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Rockstar has now confirmed that purchasing in-game cash with real money is a feature of Grand Theft Auto Online. We know that Rockstar has made four cash cards available offering to increase your cash total by $100,00, $200,000, $500,000, or $1,250,000.
The larger the card, the cheaper the GTA$ will be, which will likely encourage players to spend $20 and get a larger lump of cash to play with.
Before GTA V players start getting worried about how much stuff costs, be aware that GTA Online pricing is apparently very different to that currently used in GTA V.
I guess the logic in switching the pricing around for GTA Online is that it’s much easier for a player to accept spending a little more on a cheaper item than it is a lot on expensive, larger purchases. Update: What we want to know and what you want to know is the release date for a PC, Xbox One and PS4 version. The most interest story to come out recently regarding a release date if from a guy in Canada who bought Max Payne 3 from Future Shop (like Best Buy). News of GTA 5 on the Rockstar website caused shares in Take-Two Interactive Software to spike upward. The next juicy release date rumor is that the resume of stuntman Declan Mulvey listed GTA 5.
Video game industry analyst Mike Hickey is making headlines about his prediction about the GTA V release date. One of the most fun (and open) parts about Grand Theft Auto is the open ended system for cheats. Invincibility- simply press right, the x button,right, left, the right button, R1, right again, left, x, triangle- enabling you to be completely invincible for five minutes, however this does not make vehicles invincible.
Full health and armor- while engaging enemies, enter the circle key, then the top left trigger, the triangle button followed by the top right trigger, then the x button, square, the circle key, right, the square button, and L1 three times.
Give weapons and more ammo- first, press the triangle key, then the bottom right trigger, Left, the top left trigger, the x button, Right, the triangle button, down, the square key, and L1 three times.
Lowering your wanted level- During gameplay (and being chased by the cops) immediately trigger R1 twice, then circle, the lower right trigger,then circle and the right trigger and right on the key pad, left,right, left, right again, then left.
To raise it a level- Begin tapping R1 twice, then the circle button, the bottom right trigger, left, the right key, left, right again, then left, right.
To immediately recharge Special Ability- during in-game play, key x twice, then square, R1, followed by pressing the top left trigger, the x button, right on the directional pad, followed by left on the directional pad, and x. Super Jump- To jump like a flea; press left twice, triangle twice, right twice, then left again, right, tap the square button, and press R1, and R2. To run faster- When you’re running around, simply key in the triangle button, press the left key on your directional pad, followed by right twice, L2, L1 and square to run faster. To swim faster- simply key in left twice, then the upper left trigger, right twice, the bottom right trigger, followed by left on the d pad then L2 and right.
Flaming Bullets- This cool cheat is activated by immediately pressing the upper left trigger, R1, the square trigger, R1, left, the bottom R trigger, R1, left, the square key, right on the directional pad, and L1 twice.
Equally as Cool- Explosive Bullets- When engaging enemies in the game, start by pressing the right key on the directional pad, square, then x, next press left, R1, the bottom right trigger, then left on the directional pad, right twice, and L1 (three times).
These are just a few of the options for expansions that this game has for PS4 has available.

Now someone with early access to the online world has revealed the pricing for purchasing those cards.
Everything big is much cheaper online, for example, a $1 million car in GTA V is $150,000 in GTA Online. As fans of Grand Theft Auto you should be happy that Game Informer magazine was able to get the inside scoop on the new game. Thing about the internet, people can connect the dots and find the trail that leads back to the origin. Well what's interesting is that quickly the domains went from being registered by Take-Two to suddenly being private registration. He's worked on a few other Rockstar Take-Two games in the past so it's reasonable to expect that his mention is legit.
The time between games would indicate an entirely new GTA game and not some type of glorified expansion such as GTA Vice City 2. You can do all the things you’d get arrested for and never have to deal with any repercussions. Cheating was practically built into Grand Theft Auto, and becomes almost integral to how you play the game.
When you complete this cheat, you’ll have more ammunition, an AK assault rifle, grenades, knife, handgun, rocket propelled grenade, chopped off shotgun, SMG and rifle for sniping.
This raises your notoriety level when you want to bring in the heavies to try and see how you’ll fare with higher and higher level enemies. Then hold square and your character will jump extremely high- good for clearing difficult obstacles. You can pretty much summon any car in the game with the right cheat, give yourself moon gravity and float everywhere; slow down your aim, engage drunk mode, even change the weather!
The Rockstar website has just the new Grand Theft Auto 5 logo and the trailer announcement. So the theory is that before their contracts expire they would product and deliver a new GTA V game.
This has fueled specuation that resources have been pulled from Max Payne 3 and moved to the completetion of the GTA 5 game.
This version is no different; with a very similar system for utilizing cheats- unfortunately on the new version for the Play Station cannot be kept indefinitely, they all have to be entered manually each time and cannot be used during missions, only during free play. The opportunities are endless and cheating is half the fun in Grand Theft Auto so try all these excellent codes to even the odds out as soon as possible and start putting the beat-down on the law before it happens to you. I don't imagine they want to have everyone talking PC, Xbox One or PS4 while they are trying to get the masses into their GTA Online world. I've been tracking this game for years and years and for a lot of time there simply hasn't been very much to talk about. However this news comes from a GameStop earnings call where president Tony Bartel said the 2012 forecasts do NOT include GTA V.
The fact is they are currently marketing their newest game LA Noire and it doesn't make sense quite yet to start officially talking GTA 5.
The greatest selling video game of all time will likely be set when the game finally hits store shelves.

That lead to further investigation which led video game fanatics to find a whole list of domains that are being hosted by the same DNS IP. He says that in 2011, Take-Two will have LA Noire and Max Payne 3 coming out so there is no need finacially to release GTA 5 in that same year.
A number of online retailers around the world have put up pre order pages for a PC version which has led to this wide spread speculation. Given that, perhaps they wait a couple weeks, so mid October, to make further announcements. When the 17th passes, we turn our attention to the release date of other consoles and platforms like Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Finally now we have the date and hopefully that date will follow with new dates for the other consoles, mobile devices and PC versions. With the timing it's entirely possible that GTA 5 will actually be a launch title for the next generation consoles. The end result is a lot of domains and a lot of speculation as to what these domains have to do with the next GTA video game and what location that GTA 5 game will be at.
The point is that past week or two has seen some movement regarding GTA 5 and that means something is coming sooner than later. Perhaps that true, but again, not a bright move by Take-Two if they created a situation where there was a gun held to their head over contracts. All you have to do is enter button combinations from the digital pad to get these awesome GTA 5 Cheats for PS4.
It's quite possible because Max Payne 3 comes out three months earlier and does allow enough breathing room for an October release. I suggest that it's simply too early and that sales of their new game haven't peaked and therefore announcing GTA V would only be shooting themselves in the foot. It's odd timing, but the fact is the consoles are approaching their due dates and they need to get the game out early enough to make some serious coin.
Does Take-Two want to stall their biggest game franchise for the twillight of the current PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles?
Would they wait until 2012 or would a more reasonable release date be the prime time of the fall? In addition, this time frame gives Rockstar enough time to get the hype train rolling full steam ahead. Check out his IMDb page and you can see the games he's worked on and also note what's missing. I think that give enough time for the hype and the consoles likely have at least a good year or two left in their lives. I still believe that nobody wants to put games out for a system when everyone is talking about the new systems coming out in the next year.

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