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A former abortionist who turned against killing unborn children has just released a series of videos on YouTube explaining the truth behind abortion. I looked, I literally looked at that pile of baby parts on the table, and I didn’t see all the things that had sustained me all those years. Just as an illustration of the cognitive dissonance feminists have on this issue, you can be imprisoned for up to two years or fined up to $250,000 for disturbing a Bald Eagle’s egg, but sucking a live, fertilized human egg out of the womb through a suction catheter is perfectly fine.
Around one million women a year (long-term average) choose these gruesome methods of dealing with unwanted children.
A whopping 40% of unwanted pregnancies end in abortion, and 1 in 5 pregnancies overall end in abortion in the United States. Around 89% of all abortions are performed in the first trimester, but even these methods involve babies that are more developed than most people think. That still leaves a full 1 in 10 abortions that are performed in the second and third trimesters, and as you will see those methods are far more disturbing. At the federal level, abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy. Less than 1% of all abortions are performed because of rape or incest, striking down one of the feminists’ main arguments for abortion. Sadly, sucking the baby out of the womb through a tube is the most frequently performed abortion.
The suction catheter is then turned on, tearing the baby apart as it is sucked through the catheter into a tube. During the second trimester, a sopher clamp and speculum are used to dismember the unwanted baby from the womb.
Being a firm believer in personal freedom, I generally do not like for government to tell people what they should do with their lives.
It seems as more and more people learn about the grim and gruesome realities of abortion, the tide is turning in favor of life according to this Gallup series of polls. Roosh's new book, Free Speech Isn't Free, has just been released, and comes with two bonuses if you order now. Kings Wiki is an ROK-affiliated wiki that contains articles around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. Trenton AndersonOn April 23, 2013Mods or Modifications are changes made to a video game that range from slightly editing certain mechanics or stats to change the game to a player’s liking to going as far as making an entirely new game out of one that already exist.
This week, Nintendo rolls out the first of two downloadable content packs for the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8.
A while back we showcased BEEP, a documentary exploring the history of music and sound in video games.  On its final day, the Kickstarter has earned well over its initial $40,000 goal, with more than a thousand backers and a highly professional team working behind the scenes to launch the project into completion.
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Pittsburgh Regional Chiropractic Center Pittsburgh Valve and Fitting PJ's Smoke Shop Plank Eye Board Shop PNC Bank Donald H Presutti, Esquire Produce Plus Market & Deli, Inc. EAT'N PARK RUSTY NAIL HOME DEPOT STATE STORE BASEBALL PITTBIRD THREE RIVERS CASINO FOOTBALL PNC PARK HEINZ FIELD CONSOL ENERGY CENTER CADDY DOLLAR GENERAL BELLEVUE POLICE DEPARTMENT PD FAMILY DOLLAR AVALON BEN AVON EMSWORTH WOODS RUN GIANT EAGLE KUHN'S LINCOLN AVENUE BUSINESS DISTRICT GROCERY SHOPPING KMART WALMART BELLEVUE POLICE DEPARTMENT PD P.D. To upgrade knowledge at some point you need to sacrifice many years of researches and sometimes also money and political influence. Levantino describes the gut-wrenching experience he had which made him change his mind on abortion.
While both the man and woman are equally to blame for the conception, only one party has the power to end the pregnancy. This, in the richest country in the world where social welfare programs, child support, adoption, and other means are readily available to women who choose life. By 12 weeks or near the end of the first trimester, the then fetus is undeniably human in appearance. It has a high failure rate statistically, so some women will have to come back for an aspiration (suction) abortion. Limb by limb, the baby is torn apart by the sopher clamp and eventually the skull is crushed into pieces that can then be pulled out through the cervix.

