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Sabrina Barreiro always thought keeping her money in a bank account was a safer option than under the mattress. Sabrina Barreiro thought her Commonwealth Bank account would keep her money safe, until her debit card was skimmed. But after her debit card was skimmed and her bank account cleared of all funds, she began having second thoughts.Fresh from a four-day holiday on the Gold Coast, a five-months pregnant Ms Barreiro logged online to her Commonwealth Bank account to find the $1350 she had put aside A for medical bills had been withdrawn. Upon calling the bank, Ms Barreiro, from Bondi, found the consumer process of reclaiming her money would not be as simple as she assumed. We support Antipiracy, and willing to help Copyright Owners to prevent their files sharing online illegally.
DJsBuzz is a Platform that gives opportunity to Newcomer Artist who can promote their mixes. Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that 500, 000GBP {FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS} will be release to you, as it was committed for (RBI) Governor that Beneficiary will have to pay crediting fees only. This communication (including any attachments) is intended for the use of the intended recipient(s) only and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or legally protected. The Coca-Cola Company has learned of several text messages, emails and letters being sent to people that falsely claim the recipient has either won a sweepstake or a cash prize from our Company. The text messages direct the recipients to a website that appears to be, but is not, an official site of The Coca-Cola Company. Subject lines for the emails have ranged from "The Coca-Cola Award Notification" to "The Coca-Cola Promo Winning Notification" to "The Coca-Cola Worldwide Christmas Promo, " "Notification for Coca-Cola Foundation Cash Aid, " or other similar titles. The letters are written to look official and may appear to come from a financial institution. The Coca-Cola Company is in no way associated with these emails, text messages, letters, unauthorized websites or programs. This appears to be a form of fraud known as "phishing, " wherein perpetrators attempt to develop relationships with victims in order to obtain personal and financial information. If you actually sent these scammers money then you are 1) incredibly foolish and 2) never going to see that money again.
Do NOT reply to "Lottery Verification Center" there is NO SUCH THING as the "Cyber Crime Bureau" or the "Cyber Investigation Bureau" There is NO Lottery Verification Center either.
Never EVER give your information to any of these dirty losers claiming that you have won a prize. RobWY forex exchange Immigration Consultant For Canada does art van recieve my couch 4 days before scheduled pick up? In the news and social media it’s very easy to find issues about what’s wrong with the Philippines and being a Filipino. The Philippines is a RICH country with a lot of financial advantages, and that what this article is all about. In the western countries, an average student would need to borrow money just to go to college.
The fact that you’re able to graduate without any form of debt is already a HUGE advantage.
In the Philippines, it is widely accepted to stay in your parents’ house until… (well you can ALWAYS STAY at your parents house).
Then while your independence would certainly be limited, think about all of the expenses that you’re able to avoid because of this. Apparently, in the US each store would offer you a 5-10% discount to their products if you used their special credit cards. The US financial system is extremely punishing, because the moment you miss a payment, your interest rates increase which would then make you miss more payments. In countries with big stock markets there are a several hundreds of mutual funds available. In the Philippines, we have fewer mutual funds, but most of them are actually outperforming the index funds. This is actually an advantage that will expire in the near future* (maybe in 2 to 3 years – no one knows exactly when though).
The BIR of course wouldn’t agree to this, but on the side of practicality, this is something to consider for micro-entrepreneurs. If you’re wondering, why these financial advantages aren’t felt by more Filipinos… then that’s the perfect reaction!
I’m still learning more about Financial Wellness and I already started investing in the Stock Market (but with due diligent study before venturing into anything of course).
That’s a huge savings and I used a huge chunk of it for investing in assets and buying finance books.

