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Having been in this situation myself before, I know a few ways you can find or make money quickly.
Nooks and crannies – Clean out everything and everywhere such as behind the fridge, under the lounge and between the cushions, in the car etc. Return items – If you have receipts you may be able to return recent purchases to the store if they have not been used and still have their tags attached. Sell your stuff – This is the first one everyone thinks of generally because many people have excess stuff.
Services – Are there any services such as ironing, baby sitting, cleaning out gutters, washing windows, lawn mowing, paint numbers on driveways or wheelie bins, cleaning, cooking, odd jobs such as grocery shopping, mending or anything you could offer to others? Sell other people’s stuff – Much like selling your own, just charge a fee to sell on behalf of others. Boarder – If you financial situation is going to be tight for a little while, you might want to consider getting in a boarder if you have the room. Rent space – Along similar lines to a boarder you could rent out your driveway, garage or attic, even your garden.
Your body – If you have really long hair you could possibly sell it, although it can be tricky.

People can be resourceful to get money quickly, and it’s often more possible than meets the eye.
I would advise not to promote iselect as these sites only compare companies that PAY to have comparisons made! Store hot water at a lower temperature, safer and cheaper (and less cold is required when using).
You’ve got a bigger than expected bill or your car tyres just blew or something happened and now you need an extra $500. You could try eBay, it will take a week or two to get your money, but you usually get a decent price.
Put an ad in Gumtree, do a letter box drop, flyers on noticeboards or even go door to door.
People have boats and caravans they want to store, some people want to have a little garden plot and others only have a few things they want to store, so don’t want to pay for a storage unit and you could offer cheaper prices. There are ads every now and then for medial trials and it doesn’t always require you to actually test product, or if you live in the USA you can get paid to donate blood (not in Australia, but please donate blood anyway because not everyone can and it saves lives!). That’s right, get a budget, decrease your expenses, increase your income on a permanent basis and save so you are never in this situation again.

There may be cheaper companies that DON’T pay, that could be included, rendering a different outcome.
I saw a documentary on this and donated straight away, what woman wants to live like that, shunned from society!
Have you checked all government rebates to ensure you are getting all you are eligible for?
While super you cannot usually access until retirement age, if it is under a certain amount you can get it paid out in cash, but you will be taxed.
You could have a garage sale, list items on Gumtree or Facebook or check out my 10 ways to sell your items.
Emergencies happen, life can throw massive curveballs, but the better prepared you are, the less stress you will have and the more cash in your account.
However, our situation is different than most, we usually just put the cost on our credit card and pay it off the next month.

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