Levantino says that in the hundreds of lives of women he saved who were having third trimester complications, not one of them required the baby to be killed. I believe in a free society with a minimum of rules and regulations as originally intended by the founders of our once-great but failing republic.
I will leave it to you…should this be outlawed or should people be honestly and openly educated on the grim realities of abortion then left to make their own choices? It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with an agenda that promotes censorship and sterility. Jesse The Tailor Jim's Hidden Treasures Joe's Rusty Nail Restaurant Johnston Self Storage Joyce's Antique Emporium of Bellevue (Antiques & Uniques) Just Playin Norman J. Bonuses you get thanks to that are noticeable, but they grow so slow, that you don't spot it.
He enjoys striking at the Establishment using politically incorrect truths and electrifying SJWs with logic.
Anthony Levantino uses the animated series to illustrate the procedures that claim some 3,000 lives a day in abortion clinics like the one he used to work in. He was performing a 2nd trimester abortion when he became physically ill while doing the procedure. And I was the type of person who would look right back at her very calmly, and say why sure, I’ll do that.
Men have no choice whatsoever in the matter legally, they cannot stop their child from being aborted, nor can they force the woman to have an abortion. Not to mention the importance of selecting the right male to be the father before conception, a process that used to be of utmost importance to families before the nuclear family was torn apart by feminism and the welfare state.
RU-486 is administered which blocks progesterone and cuts off the blood supply and nutrition to the baby, causing the baby to die. At this point in the pregnancy, when most aspiration abortions are done, the preborn baby has a heartbeat, fingers, legs, toes, and bones that are still weak and fragile. To me, if we do not protect the weakest and most helpless among us, we have failed as a civilized society. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against leftist attacks. Maria Simbra of KDKA Pittsburgh Publicly tell the World, on the Internet and TV, whether AHN murders healthy patients for organs, via fabricated diagnosis, fraudulent life-support, torture thereby, and Morphine overdose.
Another problem is a fact that every county has its own development level, so it happens that you have both civilised and developed lands and technological desserts. He is now living the expat dream in the Caribbean and does not want to come back to The Matrix. That number represents far more deaths than those caused by gun violence, an issue liberals are obsessed with.
However, men can be ordered to either pay child support or go to prison under current law if the child is born.
After that, another medicine is administered to cause bleeding and contractions that then expel the unwanted embryo from the womb. Players would add their own content to the game, sometimes vastly increasing the size of the overall game.
Keystone Rehabilitation Systems KFC Klauscher Architects Knights of Columbus Council #1400 Jonathon Kohler, DDS P.C. Monda, DMD Mount Assisi Academy PreschoolMount Zion Baptist Church Mt Assisi Convent Mt Nazareth Center Muddy Cup Coffee House Lisa M. Sum of technological levels in the particular county is seen in its profile (icons of helmet, chest and books). Relampago also maintains a library of Red Pill Book and Film recommendations and a Politically Incorrect Comics Series to challenge the narrative. An incredible 83 times more unborn humans are killed by abortion each year than all deaths by gun violence.
This led to people swapping their own versions of games that they had toyed with themselves.
I think in theory it should be possible, since you can save the disc Data to the hard drive.

Remove gang-related gun violence from the equation and there is a 0.0008% chance of dying at the hands of a gunman on a shooting rampage.
So Modding a game is nothing new, yet it was not until the internet started taking off that it reached a whole new level. Mods are added into the game data, so in my mind, you could theoretically take the file from the Xbox Hard Drive and tamper with it. However, a preborn baby has a 20% or 1 in 5 shot at being killed using one of the methods we will be discussing.
On the other hand, it takes a wicked PC to run the game with mods, from what I understand, and the 360 may not be strong enough to support it if my theory is even half way right. Economy, as you can guess, increases your incomes from counties and more advanced structures (look at the chapter: Economy). It all started with two fans of Half-Life who wanted to make a multiplayer component for the game. Cultural technologies improve your relations with vassals and increase the amount of received piety and prestige points. Eventually they settled on a terrorism theme and created weapons and levels based off of real counterparts. Counter-Strike took the online community by storm and caught the eye of Valve, the creators of Half-Life. They liked the Mod so much that they hired its creators to come work for them and release a commercial version with a much larger team and budget. Many PC developers not only allow Modding but fully support it as it essentially gives their game more content, which may in turn increase sales, and they didn’t even have to lift a finger. You do it by clicking on the icon of magnifying glass in the window of technology (screen above). Some developers go a step further and purposefully make their code easy to access and alter or even create modding tools that can be used by the community. If it isn't enough you can support with the members of council, most of them have abilities which improves the tempo of discovering. If you have ever played a more recent Elder Scrolls game then you have probably played with a few Mods yourself or been asked if you would like to install the editor. Eventually if you have a lot of money you can build university (in the city) or school (in the bishopric). These tools and freedom when it comes to altering a game can make a video game so much more than it already was and bring a dead or less-popular title into the limelight. Those constructions are very expensive, but they improve the tempo of researches.University is expensive, but sometimes profitable.
Though there is a hardcore fanbase for the game, the overall community is rather small and the sales, while good, have never been anything to awe over. However, that changed when the Mod DayZ was released, a zombie survival game where one had to forage food, ammo, and anything useful they could find all in a map covering several miles, while simultaneously avoiding potentially hostile players and the obviously hostile zombies. Such issue tries to force you to concentrate on technologies, but much more important in this game are wars, intrigues and dynastic matters. Arma 2 became a top seller on Steam for several weeks during their annual Christmas sale even when it was being charged at is full price, a rare, if not impossible, feat to accomplish. They do not harm the developers, in fact, often doing the opposite and making them more money. Developers should not only allow Mods but embrace them, making them easier to build and share while we as gamers should reward those who empower us to play games as we see fit. Video games are both an artform and entertainment, and opening the doors to allow us as a community to create our own art and entertainment, well…that just seems like good manners.

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