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With the new X Rebirth +1 Trainer you will be able to make use of the new get Add Money in-game cheats that will prove to be more than useful. Im doing the campaing and have just become hostile to a lot of guys, i have the start freighter, the prison ship and the construction ship, all in diferent places. Will they be oke on there own ?i»?GreenTheater: guys can anyone tell me what's the purpose of this game? Enemy just crosses your path all the times, going behind you and I noticed I just have to turn 180A° all the times and shoot.

What I found is that I am 80% of the times in those tunnels.A  I know I am newb in this game so I am wondering. I've been spending quite some time scanning stations and collecting trade offers while moving from zone to zone leasurely following the main quests and as it turns out, I've just been wasting my time. I was stuck on that mission because I didn't realize I had to wait for my freighter!i»?Alias Miles: Yeah Folks there's a patch on the way to fix the bug in getting your trade ship to follow your command in this here mission!
Just going over to steam now to check!i»?fong xu ran: hey there, i just started playing xrebirth for awhile and got to the part to buy the e-cells from the station, i queued 3 jobs on my freighter and went off to do some odd jobs, about 1 hr later i went to check on my freighter, it is still stoning some 12 km away from the station.

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