantastic place to visit with the kids is The Mall of America in Minneapolis, with four stories of Legos and over 90 full-size models including dinosaurs, astronauts, a giant blimp with over 135,000 bricks. Well, AstonishingStudios reveals the five best ways to get these sets not only online, but practically for free! Adding to your collection of LEGO is inevitable if you have a big LEGO fan and the cost of those little bricks can add up quickly.
Keep in mind that some ideas for getting used LEGO are going to be better for you than others.

Many bulk assortments already have the good pieces (elements, specialty bricks, minifigs) cherry picked out to sell elsewhere.
Some sellers have non-LEGO items included in their assortments and you don’t want to pay good money for non-LEGO parts. Coffee shops are nice as there are plenty of people around and there are tables to set the merchandise on while checking to see if it what you expected.
Try asking for a deal or ask if they have other items available and get a discount for buying more. I picked up a whole bin of LEGO for 1.50 many years ago but rarely find good deals like that now. Or, you can look up the phone number for the address listed and call ahead to see what LEGO they are selling and ask nicely if you might be able to come over the night before to make your purchase.
If you want a bit of extra help, take a look at this tutorial video I found for you covering ordering on Bricklink. If you are going to be ordering quite a bit you should look for a bigger store that has a lot of what you are looking for so you don’t have to pay shipping on so many different orders. Brain Power Boy is a community and we can all help each other out by sharing our ideas and tips. I personally like to order from shops that state they are a no smoking, no pets household or shop. Do your best to find a reasonably priced store to work with and order as much as you can in one order. Your friends, family, neighbors, hairdresser, store clerks, resale and thrift workers, and so on.
You just have to be patient and try some of the different ideas posted to see which are going to work for you.
More importantly, we get to make cool stuff out of Legos, like Lego mansions for the Lego people, or an awesome amusement park.

In this groundbreaking guide, award-winning journalist Chris Balish exposes the true costs of car ownership and shows how car-free living can put anyone on the path to financial freedom. I love listening to community suggestions and opinions so that we can make your time on BrickUltra the best!
If you have bricks at home toss together an assortment that is similar to what you would be getting. They usually have excellent feedback and a lot of bricks, elements and minifigs to choose from. Legos allow you to build just about anything, even the White House or the Grand Central Station!
Using the book'¬'s car cost worksheet, first figure out how much owning a car really costs-you'¬?ll be surprised.
Then, see how easy it is to transition to a car-free or car-lite lifestyle using Chris'¬'s strategies for commuting, running errands, taking trips, dating, socializing, and more. You'¬?ll also find hundreds of tips and success stories from car-free people in cities and suburbs across America. Without car payments, rising gas prices, and traffic jams to worry about, you'¬?ll have more money and leisure time to spend as you choose. For the multitude of Americans stuck in traffic and spending thousands of dollars a year on their cars, Chris'¬'s lively and pragmatic step-by-step solutions provide a way out."-Jane Holtz Kay, author of Asphalt Nation"Chris Balish's book can help environmentally conscious Americans live their values. I did."-Michelle Singletary, Washington PostListen to Chris Balish talk about living car-free in Los Angeles on NPR's Morning Edition.

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