Sadly, most people who aren’t financially savvy see that extra savings as fuel for shopping sprees.
In any case, this article is a reminder of the blessings we have and how to take advantage of it. FREE Online Seminar on How to Achieve Financial FreedomIn this "5 Pillars of Wealth" video, trusted financial coach J3 Patino reveals the core lessons on how he was able to achieve financial freedom before the age of 28. Consumer reports – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Consumer reports is an american magazine published monthly by consumers union since 1936. Consumer reports finds gmos in xochitl ‘non gmo’ corn, Can consumers trust voluntary labels such as “non gmo”? For consumers – food and drug administration, Official bimonthly, subscription magazine of the food and drug administration. It looks like people are ditching the theaters, where they can watch the new Captain America movie in 3D.
What most of us don’t get is that piracy is truly a crime and harms hard-working people in many ways.
Yu, 32, makes a living touting the tickets that Chinese hospitals sell in advance for consultations. Dodging passing police patrols as part of his daily routine, Yu charges 850 yuan (RM511) for a “special care” appointment ticket — almost three times the face value. The street crime casts light on the scale of the challenge President Xi Jinping faces as he looks to overhaul a creaking and underfunded public health system to deliver on a promise of affordable and accessible care for all. In line with this drive, authorities have tried to crack down on healthcare corruption and police say they have detained some 240 scalpers in Beijing alone this year. The spokeswoman added the hospital and its doctors were victims of scalpers and were not involved in the practice.
A viral video earlier this year of a woman with her sick mother raging against scalpers brought a public outcry and calls for arrests and tough jail sentences.
A spokesman at the Beijing city health department said police needed to “strengthen” their efforts, and it would take some time to see any real results. Feng Jianqi, a police officer involved in leading the crackdown on scalpers in Beijing, said the police could not resolve the issue alone. Cancer patient Cao Dongxian uses a mobile phone at a hotel room where he stays, near the Peking Union hospital, during an interview with Reuters in Beijing April 6, 2016. State insurance coverage is limited in China, meaning patients often have to pay a large part if healthcare costs themselves, especially those with major long-term diseases like cancer or diabetes. Keen to avoid paying scalpers, Cao spent months queuing in hospital lines for repeat tests before doctors eventually said his cancer needed an urgent operation. Even as China’s hospitals suffer, the broader market for drugs and services is a lure for firms like e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding and hospital operator Phoenix Healthcare, attracted by a wider healthcare bill that is set to hit US$1.3 trillion by 2020.
For patients like Cao or Zhang Pengyu, a 38-year-old realtor from the outskirts of Beijing, scalpers are source of frustration and anger, but sometimes a necessary evil.
He waited unsuccessfully for three nights to see an ear, nose and throat doctor at Beijing Tongren Hospital. All the contents here are intended to showcase the creativity of the artist involved and is strictly done for promotional purpose. Any unauthorized use or dissemination of this communication or in part is strictly prohibited. Some versions of the email hoax indicate a joint promotion with the British American Tobacco Company, an annual mid-year Coca-Cola promotional draw (which includes the name of former Coca-Cola executive vice president, Carl Ware), or a car giveaway in Hong Kong.
They often contain a claim number and may even include a check that appears to be from our Company or another Coca-Cola bottler. If you read them all, you can’t help but think ‘kawawa naman ang mga Pilipino’, or ‘mahirap talaga ang buhay sa Pilipinas’.
I believe it’s great to be a Filipino and it’s great to live here in the Philippines. Even if you are already married, and even if you already have kids – society would accept that and there’s no cultural pressure to move out.
And this amount of time can be dedicated already to business and productive activities like setting up a second source of income, or learning how to invest! The internet is known to be the great equalizer because it grants access to all kinds of information.
As a people, Filipinos are very welcoming and non-confrontational – so if you ask for financial help from the people around you, there’s a good chance they will willingly help.
And aside from it being confusing, a majority of these mutual funds actually perform worse than the “Index”.
What he meant was that you can start the business on any territory, then if it succeeds, register it.

As soon as a possible blockbuster gets released, people want to either download the entire movie right away or stream it online. After being termed as the “finest” Marvel movie so far, the Captain America: Civil War movie is right on the edge of getting pirated and being leaked online. If a movie earns well, the millions of people involved in its production, promotion, and distribution get paid well.
His tickets will get a patient in front of a doctor in two days, he says, compared with a wait that can be up to a fortnight. He told Reuters he keeps 200 yuan from each sale, with the rest of the profit going to hospital insiders who he said help him secure the tickets.
Many patients and doctors say, though, the time-served practice is just a symptom of deeper issues: a dearth of doctors and low salaries meaning graft is endemic. But when Reuters visited hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing, dozens of scalpers operated in plain sight, loudly offering tickets for sale. Doctors also appear resigned to the practice, as wealth spreads in China and patients accept the reality that paying more will bring speedier treatment. He said the practice was routine but that he had no knowledge of any doctor involvement in ticket resales. He finally gave in to scalpers, paying 3,000 yuan for a 10-minute appointment that should have cost just 200 yuan.
We features BDM, EDM, House, Mashup Bollywood Best DJ Mixes, we also features videos & podcast of various artists. This sick piece of work is a scammer who is trying to get your personal information and your banking info in order to steal your identity and your money.
Honestly, I’m tired of these articles, because aside from it being depressing, it gives the readers a ‘false comfort’  that it’s okay to have a tough life, just ‘because you’re in the Philippines’. So here are the 10 MAJOR Financial Advantages of Being a Filipino and Living in the Philippines!
Your parents might even appreciate it because they have someone to take care of them in old age. Easily, this advantage lets you avoid a financial burden of P10,000-15,000 of monthly expenses!
Imagine the number of hours you are actually saving because you don’t have to do your own laundry, cook your meals, clean the house, empty the garbage, and the other household tasks?
If you don’t know how to do something, just Google it and you’ll have a WikiHow article explain it, and a Youtube video demonstrating it. This is just an added layer of financial security on top of what you should already have like a personal emergency fund and insurance. This is the final upward boom of the stock market before the bubble pops and the stock market crashes over a period of several years. This “piracy alert” has gone off, and the distributors at Disney are doing their best to prevent losses. Downloading the pirated version through a Captain America: Civil War movie torrent is illegal and just a sad way to enjoy an amazing flick. And, they even garner huge traffic as there’s hardly anyone refusing the chance to watch the Captain America: Civil War movie for free.
But, when a pirated copy of the movie gets leaked, it dampens the gross box office collections and creates a huge loss for the makers. It got ugly when cops caught the miscreants involved in the piracy and were sued with a major piracy lawsuit. Many will wait in vain — “scalpers” like Yu Wei have already illegally bought and sold appointment tickets for the day ahead. The middle-aged school teacher travelled to Beijing in May last year from his home in Shandong province after local doctors refused to carry out a risky intestinal cancer operation. He said that at the start of a (small and micro) business, you should worry about generating sales, and not the regulations surrounding it. If you’re just using the internet for games and social media, then you wasted the internet and your English proficiency! Or if your dream is to have your own place, then you can use this advantage to save up for the down payment rather than paying it on rent.

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